Jan. 21, 2022 - Oshur Test Build 02

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...st-test-server-policies-download-link.114038/

    Test Build 02 Commences, Trident Testing Begins
    This next playtest will introduce the massive Trident Relays in their full form. We'd like to know how these bases play, within and without, and how the lattice jumping they create will impact the continent flow. More details on what's been added in this update below.

    Playtest Times for Test Build 02
    • Friday, Jan. 21 - 2pm PT (11pm CET)
    • Saturday, Jan. 22 - 11am PT (8pm CET)
    Players who log online during either of these test periods will receive the "Work in Progress II" profile banner attributed to their account after Oshur is released. In order to be eligible, you'll need to log onto PTS character with the same account that you use on Live servers. There's no restriction to how long you need to stay. The tests are expected to last roughly an hour and a half.

    How to deliver Feedback
    Once each playtest concludes, we'll be placing a Google Form below with focused questions about your experience. Additionally, we'll unlock this thread for comments after the first playtest begins, and it will remain open until the next PTS update. A Reddit thread will also be provided for folks who prefer to use that venue.
    Big Ticket Items in Test Build 02
    We've added a bunch of stuff in Test Build 02, some of which sees a bit more detail here: https://www.planetside2.com/news/testing-the-tridents
    • Chapter 02 of the Distant Shores campaign is now accessible, and the second chapter can be activated without completing the first.
    • Underwater visuals have been updated with godrays and proper water backfaces, though they're still a work in progress.
    • Trident Relays are now textured, fleshed out, and available for combat.
    • Sunderer Garage Shields and No-Deploy Zones have been added to many of the bases!
    • So, so many bug fixes, performance optimizations, and base improvements.
    Known Issues and Works in Progress
    • Dynamic projectiles like Grenades and Ammo Packs still need work to get their water drag and underwater FX functional.
    • Air vehicles are still a work in progress to get behaving nicely underwater.
    • Still need to do a pass on No-Construction and Spawn Room Pain Fields.
    • Construction still has some issues related to its use in the water.
    • Some vehicle gate shields are incorrectly sized.
    • Exodus PPC still have accuracy issues.
    • There is still a client-crash that can occur for multiple players in an area.
    Audio Bug Debug Request
    If you hit the "Audio Bug" in-game where your audio drops out, we'd like for you to adjust the "Maximum Audio Channels" down to 64 in your Audio settings, and restart your client. We'll put some entries on the feedback form to find out who is encountering this bug, and we'd like to know if you run into the problem again after adjusting the channels. Knowing the outcome of this will help us narrow down what's causing the bug.

