[Suggestion] Jetpack alternative modes.

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  1. Odins Son

    Ok I lost my first file of this so I keep it short this time :mad:

    We all know of the special abilties of the other classes like: shield, cloak, heal and... ammo. All these abilities are activated by one precious key. The LA only needs to press the jump button... no further abilities. And he flies!
    I' ll come up with some ideas for an alternative jumjetmode by pressing the ablitiy key for each jumpjet.

    The Icarus:
    Just goes up. Fast and straight. I think it's good for climbing on towers and fleeing...
    How about putting this mighty thrust horizontal? A short but packed jump straight foward will give this JP some class. I would describe it a bit like the MAX charge only faster but shorter. Imagine you go first tab up then switch to alt mode an be mid-air kicked forward! What a ride! Think about the new options! Like zooming out of the camped spawnroom or pushing into the capture point. Even the classic MAX crush will get a competetor.

    The drifter:
    I like the way it got a slight buff recently. The vertical thrust was pretty necessary... What else could be done here?
    Well the answer might surprise you, but it's: Hovermode!
    Of course the drifter already got its hovermode unless you keep pushing the jump button. But in alternate mode there is no need anymore to do this. AND on TOP of THIS: when you now push the jump button you can correct you slide strafes better! Maybe like some sort of airbreak... what d you think?

    The classic jump jet:

    this one was a bit hard to think of altthough its pretty obvious where it lacks. Jetpacks are always trying to reach the sun and stars. But there are times where you whished it was the other way round:
    Exactly! Thrusting from this tree or that rock coming down with drain like a droppod! When youre in the need for cover or just want to be in time; the alternative jumpjetmode provides a fullspeed downwards thrust to engage battles as soon as possible when you jump into the canyon!

    (geez i should ve been grown up in the 80s praising Mattell toys -_-)

    As this is an suggestions post feel free to add ideas or tell whats ok/ not ok/ op/ etc.

    I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas

    P.S no TL;DR for sry...
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  2. Corezer

    For drifters I would say just make it move at ground "skiing" speed all the time and bring back the multi boosting for verticality but bind it to the F button and not so little fuel cost (patch drifter climb was higher and faster than regular for longer, crazy)

    For regular JJ when you press F it becomes a ground pack for forward movement while sprinting like charge almost, allowing you to move around and reinforce different positions as a "floater" of sorts indoors.

    For Icarus make it so the F button changes it to forward thrust at a ~30 degree angle, so you cant take advantage of clientside because you have to wait to land and reset your bloom, but you have some much needed mobility.
  3. Heelixs

    Dunno about drifters and icarus since i've never used them and i never thought about them,but for the standard jump jets when you press control button you go downwards pretty fast. I use this to speed up my fall from lets say tower. So i think thats pretty much covered already :) anyway,nice imagination and ideas! ;-)
  4. Iridar51

    That's not actually a thing. Holding crouch while falling doesn't make you fall faster. Tested and proven.
  5. IronMouse

    LA needs faster and more responsive Jet-Packs, not alternatives.
  6. Heelixs

    You're right. I've found myself and answer in your topic about jumpjet mythbusting.
    "It doesn't. It will only appear that way, because your own view lowers as you press crouch."
    Thank you for clearing my mind of illusions :p
  7. CMDante

    My big brain has developed a better idea. Let us equip two of the jump pack types and cycle between them with the "F" key (or whatever your tool/utility button is) So you could switch between say, Icarus and standard depending on what you need at the moment. Make both independently certed just like normal.

    This would add some versatility to the LA without requiring a completely new tool to be designed, tested and implemented.

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  8. EPIC389

    So drifter plus Icarus?

    I like it!
  9. Kanelbullen300

    hell yes
  10. Corezer

    about that... =P