Jetpack + Piston shotgun = win!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Longman, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Longman

    I just bought the piston few days ago and I love to use it with the jetpack. Ever wanted to shoot someone while hoovering with a jetpack flying arround their heads and kill them in a flyby? The piston is great for it's automatic with 10 rounds with extended mag. The great thing is that the cone of fire will not get bigger while moving fast or flying. Keep near to the targets and give them fire.
  2. GSZenith

    and yet somehow inf with shotgun would be op, right.
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  3. zizeff

    The piston! dude cant you aim use the sweeper or the mauler with them you learn ammo control and not the piston spam.
  4. Bambolero

    I much preffer the Sweeper yep.
    The RoF is slightly lower but insignificant in my experience while you get a lot more ammo + you are not wasting it with auto-fire.
    Auto shotguns are just silly.
  5. XRIST0

    Sweeper and piston are op , 1 or 2 shots and your dead .. None of the tr shotguns compare

    Hate getting skillesly killed by those things .
  6. Ghoest

    It equals fun.
    It equals good.

    But its not really better than a good carbine - its just different. There is an awful lot of highly effective tactics that dont work with a shot gun.

    Of course it is cool to see people like the above guy dry about them.
  7. Ghoest

    The problem is that infs with shotguns completely own any with low graphics settings.
    All inf problems at the core are caused by the inability to make the class effective against high graphics settings with out being overpowered against low settings.
  8. Talizzar

    What does graphics quality have to do with this? I don't understand.
  9. The King

    low graphics = invis inf
    high graphics = very visible inf
  10. Jex =TE=

    Can you expand on this a little, please?
  11. pnkdth

    So infiltrators have weapons taken away from them because people run this game on low? Sounds like a fair deal...
  12. Mrasap

    A shotty wins over every carbine in CQC any day. It's highly specialized and has a higher skill curve if that is what you are saying. But the effectiveness of a skilled LA wielding a shotgun in certain situations is unrivalled by any class. See the video of Panzer.

    *edit* and yes, a lot of highly effective tactics don't work with a shotgun. But a lot of strategies only work with a shotgun.
  13. Kurreah

    The cloaking ability shows up a little as a distortion. On low settings, this is almost unnoticeable unless you see the infiltrator before they activate it against a plain background like the sky. On high settings, the distortion is much more obvious; more like the 'predator' and visible against more complicated backgrounds.
  14. Jarek

    I may be missing sarcasm here, but if not, the stats on the NC shotguns are pretty much exactly the same as the TR shotguns. Damage, RoF, magazine size, reload speed, etc. Same goes for VS, except they have slightly lower projectile velocity and no drop.
  15. Kracken

    Piston, slugs, extended mag, 4x scope, suit ammo cert = win. Frequently run out of ammo sniping at range getting a kill about every 3rd shot
  16. Wolfwood82

    I'd say the auto shotgun is probably the single worst choice for this set up honestly. Unless the piston has considerably less recoil then the nighthawk (I doubt this). You'd be better off with the bigger clip shotgun (Sweeper for NC?) + extended mag for 12 shots instead of 10.
  17. Kracken

    Perhaps, but for those that can only unlock 1 shotgun ($) this is great as you can have a secondary set up for close quarters like a base when running loops around the pad, just remove the slugs.
  18. Trenyt

    Shotgun is good for certain situations, but I prefer the GD-F7 for a more flexible range.

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