    Oshur Nitty Gritty Changes
    • Playing on low or medium graphical settings now works as expected.
    • All bases should now be capturable on the lattice.
    • Fixed an issue where automatic weapons would lose their audio when entering/exiting water and still firing.
    • Sunderer Garage Shields have been added to many bases, these shields are all controlled by a terminal that acts as a sub-objective for the base.
    • Projectiles that collide with the water now play proper "water enter" FX, instead of sometimes playing their on-land impact FX.
    • Removed collision from some jungle foliage.
    • Water should no longer jitter at shallow viewing angles.
    • Various updates on polish on underwater FX.
    • Out of bounds areas are now only located at the very edges of the map... as well as a hard, invisible wall. We'll likely update this in later versions.
    • Fixed an issue where vehicles floating atop the water would sometimes not be able to fire weapons from the gunner seats.
    • Exodus PPC will no longer target observer cameras.
    • Updated Exodus PPC particle effects.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    Squad Beacons
    • Squad Beacons no longer have increased delays on spawn times.
    • The cooldown on deploying new beacons remains the same.
    Bastion Fleet Carriers
    • We've removed the Bastion Fleet Carrier terminals from Oshur. These are no longer present on the Flotillas.
    M14 Banshee
    • Blast damage min radius from 2m to 1.5m.
    • C-Barrier armor increase from 20% to 30%.
    • Transport Cloak has been removed, and the certs refunded.
    • Nanite cost from 500 to 450.
    • Cortium cost from 400 to 300.
    • Nanite cost from 350 to 250.
    • This vehicle can now turn while turboing in the water.
    • WLT-Mandible cortium harvest rate from 200 to 400.
    • WLT-Mandible cortium deposit rate from 336 to 400.
    • WLT-Yellowjacket cortium harvest rate from 150 to 300.
    • WLT-Howler cortium harvest rate from 375 to 800.
    • WLT-Weaver cortium harvest rate from 200 to 400.
    • WLT-Weaver cortium deposit rate from 336 to 400.
    • WLT-Weaver can now deposit cortium into Colossus reservoir.
    • Common cortium node maximum resource count from 2000 to 4000.
    • Uncommon cortium node maximum resource count from 6000 to 8000.
    • When you right-click on a player's name in the chat, tThe "Remove from Friends" dialogue option is now located above the "Ignore" option, instead of just below "Send Message".
    • A simple dot reticle has been added to the center screen while third person in a vehicle.
    Oshur Base Updates
    Dekat Interlink
    • This base can now be captured.
    • Vehicle pad is now functional.
    Seapost K12 and K10
    • These bases can now be captured.
    Pommel Gardens
    • General cleanup of terrain and floating props.
    • More spawn room protection.
    • Spawn room now has working shields.
    Emerald Arboretum
    • Vehicle pad is now functional.
    • Teleporter room is now functional.
    • Closed off some line of sight opposing the teleporter room added more cover nearby.
    • Added a dividing wall in the A capture point room.
    Wellerman Watch
    • Added lifts outside the Sunderer Tower.
    Mirror Bay Watchtower
    • This is now a three-point capture base.
    • Additional cover has been added to the vehicle bay to make holding this point easier.
    • B and C points have been located in the southern Tower and northwest building.
    • Various cleanup around this base.
    Wakerift Beachhead
    • The Sunderer Tower at Wakerift now has lifts and jump pads that launch infantry to the upper level of Astira Hyroelectric.
    Astira Hydroelectric
    • Now has a vehicle gate at the end of the tunnel, preventing vehicles from parking fully in the garage until the generator is destroyed.
    • The northern side of the base is now closed off to attackers, and a bridge from north to south over the lake has been added.
    • A teleporter now takes defenders to the northern plateau.
    Palaso Supply Depot
    • Added an awning to the spawn room.
    • A teleporter now connects the spawn room to a teleporter room.
    • Added roof cover to each door way into the capture point.
    • Made the western entrance less accessible by vehicles.
    • Added lifts on the east wall inside the base.
    Fort Arceo
    • Added additional cover to spawn room exits.
    High Ridge Security
    • Relocated the spawn room location to provide defenders with more cover and clearer exits.
    • Swapped the smaller spawn room building with a larger one.
    • Added an air pad and terminal to the facility.
    • Added additional cover around the base to block longer lines of sight.
    • General cleanup.
    Outpost Kalis
    • Shifted some cover to minimize easy access to some building rooftops.
    • Provided an additional entrance into the facility for defenders.
    • Added cover to the defender's infantry bridge.
    • General cleanup.
    Viridian East Terrace
    • General terrain and object cleanup.
    • Aligned any object that was not aligned (mining plates
    • Adjusted building interior lighting.
    • Adjusted north entrance stairways to provide more cover.
    Terran Genetics
    • This base can now be captured.
    • Added more cover around the spawn room and better transitions into the playspace.
    • Added vehicle gate shield with generator and updated vehicle terminal/pad position.
    • Added gravity lifts behind the spawn room.
    • Fleshed out the are beneath the main building.
    • Objects under control point were added
    • Added airpad and terminal.
    • Added teleporter from spawn room to air pad building.
    Viridian Labs
    • Teleporter is now online.
    • General terrain and object cleanup.
    • Adjusted gate shields outside of C point.
    • Updated A point building interior space with more cover and updated lighting.
  2. Smoo

    I hope there's going to be interesting and believable splash effects for moving vehicles into/through/out-of water. You don't slow down at all, plowing a Liberator into water, there's no visual splash in third person, and there's no noise.

    You'd think there would be significant bubbles, and things should drip coming out...

    Massive bubble contrails from multiple points for any vehicle!

    Actually, just muck with the third person camera mostly? Give the sensation of slowing, while slowing people minimally, as they're going to be diving for water to evade a lot.
  3. Whiteagle

    Correct Feedback form link I THINK...

