January - Player Invincibility on Spawn

Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. SeeKeR42o

    wait, let me expand that real quick. some times devs should listen. but other times they will have to know where to draw the line.
  2. 10thRMDredd

    Invulnerability is dangerous. So, so, so dangerous. Could be abused hardcore. If you get the period wrong it will either be pointless or people will not be able to attack sunderers with infantry because spawners can use their time to counter assault with immunity.

    I spawn one tile back from danger because i like reassess the battle as i enter from its perimeter. If you spawn or 'drop' into a hot zone then it will be.....hot.

    Please dont let people do really stupid stuff and then give them buffs to cater for poor choice. It will just dumb the game down. i know you have to do this a bit for the larger audience, but you maintain more long term cred if you keep it tight. Apologies for that brief negativity SOE and PS2 deserve respect for their initiative and vision.

    Instead of a spawn invulnerability period how about a 5 metre shield around a sunderer (optional if you want to go stealth you dont have to glow) once its deployed that: reduce damage/heal infantry in zone/negate light arms/negates/reduces HE
    glows a lot and gives position away.
    Is optional to initiate.
    Maybe shield fully blocks incoming rounds for a certain period based on spawn frequency, ie a sunderer has power to the shield for 5 seconds per spawn, no overlap.
    Engineers can use nano repair on shield to maintain its integrity (from the inside is recommended)
    Sunderer may NOT fire whilst shield is in play.
    Sunderer may NOT give out ammo to vehicles whilst shield is in play.
    Shield BAR is visible to all who look at Sunderer, represented by a certain coloured line below the Sunderers current health/damage bar.
    People love the idea of wearing a shield down by hosing it with lots of rounds. Trust me, love it.
    Combine this issue with the defences for base issue and you get some nice resolution.
    A Sundy with a shield, deployed behind 2 pillboxes, with 20 metres of trench = a very fun 15 mins for all.

    cheers groovers.
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  3. SeeKeR42o

    i dont see how any of your arguments are viable against a 1 second invulnerability because if youre attacking a sunderer i fail to see how 1 second is going to save a person. however if you are by yourself attacking a sunderer doesnt that mean you are taking just as much of a chance as the person spawning there? the ams sundies are meant to be a mobile threat to the enemy. this entire popular thought of spawning at sunderers is supposed to be a risk is very questionable. is it supposed to be a risk because youre close to the battle, or because people just want to camp a sundie instead of destroying it, which is much more beneficial for your faction instead of your personal kill count and kd ratio.
  4. Galhans

    Not if you spawn *on top* of it :rolleyes:
  5. Evilhardt

    Patchnote: "Added a short invulnerability on newly spawned players. This invulnerability goes away if the player moves or takes any action."

    They added it despite 2/3 downvotes... *facepalm*

    Screw you, SOE.

    bets regards
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  6. Leckermatz

    So downvote, but you still introduced this? So writing comments don't chance anything? So why this option exists?
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  7. Fast-and-Free

    How would 4 seconds of invulnerability help you against a lib hovering above your AMS?
  8. Fast-and-Free

    But while I am shelling the Sunderer every HA that spawns there will get free invincibility until it has time to aim and fire a rocket at me? If they are capable of aiming they should be vulnerable!
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  9. NRavenX

    And in typical SOE form, you ignore your player base and introduce it anyways.....what is the point of this "Roadmap" again?
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  10. Azren

    I am just glad SoE followed their constant marketing text of listening to the playerbase and did not implement this. Oh wait...
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  11. JonboyX

    How about giving a visual indicator to the enemy so that they know you're invulnerable. Wasting bullets on people when you can't damage them is, well, inversely advantageous to a newly spawning player.
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  12. arZic

    Why did SoE implement this when it got 0 score? 983 down-voted and only 460 up...

    What's the point with the voting system if you don't care what the players want? Please remove the voting if you are going to screw the players anyway....
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  13. RadarX Community Relations

    We appreciate everyone's feedback! Please feel free to let us know what you think about the changes in Gameplay Discussion.
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