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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Pyrokite, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Pyrokite

    I am ready to purchase a new gun, however I don't know which one to get. I like the Trac S because of the option to have the underbarrel grenade launcher, how useful is it really? If I shoot a grenade into a group of enemies will it just damage them or get a bunch of kills? How does the Jaguar compare to the Lynx? I plan to get a reflex sight on the gun, and mostly I end up in CQC situations, when assaulting Bio Labs or Tech Plants, however I do end up in quite a few fights that aren't right on top of each other, mainly in the more open bases when jumping between buildings. Thank you.
  2. KestrelM1

    I can only comment on the TRAC-5 S, as I haven't unlocked the other two.

    It's basically the same as the TRAC-5 in nearly every way. The fire rate is a hair lower, the reload time is a hair higher, but honestly it's not enough that you even notice it. If you like the TRAC-5 then you should probably cert the TRAC-5 S - it's essentially an upgrade considering how many attachments you can add onto it.

    The underbarrel grenade launcher is, in my opinion, not that ideal for the Light Assault class. The radius is decent, but it won't kill except on a very nearly direct hit. It's good for softening up a group of enemies, but it probably won't kill more than 1 target except on a very good day. The main issue for Light Assault is that the GL only has two shots - so you'll find yourself out of ammo very quickly.

    I'd highly recommend the Underbarrel Shotgun though. It's got plenty of reserve ammo (5 shots total), is still capable of one-shotting people, and it nicely rounds out the TRAC-5's S prowess at medium and long range.

    Hope that helps.
  3. pvpproject

  4. gunshooter

    Trac-5 S if you want to use a grenade launcher.

    Jaguar is by far the best all-purpose weapon if you don't though because its recoil pattern is unique among TR carbines, making its ADS great, and it gets an advanced laser which makes it a beast in cqc as well. No reason to use the Lynx, Jaguar does what the Lynx does well (hipfiring) almost as good, and it's much better when ADSing to boot.

    Wtf, why does your Jaguar sound like an NC gun? Mine sounds nothing like that, it sounds like a pop when it fires.
  5. Iridar51

    For all purpose gun I would suggest TRAC 5S, it's not the best in specific roles, but it can be modified to be good.
    Ideally, you would want to have several specialized loadouts.

    I have TRAC 5S with grenade launcher and 2x collimattor sights. The gun itself is okay-ish up to meduim distances, but accuracy is just bad at longer ranges. I don't know if this is because of the GL. Has somewhat decent hip fire from what I can tell.
    The grenade launcher is good. I don't see having only two shots as a particular problem, as you can restock them at engi's ammo kits.

    Sum up: if you want to have just one gun for all-around purpose, then purchase TRAC 5S and create several loadouts with different attachments, see what works best for you. Grenade launcher is good, adds more gameplay to the game.It's damage is pretty much what KestrelM1 said.
    If you want to specilise in close quarters combat, then you better purchase Lynx or Jag, they both have very good hip fire and both can have adv. laser sights.I would choose Jag because pvpproject says so, he's very good at CQC, seen him in action :D
    Personally, I would've purchased TRAC 5S first, because I wouldn't have wanted to lose out on a GL gameplay possibility.
  6. Cinc

    Ive bought all of them, and my personal opinion is...

    Lynx > Jaguar. Why? Im not really sure. When i first trialed the jaguar, i rather liked it. In a few small tests, i though it came out as an overall improvement to the lynx with no real downgrades. In practice, i think alot of people are right in saying its only has a slightly slower fire rate. But its enough. In close quarters, the lynx is the best TR gun, no denying it. At slighly longer range, the jaguar may be superior. But at those ranges, a LA is ussually hiding out on a roof, and any small advantages arent life-saving. The lynx even has ok scoped accuracy, and ive gotten some epic kill streaks from up high with it. Heck, i even prefore it with the iron sights.

    However, the trac-5 S is in a leage of its own (although the regular trac 5 may be in that leage as well). To put it simply, i probaly throw my money around a bit carelessly, and i dont even know remember what the defualt gun can do at this point. However, the grenade launcher is extremely useful in large encounters, when its 5 vs. 1 or so (Any decent light assault always screams "SCREW THE ODDS" before falling from the sky). You can charge in and, though you'll die, you'll take out atleast 1 of them (which is nearly impossible if you just charged in). If your good, you could kill 3 to 4 of them and open up a path of destruction for backup to pave through. However, im currently saving up for its smoke grenade launher and IRNV scope. You see, in the 5 vs. 1 fight, i couldn't help but feel guilty how i wasn't contributing to my team. At all. With the smoke grenade launcher, a LA should be able to become the great stalemate-breaker. Of coure, i havent got it yet.

    In the end, i suggest you grab the lynx for 1 on 1 combat, and the trac-5 S to contribute to the greater good. And if your like me (A.K.A. have no idea of the value of money) you can buy both. Just dont get the jaguar, while good, we can get a more useful gun for the same price.
  7. Ipecac

    Probably because he's using a suppressor. I unlocked one last night and had to fight the urge to execute my gun for turning blue. I have no idea why they decided a silenced TR gun would sound like that.
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  8. Chiss

    Trac-5 S.