    Trident's were what I figured, Taller Beta Biolabs, and just because people like me can bring spawns doesn't mean they will...
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  4. synkrotron

    much better FPS this time, with graphics on low and no shadows/flora

    still dropping to around 50 while flying, but I don't think that matters so much for me because I only use my Valk to get from A to B

    setting max audio channels to 64 seemed to have helped with the audio dropout bug, and I played the full alert

    so, all in all, a good session for me, despite the poor connection because of being in the UK
  5. Begherri113

    hey for the ant cloak, a quick suggestion for balance instead of just removing it. If you inflict any damage, your cloak immediately drops and you have a 1 min cooldown until you can cloak again allowing for you to be shot at. You still have a little bit better surprise than a harasser but not much considering how fast a harasser can run in for road kills. The ant cloak has a place for evading liberators and other backline nuisances.
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  6. GnomeSlayer

    Is this where we post feedback...? Here goes...

    General vehicle thoughts:
    It sucks when you get out of a vehicle and it is stuck on the surface of the water floating... maybe empty vehicles could sink to the bottom so that it is easier to get back inside of them. Don't know about engine limitations.
    Feels like there are too many cliffs for driving vehicles about as well, unsure if the terrain geometry could be flattened.

    Air vehicle underwater speed thoughts:
    Liberators fly at near full speed underwater, since they are so durable they can get out of tricky situations very easily using this. I am a very bad lib pilot and I found it possible to still run away from 2-3 ESFs.
    I'm sure someone better than me could use them to ram underwater fighters.

    Liberators probably should have their underwater performance severely reduced.

    The Valkyrie can't go underwater at all and is a very disadvantaged aircraft already, it could probably help it if it could go underwater to avoid other airborne threats, and they could then also pick up any infantry that fall into the water.
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  7. Larington

    Disappointed the ANT cloak module is being removed, it was the only tool I had to escape libs/ESF's/tanks that tried to jump me that was actually fairly effective (Though no guaruantee either). The turbo is more dangerous than useful because terrain could detonate the health of the ANT when it went ballistic; increasing the Cortium shield from 20% to 30% won't make much difference because the damage output on all of the above is so high.
    I guess people were abusing ANT cloak to run people over on one of the american servers, and I've been caught in the crossfire to fix that.
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  8. brucethemoose

    There's no Colossus terminal on Oshur.

    ... Again, is this intentional? That's seems reasonable, I'd just like to know if it's an oversight or a deliberate decision.
  9. Shortpower

    I get the ANT was overperforming as a road kill platform, but it wasn't meta defining. You'd see 1 ANT during a 5-6 hour session dedicating itself to using cloak to run people over. It requires downtime to keep up since you need to gather Cortium and it is a lone construction mans only way of surviving Liberators being flying MBTs and hunting backline vehicles.

    Its removal is another stupid move in a long line of stupid moves, good job.
    Get this through your thick skulls: A2G is much more damning in terms of oppression and lack of counters than cloak ANT was. But instead the banshee which is used to farm at every fight relentlessly gets a 25% radius decrease and cloak gets removed? Not cloak from the flash, or the renegade from the flash, but the cloak from ANT.

    Why is it for things that have been broken and constantly complained about for years, literal meta defining weapons and playstyles get a slight slap on the wrist, but the ANTs only way of surviving the Liberator is just completely removed. Especially on a continent where AV ESFs will likely play a dominant role.

    Wrel test these playstyles before removing them, if you did you'd know cloak is objectively necessary on open air continents like Indar/Esamir/Amerish and now Oshur for the ANT to have a chance to build.
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  10. LongbowMan

    Shame about the removal of cloak on the ANT, as annoying as it may be getting run over by one, ANTs are pretty much now free kills to any Liberator loitering behind enemy lines, and it sucks.
    Would've been fine if they were more visible to infantry or something, maybe introduce a shimmer when hit by small arms, etc.

    Water mechanics could still use some tweaks, I'm of the opinion aircraft shouldn't have the ability to submerse themselves, atleast not without heavier negative effects to thier mobility, infantry could do with the ability to ascend/float up when holding space so they can reach floating vehicles.

