Jan. 13, 2022 - PTS Update - Oshur Build 01

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  1. karpekin

    too bad i can't build bases underwater
  2. karpekin

  3. karpekin

    and some already captured hexes do not have respawn points - this should not be so
  4. gabber

    merge the live game servers
  5. AntDX316

    wow, it stops 2 meters maximum? the games I used to play were you can shoot underwater was a lie? :'(

    Still though... it would be cool if shooting underwater were at least somewhat possible. Who really knows that shooting bullets at water would make them drop instantly? Movies don't even showcase that. (no one would have any idea)

    Flashlights, sonar equipment, for underwater would also be cool to use. New in-waterfiring technology for all bullets in a description could make it believable. It shouldn't fly like above ground but at least travel far enough where it would be fun to have a huge battle in between bases underwater which is why fins and other equipment for swimming should happen. Having utility or abilities for underwater to travel better could make for underwater teams. There could be mines that are planted/constructed that would need to be "defused" or blown-up in a special way. It could add to a new level of gameplay and tactics.

    The sinking to the bottom is a cool first step but there has to be swimming like in the Call of Duty video.

    Also, if it were to only be darts and harpoon battles underwater it would be dumb. Try using the Seeker HLX crossbow instead of the other guns in the regular game. Sure, it can be cool to light assault drifter jump jet way way up in the air w/ it but to have everyone use stuff like that underwater would be dumb and not have the action we should be looking for. : (
  6. AntDX316

    which bullets can pierce steel past 60m?
  7. gabber

    Anat interlink buged ? i not see that i can capture that
  8. JustGotSuspended

  9. math368

    you could add small paths leaving the water to climb on the side
    of the small island story forcefully force attack by the bridge creates bottleneck strangle
    would allow another angle attack infantry.
    As the players use more water to move and will avoid that the bridge is clogged.
    And it is absolutely necessary to add
    more rock, dead tree trunks or palm trees to have more exterior co
    ver on the islands, I find the areas lacking cover for infantry, it's a shame.
  10. synkrotron

    my needs are simple

    so, despite connects and frame rate issues, I had a good time on Saturday and recorded some stuff that will end up on YouTube in the next 24 hours or so

    have to say, patrol boats would be a swell addition

    submarines even

    not now, but some time in the future, perhaps

    main problem with those additions, though, is you can only dust them off when Oshur unlocks

    I'm not a tanker but the situation with one MBT sitting on top of the water and the other two sinking sounds like something needs to be done about it

    I get the physics... Maggie is a sort of hover craft and the Prowler and Vanguard are big lumps of metal

    perhaps some tankers can chime in as to how that went

    with regards to "narrow corridors," especially some of the bridges, I quite look forward to that as a sneaky invisible two hat

    another "nice to have" would be a suit slot to enable cloaking under water

    I'll get me coat
  11. AntDX316

    if they just design the bullets to be like hypesonics then it should work
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  12. DrProShot

    I feel that the effects of water on infantry and armor are stifling to the point that fighting in the water at all is going to be avoided. For example, a tank that has driven into the water is utterly helpless against anything outside, because its guns can't fire. Infantry in the water can't fire their guns, throw grenades, or drop C4. We're fish in a barrel if we don't have one of the two special underwater guns equipped. Weapons that would make sense to use underwater, like the crossbows, also don't work. Letting launchers, crossbows, and equipment work underwater would give everyone more options for underwater combat, and letting at least some vehicle weapons work underwater would both give underwater vehicles some defense and let us actually have vehicle fights on the seafloor.

    Right now, water is more of a navigational barrier than an environment to fight in, and any weapons or equipment designed around fighting underwater are going to be moot until that changes.

    I also agree with others that we should be able to swim up slowly in water, so we don't have to redeploy to get out of it.
  13. Demigan

    Could you explain the exact pain points that the FF nerf is supposed to solve, and why a blanket nerf is the solution?

    Also do you realize that MORE people will get a weapon lock even with a faster griefpoint decay with those changes? A vehicle for example has many cases where it deals a small amount of damage many times in quick succession before the infantry is killed. That means a single player being crushed now nets you about double the griefpoints unless you go fast enough for a OHK anyway.
  14. AntDX316

    War Assets on the Emerald Server at least are bugged. : ( Cannot replenish with craftings.

    At least for my Outfit, [ISV] VSA
  15. Scatterblak

    Or electricity. :)
  16. IrishInsanity

    Would love to see more underwater combat, I think you could have interesting tank and infantry battles underwater if the terrain had a wide variety of underwater coral wreaths and dark deep areas to hide in and fight around. Reference Vashj'ir, underwater zone in World of Warcraft.
    Screenshot example https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d5/5b/5e/d55b5e55c00f781af1c8e6847f3c16e5.jpg

    The current version of the water isn't very fun to play around it's just feels like a inconvenience given how you move slowly through it and can't shoot. Especially when you can just redeploy or anvil drop a sunder in much faster then actually taking time to sneak around in the water where you're still vulnerable to being spotted and shot up.

    Perhaps consider introducing faction specific light tanks, give VS a treaded light tank and TR and NC a hover light tank.
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  17. karpekin

  18. karpekin

    Only in one case they can be useful if there are battles on these Bastions with their subsequent capture.
  19. AntDX316

    oh yeah, that is going to be crazy to code for lol. The water areas are actually massive.
  20. karpekin

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