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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Torok

    Hello everyone, I'd like to hear your feedback about this almost forgotten feature, Unfortunately I'm not able to copy paste effectively what I've written over reddit so I'll leave a link for you to check it out over there on the official Planetside Reddit.

    The Holy Crusade - My kingdom for a dome shield

    Basically I'm asking for SOE to start testing out on live servers this feature that's currently lying in wait on Hossin, they could start applying it on Esamir on Live servers, or in a couple few bases on Indar in an upcoming patch.
    All of this already exists in game on the test server and is fully functioning, shouldn't even be that much of a performance hit as it mimics a warpgate / biolab shield.

    The way I see it they would totally help the game when it comes to Spawncamp and Capture room explosion spam through vehicle and aircraft units altogether.

    What do you think?
    Would you like to see them Testing these dome shields out on Live servers already?
    And please do read the Reddit thread, it's much more completed and exaustive.
    Thanks for your time!

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  2. z1967

    I think they should have a generator tied to them (if they don't already). That would make it something of value to take down.
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  3. Tuco

    I have a better idea: PS1 AMS, PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors
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  4. hawken is better

    Every time dome shields were brought up, the 'combined arms' crowd (read: "I need crutches to get easy kills" - does not apply to vehicle users that mainly stick to AV work) would start up an ish-storm. I'm all for them, though.
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  5. phreec

    And for once put it inside the shields...
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  6. Tuco

    If vehicles/air are the baddest camp machines then why are biolab fights the biggest camps?
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  7. z1967

    But if we put it on top Light Assaults might have something to do for once Galaxy drops would have even more use in tactical stuff.
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  8. gigastar

    Dome Shields are the equivalent of a PS1 ceiling. Something that many bases lack in PS2.
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  9. BEAT

    I agree that there should be a way to disable them and I don't want them on every base. Just put it on a few important bases here and there.

    If I remember correctly, part of the reason this was not put in the live servers earlier had to do with infiltrators. It would make sniper rifles somewhere between less effective and borderline useless for offense and defense. Even if they made sniper rifles able to fire through them with a special ammo type it would still cause a problem with not being able to fire back at them.
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  10. Tuco

    Only 1 capitol on each continent had one, and it was only up if all 3 adacsent bases were friendly.
  11. DQCraze

    My question is how do you get rid of the Sundy ball under the shield without having the firepower from other vehicles. They could just endlessly respawn.
  12. hawken is better

    MAX suits.
  13. z1967

    Lots of fairies, lots of tank mines. Thrive on chaos and maybe bring a shotgun or two.
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  14. Tuco

    Oh so it's now the MAX suit fault you're being camped. So how does this dome shield deal with MAX suit campers?
  15. hawken is better

    It deals with aircraft. MAX suits are only relevant to your Biolab comment, not dome shields.
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  16. z1967

    C4 fairies, as usual.
    Or RL primaries (being useful for once)
  17. Champagon

    Why must i go to reddit to discuss gameplay changes for PS2. They have a perfectly good forum right HERE
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  18. Tuco

    Oh so you hate anything that is not infantry, and you think flying above with some cheese LA dropping C4 from high is the answer.
  19. Tuco

    But the biggest camps in the game are in the biolabs where aircraft can't reach.
  20. z1967

    Well, considering I offered two options and you only picked one to dislike I have a feeling that you have some bias here.
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