Jaguar VS Lynx VS Trac S

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  1. MasterCheef

    i want to love the trac 5 s, but it is too buggy. I love the grenade launcher - when it WORKS. the problem is that it rarely works, but those few times it does, it keeps me hoping that maybe its only user error. i'm about to give up on it though.

    Honestly though, the GL would be almost overpowered if it worked consistently. i scored long range group kills with that thing (being lucky that it worked). As an LA, i constantly get the drop on large groups. With a working GL, this class would get the most group kills next to air power.

    The only other thing keeping me stuck to the trac 5 s is the smoke grenade launcher. That, combined with regular grenades and a NV scope makes for some very entertaining ambushes. The biggest drawback is that you rush into a room and the gun may or may not damage people.

    if they fix the bugs on this gun, it has potential to make LA the MOST annoying class. They need to fix this gun and how C4 drops and LA will beast in almost every encounter.
  2. Vynth

    I love the Trac-5 S even with the Grenade Launcher being bugged. I noticed that after the "12 Days of Holiday" patch though, that it was extremely bugged compared to normal. Most of the time, direct hits weren't even breaking shields the majority of the time, and splash damage was next to nonexistent. I'd say on average, only about 40% of direct hits killed, 30% of the time splash damage actually registered (about ~5m for consistency), and 25% or so rounds never registered any damage at all.

    If this was a ghost-nerf until they can balance the advantage and disadvantage of the Grenade Launcher (as it is ultimately superior from a min/max ratio - guarunteeing a two kill minimum in it's previous state) than I can understand. My work-around for now is the Underbarrel Shotgun, and I will say, it was thoroughly impressive. My Trac-5 S setup consists of MH2 Reflex Scope / Compensator / Underbarrel Shotgun / High Velocity Ammo and the mid-long range punch of the main weapon, with the shotgun has allowed me to do everything. The shotgun is three confirmed kills at under ~15m, and you have plenty of ammo for the longer range engagements.

    I haven't switched loadouts in a week, and this is coming from a player that has the LC2 Lynx, LC3 Jaguar, Trac-5, Trac-5 AMC, AS16 NightHawk with all attachments and modifications unlocked, minus extraneous scopes.

    In terms of performance, I average a 1.5 K/D ratio (1800 kills total), with 95% of that time running LA, and 70% of so of it with the Trac-5 S. Not nearly a pro FPS gamer, but I do fairly well compared to most lemming LA's out there with sub 1 K/D ratios, and I think this weapon setup has let me fill a lot of roles that would otherwise have left me dead against other classes. I would also like to hear from other players about the Grenade Launcher issues.
  3. Foreman Joe

    Yeah, it's buggy as hell, but when it does work and reloading from a nearby engi ammo pack also works, oh that's a blast :) kills roll in nonstop. I had so much fun with it, no bugs gonna stop me :)
  4. Elbryan

    Jaguar and Lynx both fulfill the same role - close quarters combat. They are both incredible for hip fire once you equip advanced laser sight and both of them have pretty low recoil.

    I have both and all the necessary unlocks for both. My friends say the Lynx is better for close quarters (according to stats) but I don't see any difference in performance in CQC. However, Imo Jaguar is noticeably better for mid range.

    Imo Jaguar is the best carbine atm. I also have Trac-5 S with a underslung grenade launcher. Haven't found much use for it yet. The recoil on Trac-5 S seems pretty bad, but that was when I tried it with high velocity ammunition. I stopped using them and it doesn't feel that bad anymore but I have not done any extensive testing on it yet.
  5. Vynth

    The LC2 Lynx is better than the LC3 Jaguar in CQC by a small margin due to a slightly higher rate of fire. Assuming you land all rounds, the LC2 Lynx will give you a slightly shorter TTK. The Jaguar is a more adaptable carbine however, has a lot smaller recoil, and effectively increases it range by ~5-10m due to these attributes.

    In regards to the Trac-5 S, if you can't control the recoil, it's all user error. Recoil makes the weapon more difficult to handle, sure, but pulling down on the mouse as you fire is just as easy. Try it out at the Warpgate on a wall if need be. Assuming you counter the recoil, the diameter "hitbox" of the LC3 Jaguar, for example, and the Trac-5 S is identical.

    Most people on this game don't understand the concept of countering recoil, and throw something off as a bad weapon because they can't hit anything. It's actually very simple, and just requires a bit of micro-management as you play. The more you get used to it, the more effective the weapon gets. The only variable that can't be compensated by player "skill" is bullet randomization, i.e. the bloom effect and random spray you get when holding down the trigger for too long.

    In saying all this though, the reason the Trac-5 S is not optimal or best choice for CQC is the fact that it's hipfire and ADS movement speed are not nearly on par with the LC2 Lynx and LC3 Jaguar. If you do want a mid range option, the LC2 Lynx and LC3 Jaguar don't even compare with the Trac-5 S's bullet velocity and hitting power at range.
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  6. Zeekez

    I followed this thread a lot before deciding to get the Jaguar. I was a hardcore Trac-5s user. I love the jaguar, even at medium range if you keep the bursts to 10-15 rounds you can still nail people pretty accurately, and it is deadly at CQC. But for more open battles where the ranges are longer the Trac 5 is definitely a better choice - and it's not too shabby at CQC either [after all, these are all 'sidegrades'] But yes, the Jaq and Lynx allow you to move @ 75% speed while ADS and Trac 5 / AMC only allow you to move @ 50%.

    The one thing the trac 5 obviously has is the underslung grenade launcher, which can be a life saver if you run across a MAX and are out of c4 or in a bad position to take the 30 minutes it takes to switch from your rifle to the c4, nailing a max with the underslung is easy since they are so big and is the one time I've never had them bug out on me. Nothing is funner than seeing a Max rage because he was at full hp and lost a 1v1 with a LA.

    That being said, I have 3 setups: My CQC / Medium range - Jag w/ reflex on it [tried 3.4x, the recoil and firerate is just too annoying to keep on target, much more accurate w/ a 1x] an open ground / assault build - Trac 5s w/ underslung and 2x reflex and a long range - AMC w/ 3.4x and High velocity ammo [which is actually a waste of certs imo]

    Btw in my book there's "CQC" - inside 10 meters, Short range 50 meters and under, medium range 50-150, and long range anything over 150. I know some people say "medium range" when they are talking about like 25 meters out
  7. gimmethebullets

    I most be terrible with the underslung shotgun, more often than not it gets me killed. It only holds one shell, takes a lifetime to switch between it and the carbine (it really should just be triggered by a secondary fire button) and you have to be extremely close to get a one hit kill. If I run into a VS LA with a VX6-7 who's dancing around then the underslung shotty doesn't stand a chance.

    It'd be cool if you could post a video, but as it stands I'll stick with the T5-S with the smoke launcher for medium range and the Nighthawk when I plan to be in buildings.
  8. AdrIneX

    The Lynx.

    I haven't tried the Jaguar yet but what I've been reading so far doesn't make it better than the Lynx. In fact, Lynx's downsides can be easily improved.

    -Soft point ammo for medium ranges to increase the lethal radius
    -Forward grip to reduce the horizontal recoil.

    What you have now is a rifle with a very high ROF in CQC which is very important, a rifle that can be very effective at medium ranges due to the soft point ammo and a very accurate one at any range due to the forward grip.

    Best.Rifle.Ever. Maybe it's too late and you already bought something else but this is something to think about next time you have enough certs.