Join the biggest, the best and the most active: Auraxis Scavengers

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mrrobinator, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. YamiNoTenshi

    Because their mothers said so.
  2. huller

    I'm torn, on one hand I want SCEV to whiter and die but on the other this thread is far too funny
  3. Arquin

    I'm just here to tag the thread. Good luck to SCEV, you keep Miller interesting.

  4. LordMondando

    Its not so much a brigade, more of a informal lulz ensemble.
  5. MrEclectic

    Dibs on the band name.
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  6. Rayden78

    SCEV is always welcome for providing valuable sunderer kill xp ;)
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  7. SirIBON

    Where did you find them Rayden?
    Hunting farmers with the Magrider?

    Very enjoyable thread, but me has not noticed the SCEV tag offten. So i was surprised that so many players has something to tell in this thread.
    Even if Robin and SCEV polarise the TR, i want so say something good for this Recruting Thread.
    There are some mistakes, even the convention to write the Fraction at the beginning of the Title or at least in the Post is missing. BUT he wrote very clearly that the auraxis scavengers are and what they do.

    Most of the other big zergfits tell a story about special tactical gameplay and so on, you know.
    Here is one of the few that stay to that, what they do.

    At the moment, i would like to visit your 48+ with my mates, maybe we find you. But do not a runner :)
    On the other Side, Farmers have seldom Influence on the War of Auraxis and as Scavengers you know that too :)
  8. ValorousBob

    So I was pretty harsh earlier in the thread, but that was unfair of me. Myself and my outfit spend 99% of our time ****posting, so I'd like to contribute something more constructive for once.

    Earlier today we had some great fights with SCEV that unfortunately ended in their favor. I'm not sure if it was an official op, but they really displayed how much they're improving and how tactically they can play. I take this game fairly seriously and I'd like to think I have a deep understanding of tactics/strategy. With that in mind, I'd highly recommend SCEV to any new TR players. Not going to call anyone out, but TR players shouldn't be letting their personal feelings driven by jealousy prevent them from working with one of the more efficient and cohesive outfits on their faction...

    Good luck Robin!
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  9. blampoet

    don't troll, it's not funny.
    it's nice that SCEV gave u a run for your certs, this would be an amusing point to note that robin hasn't been in game for 2 weeks now....

    Anyway, you may think you're playing a game of thrones move here, but we're divided enough as it is.
    What you're doing is encouraging the concept of a Zergfit, which will hurt you not to far down the line.

    [EDIT]...whow the bit below unwittingly got kinda long... TL;DR at the bottom

    The flaming was pointed at a certain person- SCEV as an outfit is no different than AZON or any other zerfit, they have their moments, but their victories are mass driven. Meaning- MAXs doesn't get escorted, sundi's don't get defended and smoked doesn't get thrown. infil don't scout, air cover disappear glory hounding, no LIBS come to CAS a push, enemy tanks get to run over your squishies... etc etc.

    Why is this a problem?
    A member of the zerg experiences the game a lot shallower than it really is... getting about the same game as BS4, which is VERY BAD... because as a "shooter", PS2 cannot compete on graphics or finesse (ok... BS4 might be buggy now, but there will be others). When I hear "this game is about numbers" I'm not thinking masses of zombies, i'm thinking a couple of dozens friends combining arms and supporting each other to the hilt (that didn't even come out gay). Something that can hardly be done in any other game- which is the key for this game to be successful, and not just "another online shooter"

    Why am i saying this?
    I've got no beef with robin, I actually get along with him rather well. I also think that the game encourages his sort of gameplay atm, so it's no his fault. It's the ZergFIT experience I am trying to squash under the heel of my boot. While "The Zerg" is here to stay, I want it to be made up of multiple outfits that coordinate with each other... for more camaraderie and a deeper game experience than a 30 minute 64 vs 64 death match will ever be able to provide

    What is the solution?
    Make fun of the unwashed masses .... condemn the zerfit, and burn the effigy whenever there is the slightest suspicion of a witch... errr.. I mean zergling. When they are confused get people to play in small/medium outfits that band together against each other... and together burn the enemy.

    TL;DR- SCAV, just a zergfit. robin is just a scapegoat.

    Zergfit=bad b/c shallow play experience=game becomes like BS4 with less refinement
    Outfits=more cooperation=better game=different & more in depth than BS4=success for our game= many more years of new content.
    Optimal solution- outfits in alliances. same sizes w/ more playing with friends.
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  10. Adistron

    100% agree

    I think zergfits are one of biggest reasons of players leaving game.
    New players get false concept of teamwork-zerging
    Zerging is very boring thus making players go play some more exciting games
  11. huller

    if you like him so much, you can have and keep him.

    Enjoy /leader and /orders chat
  12. ValorousBob

    I'd take him, but I enjoy getting quality fights so I need quality opponents.

    What's wrong with AZON? This hostility to your teammates is concerning to say the least. Let's try to keep this thread respectful please.

    Can you elaborate? I don't watch anime...
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  13. DCTH

    SCEV disbanding?

    I'm torn ... probably bad unless the players stop playing too. With their tag i atleast know that i have to be careful. But then atleast their teamplay suffers and i can magride a bit more peaceful.
  14. blampoet

    didn't really read through my entire babble of a post, ha? can't blame you.
    nor the TL;DR either.... ok.

    or maybe I wasn't clear.... so let's try again:
    it's not a specific outfit that I find irksome.... neither AZON nor SCEV... not Medora (who i would actually like a word with) nor Robin. My problem is with the is the "zergfit experience"

    now copy&paste my earlier message:
    "A member of the zerg experiences the game a lot shallower than it really is... getting about the same game as BS4, which is VERY BAD... because as a "shooter", PS2 cannot compete on graphics or finesse (ok... BS4 might be buggy now, but there will be others). "

    if you don't know the TV show "game of thrones" i'd like to know how you get a playable ping from the dark side of the moon.
    (it's a HBO TV show that spins around intrigue t&a and convoluted messy plot)
  15. Elron

    Don't you realize it was a really good trolling attempt?
  16. blampoet

    I really did want to know how he gets a decent ping from the dark side of the moon.... because mine in Frankfurt is terrible.
  17. Elron

    OK, just wanted to make sure:)
  18. blampoet

    good that you did... because you caught me throwing meaty bits of little children under the bridge :oops:
  19. WeTakesTheMoney

    Bob told me to come here and say SCEV are bad

    your move bob....

    also well played whoever did this
  20. LordMondando

    I'll actually be really sad if scev disbands.

    I mean every now and again when the insane narcissistic **** comes out, a reaction is needed.

    But for lulz on the battlefield, who better? I love flying in a gal full of maxes when the /yell is full of hilarious hubristic bluster about all the certz they are getting.

    Because then, its our turn.

    Normally a scev wipe is forth about 30-40 maybe spread out across a squad, but still in sheer volume its better than winning an alert. Easier too. They tend to bunch up around a sundy, and if there doing that lulzy AA camping thing, they won't be running much AI, certainly not much to stop a 8-10 mattock maxes or a HE or Viper Lightning or 5.