It's time to nerf coyotes

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  1. Mythologicus

    Actually this being PS2, they probably have to barrel-roll, bail out of their ESF and then score the killing blow on the enemy with an explosive crossbow bolt and then get back in their ESF.
  2. Ulas

  3. Ulas

    Why don't we make smart riffles a thing ^^ Also new generation tanks have locking canons I want that too^^
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  4. Czarinov

    Every OP weapon can be overcome with great skill...

    Now let's say two evenly skilled players would to dogfight, one with coyotes or tomcats. Do you know what would happen? The one using the locks would win everytime, 100% instead of 50%. Give coyotes to less skilled oponent, but not a total noob, he still would have an edge. This is why lock ons are OP.

    to be competitive? More like to cheat his way outta his death...

    We should mate. Let's do this... Maybe then the smart people of Forumside will get the point, why a no-effort weapon is a bad game mechanic.

    Why should lower skill players have a weapon to close a skill gap? Whole point of the skill is to work for it. That's some crazy logic you got there.
  5. Gemenai

    Coyotes were already nerfed in the past. The fear was, that they would become the new lolpods.
    Too wide explosion radius, too much splash damage. If i remember correctly, they even nerfed the auto lock-on range.
    So if you are fighting someone with coyotes, it would be wise to just take some distance and evade those missiles by side strafing.
    Shouldn't be a big problem, if skyknights are as godlike as they claim to be. Neither shooting down the enemy while doing so.

    If you want to fight under certain rules, then take some friends and visit the test server. It is so empty most of the time, nobody would bother you.
    But stop trying to force those rules on others, just because of some ******** skyknight egos.
  6. Ronin Oni

    Striker needs to be exempt from that.

    Or they need to change Stealth to only halve the lock range (which would still be a strong soft counter to Coyotes, like they are against Lock-Ons, while primary purpose being no radar signature) and then BUFF Striker velocity (healthily) so that it's reasonable to hit close aircraft with the halved range, and then they'd be even more effective (read; actually effective) at non-stealthed more distant targets (out to G2A range roughly)
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  7. Kirppu1

    Due to your inability to actually elaborate:
  8. Pat22

    You mean the guy equipped with Air-to-Air weapons will win an Air-to-Air engagement? YOU DON'T SAY?! Working as intended.

    Could you possibly make yourself sound more entitled?

    These things already exist in the game, they're called shotgun, MAXes, grenades, HE weaponry, lolpods. The concept of counters seems to escape your grasp.

    Because no one enjoys having no chance at winning. Besides, as NattyIce was so eager to point out, his skill DID overcome the coyotes.

    TL;DR Pilot using Air-to-Air weaponry has a better chance at winning an Air-to-Air fight and skyknights be whining about it.

    This basically equates to an HE tanker complaining that AP tankers have an advantage over him. Or an infantry player complaining because he keeps getting in close quarters and people using shotguns have an advantage over him. Or people who clump up in groups and then complain that explosives have an advantage over them.
    But the true comparison would be an infantry player running around with his pistol complaining that everyone with a primary weapon has an advantage over him.
  9. TheDarSin

  10. Ulas

    Problem with a2a weapons is that normally they should have longer reload. If u want measures and counter measures style thing k. But we lack counter measures. Don't u think I can literally send 3 rockets in the time to reload a ******* flare... given we don't even have Jammers in this game.
  11. libbmaster

    Could we get a sky-samurai in here to testify about the number of times they've see coyotes in the past month?

    I bought them on a whim with leftover smedbux two weeks ago, and was fantastically disappointed with how useless they felt.

    Although that could be attributed to the fact that I have no idea how to fly, and was under the impression that they would make me an unstoppable killing machine.