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  1. ObsoleteVoid

    I tried the JGX12. The new Artillery weapon.

    First let's define Artillery:
    Large bore mounted firearms (such as guns, howitzers, and rockets)
    Especially: such ordnance that is capable of long-range indirect fire at a target too distant to be seen.
    In short: Long range, indirect fire.

    It doesn't live up to it's description as artillery, it does check all of the boxes in theory but the practical effectiveness of the weapon extends beyond it's description. It felt more like of a juggernaut/burst damage cannon.

    I propose the following changes:

    Quality of life:
    • Give feedback on where shells land.
      • Explanation: If there's no feedback it's only guesswork on correcting your aim.
        • Possible solutions:
          • Mark on the minimap where your last shot landed.
          • Add a camera to the shell.
    • Rotate HUD to always point "downwards" much like the cockpit HUD (This is applicable to all vehicles guns with bullet drop)
      • Currently, the HUD moves with the vehicle rotation which makes it hard to adjust for bullet drop
    Opinionated changes:
    • Make it behave like the D11 Detonator by making the damage ramp up with air time.
      • Explanation: This change makes it less attractive to use it in direct line of sight engagements. Making it more effective with arc-ed shots which adds to the artillery aspect of the weapon.
    • Give it two fire modes:
      • Anti-infantry
      • Anti-vehicle
        • Explanation: This change might seem overpowered, a 2-in-1, but if you factor in the suggested nerf, it balances out (I hope).
    I left the details out of the fire modes on purpose. I have no idea what would be balanced with the suggested changes, as such, testing would be required.

    Notes: There are a lot of places where this weapon would be rendered hard to use due to cover of terrain. For example Hossin's trees would make hitting targets a challenge with the proposed changes.

    The good: I like the concept.
    The bad: Execution needs some work.
    The ugly: In its current state, I doubt players will use it as a artillery weapon.
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  2. Liewec123

    honestly i think the absolute coolest change would be if it caused slight knockback,
    it would really hammer home that it is a powerhouse weapon,
    the devs were experimenting with MBT cannons causing knockback many years ago,
    obviously i'd want it to cause waaaaaaaaaay less knockback than this,
    just enough to budge your target's aiming would be good!

    an alternate big change to how the weapon works would be to make it function like a bigger and more badass version of Detonator.
    (NSO maxes weapon which fires slooooow arcing nukes which deal more damage based on how far away you are, at long range the damage is EXTREME.)
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  3. SicSemperAuraxis

    Yeah, I really want to like the JGX as advertised but as implemented currently it's only really usable as a point-blank alpha strike gun, not artillery.

    Other ideas, hopefully that don't add too much development time and lift:
    • Re-use the pitch angle indicator ESFs have so the player can track the angle at which the gun is elevated, in degrees
    • Increase the projectile lifespan so it doesn't despawn at ~650m, and so it can actually be fired at its maximum angle
  4. Uvash

    I think the knockback idea is one of the few ideas that will work and allow the vanguard to counter the rest of the tanks at a distance, and the infantry/harassers/stealth flashes up close. While requiring minimal changes in the code (but we have not seen the codebase)

    If we make a high radius of destruction on combat vehicles / ballistic calculator, then we will get a baserape at each outpost.
    Note that the developers have done everything so that flail does not work on outposts.
    From the category of pink ideas - you can try to make a rifle for an infiltrator that shoots darts, which tanks can aim at, but destroy this dart after hitting. Of course it will turn into the same baserape but with friends!
  5. SicSemperAuraxis

    If the contention here is that Vanguard shouldn't get an "artillery" gun, I guess that's an argument that can be made in its own right. Most players I know who tried the JGX did it out of excitement for an "artillery" gun, not a point-blank derpgun. If DBG didn't actually mean to give us artillery, they should change the description and promotion of the JGX to reflect that fact.
  6. ObsoleteVoid

    I additionally want to add that the JGX 11/12 could charge up (like a railgun), the longer it's charged the further it'll launch the shell.
    A bit like the how the NS Scorpion works. Which is a actual artillery weapon.
  7. Liewec123

    with the current charge buff to the VS weapon the NC weapon definitely needs to do "something"...
    currently for burst damage it is worst for the 3,
    VS can put out a whopping 1500, kingsnake 1400, and bigbuzzard creeps far behind at 1150.
    meanwhile it has the longest refire rate and most drop.

    so worst damage, longest refire and worst range.
    is this the price of a pathetic 5m of weak vehicle splash?!

    give it knockback, or give it more damage over range like detonator,
    or make the AoE much bigger and flip the damage to be low direct and high splash.
  8. Jubikus

    TO be frank this tank cannon is just Garbage. Theres nothing that really screams NC about it flavor wise other than high damage maby. The big issue i have with this cannon outside of my flavor issue is its just plain bad its got the big burst sure but this is only really usefull when you catch a tank from the back otherwise its 4 shots to the front for a kill same as Titan AP but with the drawback of being incredibly difficult to judge drop for aiming at any sort of distance. As it stands the weapon can really only fit 2 playstyles one of ambushing tanks from behind and a niche artillary piece for taking down stationary emplacements like sundys or bases while staying protected behind a hill.

    All in all the cannon looks NC but doesnt have any real NC flavor or play to any typical NC playstyles in my opinion much like the VS primary cannon before its newer iteration which is both VS as hell and compliments the way you play a magrider.