Jet Pack mythbusting

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  1. Iridar51

    Crouching while flying has acquired a lot of myths around it over the years. I have proved all of them wrong with in-game testing:

    Myth 1: crouching while flying makes you a harder target.

    Holding crouch while flying will lower your viewpoint in first person, and you will be able to squeeze through windows and other narrow passages. But it will not affect your 3rd person model, you will still appear standing to enemies, and you will be just as easy to hit. Your character will only lower his/her head slightly when you shoot.

    Myth 2: crouching while falling makes you land on on your feet faster.

    It doesn't. It will only appear that way, because your own view lowers as you press crouch. It also doesn't make you crouch faster when you finally land. For you, it will appear as if you have landed already crouched, but your character model will first land, and only then crouch as if you were standing to begin with.

    Myth 3: holding crouch while flying (with Drifter Jets) increases your speed.

    I have tested it, and this is not true, both when flying normally and skimming along ground.

    To summarize, the only point in holding crouch while falling is if you actually plan to crouch after you land.

    Edit: as a sidenote, confirmed that slugs increase CoF by 75% for hip firing. Haven't tested ADS, most likely also true.
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  2. teks

    I've heard holding crouch will make you land faster with icarus jets. Sounds like it could be verified or busted here too. This isn't quite the same as #2. I mean you fall faster.
  3. Iridar51

    That's exactly what #2 is. Poor wording on my part. "land on feet faster" = "land on feet sooner" = "fall faster".

    I tested normal fall speed, without engaging the jet pack. I just went to the top of a large rock, fell down, measured how long it took. Then repeated the process while holding crouch. The difference was within margin of error.

    Now that I think about it, from Wrel's video we surely know that PlanetSide has directional influence, so holding crouch should make you fall faster. Perhaps it does, but only a little bit so, not large enough when talking about normal fall distance that LA can survive.

    Maybe I should find a larger rock and test it with Safe Fall implant.
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  4. teks

    Yeah, I heard this on WRELs video recently, which is why I mentioned it. Thanks for your input.
  5. Iridar51

    Retested it, now from greater height. Fall without holding crouch took 2,834 seconds, fall with holding crouch took 2.717 seconds. Within margin of error, but I did took a bit greater damage when holding crouch. The terrain wasn't perfect, but I tried to be very precise.

    Either way, it seems that whatever directional influence there is in PS2, it doesn't affect your speed much when you're just free falling directly, without using a Jump Pad. Myth thoroughly busted.
  6. K2k4

    Wait, if i look up and hold w while I'm falling does directional influence make me fall slower?

    Totally a segway lol.
  7. Iridar51

    As Leivve told me, apparently holding crouch while drifting along the ground may help to not not stumble upon every little incline or pebble. Will have to run more tests when I have time.
    Probably not any more pulling your own hair would ;)