I've had it with these MF Fairies on this MF Game!

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Liewec123, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Liewec123

    Anyone else extremely irritated that after 5 years max is still getting oneshot by c4 fairies?!
    even the freaking 150 resource buggies now take 2 bricks to destroy by default!

    But the slow moving CQC (read: c4 bait.) 450 investment,
    at 2.5x the price of the buggy is still getting instagibbed?! GRRR!

    No other vehicle has a mandatory thing which they NEED to run in the slot to not get instagibbed by c4 fairies,
    (not including flash which always dies to 1 brick regardless)

    they all survive a brick by default:
    • the 150 resource Harasser takes 2 by default.
    • the 200 resource Ant takes 3 by default.
    • the 350 resource Lightning takes 2 by default.
    • the 450 resource MBT takes 2 by default.
    They have a slot and they can CHOOSE what they want, they have a choice.
    Max has no choice, run flak or you're dead.

    I really was hoping that for the "CAI" DBG would finally do what needs to be done,
    and roll flak armour into the base max so the suit slot choices would be between
    small arms resistance or auto repair.
  2. Jac70

    Not being able to go anywhere near a door as a MAX is a major PITA - peek, throw, unpeek, boom, dead!!! It's incandescently annoying but C4 is just an irritant in many aspects of the game.

    C4, the answer to all questions.
  3. Campagne

    As annoying as that is, it's rather necessary in my opinion.

    Sure in the right scenarios it's easy to kill a MAX alone with only small arms fire. But in CQC environments, MAX crashes, overpops, etc., they can almost be unkillable if they're careful. All the while MAXes for the most part can only hold down both mouse buttons and still kill everyone else.

    Stupid, but that's the way it is.
  4. Liewec123

    there are plenty of ways of killing a max.
    a single AT mine thrown through the doorway,
    2 rockets from heavies or an AV nade and a rocket,
    3 shots from an archer,
    hell everyone can equip crossbow and explosive bolts, 6 shots and a max is dead.

    i'm fine with all of these, but dying to a single c4 is utterly ridiculous and needs to go,
    because currently there is no suit slot choice, slot Ordinance or die instantly.
  5. Campagne


    AT mines require an engineer and a corner to hide behind.

    Two rockets for one HA takes way too long to kill, two rockets from two HAs requires two HA to work together, (and both hit) without other enemies attacking them. Best thing after C4 though.

    Three headshots with the Archer, four bodyshots is it? Can't remember. Also not super effective CQC weaponry against anything else.

    Six shots from a crossbow is actually quite a long time, super dangerous for non-MAX character.

    Like I said, stupid but that's just how it is. I'm not saying MAXes are nigh unkillable or anything, but people don't call them "skillsuits" for nothing. Sometimes it's gotta be in one shot or it's just not going to happen.

    Also flak armour.
  6. Oleker2

    If the case is a single max I can second you... But in a big fight with multiple maxes going around with scatter, mercys or blueshifts things get hairy really quick. Specially with pocket engis cashing the certs around you.

    As a main LA / Dedicated C4, I kill maxes most frequently around corners and doorways. Some of them are stupid enough to chase me after I jetpack away. But in the same way that you find frustrating being killed by 1 flying brick, it's also very frustrating from a infantry side to be instagibbed by a max camping any room.

    It's not the nanite cost investment, it's the fact that maxes are inside rooms and capture points being able to shoot all directions. You can squeeze a renegade flash in a room, yes. But your maneuverability there is quite gimped.
    On harasers I second your complain. Harrasers should be fast glass cannons and need only 1 brick as before, instead of the fast tank they are now.

    And to be honest on infantry side is mostly run nanoweave or die as well. With very situational exceptions.:(
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  7. Moz

    Flak takes it to 2 bricks right?
  8. TerminalT6

    You don't even need to be a c4 fairy to waste MAXes. I main medic right now and I always have c4 on my belt (medkits are for wimps). You trade in the jetpack for the element of surprise, MAXes almost always chase medics. It's kind of sad to just dump on a new player's shiny new mech suit. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it took 1 c4 and a couple bullets to down a stock MAX.

    Even when a MAX has a vigilant support team, they're vulnerable to any moderately crafty c4 d00d. So, from someone who currently mains medium assault and takes great joy in nuking MAxes, I'm okay with a little explosive resistance buff.
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  9. Liewec123

    yes, but currently it makes flak mandatory, they give you a slot and if you don't run flak you're dead within 30 seconds.
    the slot is currently pointless.
    even the damn 150 resource buggies take 2 c4 to destroy, libs take freaking FOUR!

    i would rather they just increase c4 resitance so flak is still great for fighting tanks,
    and you can CHOOSE if you want flak, KA or NAR.
    currently there is no choice, run flak or die, with c4 being the only reason for that.
  10. Moz

    Sounds pretty logical, never a fan of having no choices in a slot..... like you say, why bother having the choices!?

    It would be nice if half of the current MAX Ordnance Armor was made baseline for all MAX-es (and the suit slot itself reduced to 50% or perhaps 60% of its current bonus). It would actually make me consider a suit slot instead of just nobrainering the MAX Ordnance Armor, although I rarely play MAX.
  12. Icehole1999

    I'm all backwards and run kinetic on an AV MAX.
  13. Lee Weldon

    But I can only afford 1 brick. 500 certs is a bit steep for me. That and I have to purchase it twice because I want to play both medic and light assault. I must be the only one who thinks they should simply remove the max suit from the game. Does anyone actually have fun playing a max suit, like honestly, you move like so slow, when I load into a battle, I want to be there now, and if its a standoffish battle, i'll still rampage in just to see who I can take down with me in what is often a 1v3 fight but never the less is the most fun way to play the game. But when there is a max and you're on a medic and you physically want to just run into the room, you often just end up becoming another piece of standoff infantry fodder for the max.

    I think the biggest issue with the max suit is that they are really really hard to kill on new accounts, people are too often comparing full build loadouts, like oh but an archer (1000 cert) weapon can kill it but oh also anti vehicle grenades that you don't have access to on medic or infil. I don't enjoy heavy and try to stay away from it at all times possible and the rocklet rifle was a godsend truly. Like I know same could be said about full build other things, tend to have an advantage over a fresh account but really in the case of a max you're almost invulnerable to small arms fire and the moment you pull out your rocket launcher you get insta gibbed by infantry. That and this is at near BR 50, I don't have any of these options am I regarded new even?
  14. Memmio

    100% Agree. With charge ability removed, anti-explosive armor is the only choice. Everybody knows it. And knowing it they just kill you with small arms...

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