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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mrrobinator, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. LordMondando

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  2. ValorousBob

    SCEV is the reason ATRA needs to exist.
  3. Justicia

  4. Ruvan

    GG the other day in the alert guys.

    I used to think you guys were completely terrible. However, recently you seem to be coming along really well. By your performance the other day, I'd say you're now one of the best TR outfits on Miller.
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  5. Mordus

    We are currently negotiating terms with Tactical Supergod Robin to merge the whole TRAC into SCEV Tactical - [SCVT], which would grant Amerish air immunity for the majority of TR.

    Prepare to get farmed with stealth tanks noobs!
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  6. blampoet

    i'm done with this thread...
    it's gone form good fun to just beating a dead horse.
  7. ValorousBob

  8. LordMondando

    Game of thrones **** up in har.
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  9. ScottishRoss

    I sincerely hope that SCEV does not disband. They have a brilliant tactical sense and the sheer complexity of these tactics require a lot of numbers. I can barely remember how many times the VCBC have been holding a point with one or two squads and it's taken 4 - 6 of SCEV's to uproot us. And that may look bad on paper, but you forget that this Robin guy is a tactical genius, so of course we were finally beaten.

    SCEV, please don't leave us. You give us amazing fights. 1v1, 1v2, 1v48, it doesn't matter. It's always fun fighting you.
  10. variablez

    i played in a Scev open platoon today and i thought they were pretty good, held a base against an attack from Vanu. not bad at all
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  11. Sworaven

    For the smurfs among us, I've got some great news. Robin has switched factions and is now playing NC again.

    I talked to him a bit and asked why he hasn't logged on in the last 2 weeks, he got grounded by his mum. I believe it's all just part of his grand plan to recruit every TR on Miller. How will he do that, you ask. How would I know? I'm not a tactical genius, usurper of worlds, misunderstood superhero, modern day conquistador or supergod like Robin is.
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  12. ValorousBob

    For second I was actually really worried he'd left TR.
  13. Sworaven

    Don't worry, it's only a matter of time before he switches to VS and starts an outfit called Auraxis Technology Scavengers.

    Oh, and I think I can beat your signature when it comes to Roamcell ragetells ;D.
  14. ValorousBob

    Go for it mate, can't get enough of Roamcell. :D
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  15. Rogueghost

    Your signature is the most beautiful thing I have seen this week.
  16. ValorousBob

    Awww thanks man! It's the least I can do to spread some more Roamcell into our hearts and minds.
  17. Lakora

    Well despite all the "love" for scev in this thread I think we can all agree at least the NC n VS part that we'd be sad if SCEV disbanded because we'd miss the free cert piñatas of sundies and gals they bring. :D It's nice to see how much they care for our cert advancements that they provide them to us free of charge. Keep it up SCEV I need more certs!

    The only legitimate outfit for providing the rest of auraxis with certs. We introduce to you the cert piñatas of SCEV, brought to you by SCEV piñata services.
  18. Rayden78

    Game of Thrones isn't anime, bob :)
  19. LordMondando

    Who the **** is roamcell and why haven't I had the chance to copy paste the entire qu'ran to him yet?
  20. Mrrobinator

    Don't worry for I robin the tactical superior supergod have only left for a while.
    for i found it sad that no one could feel even slightly skilled while standing in my shadow.
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