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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zaros, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Zaros

    For those players who would like to pull a Colossus or even a Bastion, it's possible. But it just takes some time to pull in the resources since you'll be competing against other Outfits with high pop. Hopefully this encourages more players to do their own thing, than simply relying on others.[IMG][IMG]
  2. Liewec123

    its only possible now if you're farming kills like crazy.
    at first all outfits got resources if they contributed towards a base cap, even solo outfits.

    but then Wrel "Wrelled"...
    and now you can only get resources with a kills-only score of over 3000.
    no support xp counts (repair, revive, respawn, heal) etc
    so don't help your allies, just camp that spawn room and try to get 30 kills in several minutes...

    it is borderline impossible for a solo outfit to get resources now by playing the game the way it is supposed to be played.
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  3. OldSchoolD

    It's relatively easy and not grindy at all to get resources even in 1-man outfits. As I've seen, you get green resources when you have over 1000 score capturing a base, that's only 3-6 kills depending on the XP modifier.

    Granted, you seldomly get to be the owner of the base and get resources per minute, but those 5-25 resources per capture add up, as you trade them in expeditions they become blue and purple, which in time makes for a few nice toys you wouldn't otherwise have any access to in a zergfit.

    Plus you get to play your own way and have a better kpm and k/d not following the zergfit's oftentimes obtuse orders (usually overstaying a lost battle).

    This need to make 1-man outfits is an unintended consequence of bad design. Merit could had been used to allocate war assets to those individual players who work for them, rather than give them to a selected few outfit leaders and their sycophants who don't have to do anything in the game to earn them.
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  4. NotziMad

    I've got a bastion on most of my accounts (all of them solo) but I don't use it because if you pull it solo, you're a sitting duck.

    I mean, it's kind of fun, for 1 hour, you're high up in the sky, and you'e got this big gun that destroys any land vehicle or construction base, and there's nothing they can do about it, and if you're an attention *****, it feels great because everyone on the entire continent sees you and is talking about (good and bad lol) you, so it feels kinda cool for a time, but it's difficult to aim because you have to tell where to shoot by clicking the map and (imo) it gets boring pretty fast. Once I did it once, I didn't really want to do it again.

    Yeah, it is fun, but kind of pointless.

    Now it's harder to get, and I admit, most of the ressources I obtain are either from fighting on 2nd or 3rd continents or from fighting late at night or early in the morning. In all cases with low population. (in those times it's actually super easy).
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  5. Liewec123

    hmm, if thats the case then something is borked!

    The Destroyer of Planetside himself said in the patch notes
    "Outfits now require a minimum participation score of 3000 before receiving base capture resource rewards."

    and there don't seem to be any patch notes since to lower it, so enjoy it while you can i guess! XD
  6. NotziMad

    You're right, but I was thinking you were talking about not receiving ANY AT ALL, whatever the score, that happens to me all the time.

    Also, how easy it is to grind the bastion depends mostly on whether you're spending resources.

    I mean if you're nuking sundies at eveyr fight with 2 OS, and using ANVILs any time you need to (not just convenience), that's a lot of resource right there.

    So if you're not actually spending any, then fataly, you'll end up getting what you need eventually, if only from the expeditions.
  7. OldSchoolD

    Yes, but I assume that applies to resources per minute award and not the one time 5-25 green one time award? I have been getting those on scores of >1000, usually co-occurs with Merit. Then again, this is probably borked as you say, as it doesn't even work every time it should.
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  8. Liewec123

    gah i hate it when that happens, i've had it quite a lot too, top 5 on the base cap leaderboard, don't even get merit XD

    if i ever did get the resources to pull something, it'd probably be a colossus,
    a solo bastion just seems like free certs, noone in the AA turrets, no swarm of free ESFs.
    but a colossus atleast is a meatier MBT, and random planetmans can get in your gun turrets

    nah, the next line is "Outfits who capture the base now receive their first tick of resources over time immediately."
    refering to the resources overtime, so i think you should enjoy it, before Wrel notices and makes it 3x harder for you XD

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