    It has a grenade launcher. Free kills.
  9. MarlboroMan-E

    Trialed then bought the Lynx last night. It is absolutely terrific at CQB, but leaves a lot to be desired at range. Watch it, though, the rate of fire is significantly higher than the T5. I found myself either with a dead NC at my feet or out of ammo and pulling my pistol. Great weapon though, highly recommended if your play style is run and gun. I'm keeping a CQB profile with the lynx with double lazers and soft points, and then a sniper profile with T5, suppressor, double fore grip, 3.4x and HV ammo.
  10. Nambu

    This exactly. An open setup with the AMC/Trac 5 with a 3.4/4x scope, foregrip and comps and HV. and a CQB set with Jag/lynx+laser, and softpoints (comp if you want it). Additionally, a GL set with the Trac5s. Use the tool for the job. If you are just playing one, either take the jack of all trades (Trac5S) or not, it its really like a 1%~2% edge not some huge difference.
  11. MikeyD

    Off Topic but had to say big thumbs up :) Last nite i just got c4 and was practising base jumping off the cliffs around the crown and almost got a lightning kill... pro tip u still need 2 use ur jet packs while ur chucking c4 down...cratered hard a couple of times..but hey its practice :). LF to getting solstice S (whatever it is for the nade launcher), im liking my Pulsar C atm (Mid Range Harrassment build) but when i get the certs im gonna go the Crazy Explosive Kamikazi Build :)
  12. lNeBl

    Trac-5s is superior to everything for the simple fact that it has a grenade launcher.

    Shooting at a player, and someone flanks you? Normally you'd just die. But thanks to the nifty Trac-5s, you can just turn and one-shot that gun in half a second.

    The rest of the differences between guns is marginal at best. The grenade launcher is the only truly amazing upgrade you can get.

    It is buggy, but I assume that will be fixed one of these days.
  13. Wolfwood82

    The grenade launcher is invaluable. It has a bug right now where you pretty much have to score a direct hit to trigger the splash damage, but it is easily capable of taking out clusters of 2-3 infantry with one shot.

    The Lynx is a favored secondary weapon of mine and will become my permanent close quarters weapon over the shotgun when I cert up the advanced laser. It's a very good weapon to use.

    Can't comment on the Jaguare but I see little use for it just from it's stats and attachments.
  14. gunshooter

    Yeah it's pretty useless aside from being just straight superior to the Lynx.
  15. TheRooskie

    I place my vote for the Jaguar. It has a very manageable recoil, you can see videos on youtube comparing fire rate and recoil of all three of these weapons. The gun basically jumps straight up without any drifting to the left or right. Extremely effective at close ranges and the recoil makes it a contender at medium ranges over the Lynx and the TRAC S.

    The only downside is the attachments, or lack of. Many players don't want to sacrifice their grenade launchers. Once you play around with the Jag for a little bit, you will not be returning to either of the weapons. Statistically the Jag isn't a better weapon, but in practice it is the best in class. I rock a 3.0 k/d the majority of the time and the Jag is the only weapon I use. Put a red dot sight on it and you're golden.
  16. Parity

    I prefer and favour the Lynx over the TRAC5 or the Jaguar. It has similarities across the board but boasts a tiny bit faster firing rate than the other two, hence has saved me in some tricky situations. I use it with soft point ammo, forward grip, flash suppressor and 1x reflex sights.
  17. MarlboroMan-E

    Slightly off topic, but I took the suppressor off my AMC and drastically increased the effectiveness at range. I'd be very careful about that particular attachment.
  18. blzbug

    I have given up completely on the Trac5-S. D1cking around with the underbarrel stuff just isn't worth the trouble. Reloads are a hassle and mostly broken. The shotty is short-range situational. The grenade doesn't do anything. Hitting someone square in the face gets a kill about 1 out of 5 times. The other 4 times...nada. Bugs with changing from UB to bullets. And most damning of all, the zero damage bug on your plain-old lead bullets! I cant count how many times I'm 1 on 1 with someone... I plug away at them getting multiple hit markers. They turn and kill me in 0.73 seconds. My death screen shows them with 1/4 of their shields gone. RAGE!!! I almost chucked my mouse last night.

    After 2 weeks of dealing with the bugs, I gave up and went back to the regular Trac5. WOW! I was able to kill people! And when I died in a 1 on 1, the other guy was heavily damaged also!

    For everyone struggling with the buggy -S weapons... just give up! Life is much better with a non-craptastic-bugged gun.
    If SOE fixed the GL bugs, I would go back to Trac5-S in a heartbeat. Instead, I'll be trialing the Lynx and Jaguar...
  19. RedOak

    I have unlocked and upgraded both of these heavily. I am using the Jaguar almost exclusively now unless I need smoke.

    The trac5-S does not do anything good especially comparing to the default while the jaguar excels at close range in hip and sights. The toss up of having under barrel did not supplement my missing kills with the Jaguar and the utility of the smoke is situational.Also underbarrel attachments will only work a good 50% of the time so be weary.

    The default trac5 feels much better than the S model and the Jaguar takes that level of difference up from the trac5 in my experience. Just make sure to get the 2x laser!
  20. Iridar51

    Yay to the necroposters!

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