[Suggestion] I've compiled a list of "New" Implants with an interesting twist

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UZI4YOU, Apr 29, 2024.

  1. UZI4YOU

    Hey all, first time making a post here but I've been a ps2 enjoyer for some time now. Here I've made a list of "new" implants. It's in quotes because these implants are actually black market versions of the implants we have currently. I call these the MK1 variants because they were the first versions, tossed out or replaced for the current ones we have now. These will follow the same lore as other black market weapons, you will need A7 or a mix of A7+ISO to unlock them. These are not meant to be BiS, just something new and fun to use as well as give life to the A7 currency for us long time ps2 gamers. Let me know what you all think, this HAS gone through multiple revisions and I honestly think these would be lots of fun. If you have questions please ask!

  2. AuricStarSand

    I've added this list to my roadmap list. Haven't read yet. However today saw that Karma implant requires 20 revives? what am I desmond doss?

    maybe that either turns to 10 resses or a alternative version where 20 resses scores you 2 free revives, instead of just one.

    Personally I'd like a Implant of " Every 3 knife kills gains you 40% jump height & 20% run speed for 60 seconds " and the jump height stacks with catlike, so you may jump over people even better.

    A whole line of implants that activate from killstreaks. Yet ye suggest 3 total implant slots.
  3. UZI4YOU

    Well these implants in the list I made are just special variations of the ones we have now. I hope more people give feedback, I truly think these would be a very fun addition to the game as well as increase it's longevity.