    Some vehicles, specifically the Galaxy do not interact well with the water, agresively flipping out, etc (Although in that case, I hope it has the ability to float, like a seaplane, would be cool.)
  11. NSOBIT

    I completely agree with shortpower, the ANT without cloak is completely defenceless against pretty much every other vehicle threat. A vast majority of ANT drivers do it solo, out of the cortium based abilities only turbo and cloak actually work for solo driving as switching to gunner seat disables your active driver abilities. Without cloak the ANT needs a significant changes to be anything but a quirky vehicle that will struggle even with it's main role in logistics.
  12. brucethemoose

    Also, since warp terminals are still missing, I think it's impossible to redeploy to sanctuary/vr training if Oshur is the only open continent. Otherwise, you'd have to relog.
  13. pepancz3606

    I really like the map. Technically, I did much better. Please do not nerf Kobalt. I agree to remove the invisible cloak on the ANT, due to people overtaking, and easy escape in front of the vehicle, and due to placing the C4 on the ANT and detonating another vehicle.
  14. Nighda Venesis

    Thank you for removing the transport cloak. I generally dislike invisibility, especially stalkers, so seeing one aspect of it go is nice. Especially now that harvest rates have increased, it makes more sense to have buddies come along to protect you while harvesting instead of having more ants with cloak also being able to be a nuisance against infantry.

    Harvesting Speed Increase & Cortium Node Capacity Increase

    Trident Facility
    Overall I really like the ideas behind its design, however there are some issues I have with its implementation: Some angles inside the base are incredibly powerful as the sight line can stretch very far, and the roof is also somewhat unenjoyable at the moment. To remedy the second point, I would propose putting some gravity lifts going up at the edges of the balconies next to the point shields, so once defenders work their way outwards they have better access to the roof, and also to make the roof more traversable for classes other than Light Assault. I like that this base has positional strategic importance; controlling tridents seems paramount.

    Audio Bug
    In this build for the 1h40 that I was online I hadn't noticed any issues. I had max audio channels on. I hope it gets fixed completely as I like having longer sessions.
  15. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    At the moment, this is intended.
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  16. TheWIngedGod

    Bugs I have encountered
    -Headlights don't seem to work with vehicles. Lumbifier works fine

    -Does not show cortium stored and amount of cortium in crystals on the map.
    -The little needles that the ANT has to mine arer angled 45 degrees down resulting in a weird look.
    -Also no center reticle on the ANT hud.
    Cortium crystals will sometimes spawn where you can't mine them. There collection point seems to be at the 0,0 of the map. Have found a couple crystals like this.

    General things
    -You can earn resupply xp on the flotilas.
    -An invincibility area on the flotilas would be nice. Right now there is a good amount of roadkilling going on.
    -Harassers can drive into interlink facilities.
    -Vehicle shield at Terran Genetics Inc. is upside down
    -Jumppad on the southern tower at Astira Hydroelectric just moves you a few meters.

    Nice to haves
    -Colouring some terrain to look a bit more like roads. Even after bridges going straight to grass feels weird.
    -Water feels a bit sluggish to get through, I would personnaly like for ground like traversal speed but extremely sluggish turning when at speed. Also slower acceleration to go with it.
    -A no deploy zone for silos would be great. One as it does with sunderers. When you hold a silo the map will also add the no deploy zone of bases and other silos. This maybe also for orbital strike relays.
    -Need for a daredevil frame for the ANT which also makes to turbo slightly stronger so you can fly.
    -Would love some construction items which could add extra movement options to the game. Maybe even power up a base or some jumppads with fixed locations.

    Things that stood out to me in a good way
    -Space needles look good.
    -Also love the little reticle in third person.
  17. karpekin

    i saw one player without head
  18. GlenAnderson

    Why did you remove the ANT cloak? Is there no oversight on this?
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  19. Begherri113

    I find that this is a shortsighted fix for a problem that will make cortium harvesting and base building harder. Cloaks were the only effective way to stop ant hunters. Rarely anyone will come with you to harvest, it is a boring activity when you can just go fight. I have suggested a fix where inflicting damage removes the cloak and you cannot activate it. I would even suggest reducing the Ant's hp pool to balance it even further to where a few rockets could kill it.
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  20. Valisha

    Removing cloak on ANT was outright silly decision. Really, bring it back.
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