Its insane the damage vs damage with TR

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Forkyar24, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. Forkyar24

    looking for higby department people to look at this
  2. Blarg20011

    I have literally no idea what youre talking about.
  3. Corporate Thug

    That requires effort and decency. This thread is particularly hard to not troll. The TR have tons of bullets and are very forgiving with their high rates of fire. Their default weapons are great and serve well in CQC to medium range, which is all that matters :)
  4. Hatesphere

    its funny because some of the best preforming weapons are high fire rate low damage. the on average higher fire rate of TR weapons coupled with their mag size makes them pretty lethal in the hands of someone who can aim. damn the T9-carv is just a beast, and its got low damage high fire rate HUGE mag.
  5. Blarg20011

    Because a thread that goes something like:

    The TR, while excelling at close range, lack the mid and long range capabilities needed to compete with other empires on an even playing field for x, y, and z reasons

    is a perfectly viable thread, however,

    TR weapons no go boom hard as NC for x, y, and z (incorrect) reasons

    is not.
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  6. JesusVoxel

    Say what you like, but as a TR player, pumping half a magazine into NC from a distance without getting a kill is ******* annoying, while that NC can just pop out of cover and headshot you with a couple accurate high damage hits.

    NC MIGHT HAVE BEEN a "hardmode" for people who have never played shooters, so they came here crying with their friends and now NC infantry weapons are pretty much godmode^10 in hands of any decent FPS player.

    With TR weapons, as a new player you can get some hits or even lucky kills in point-blank range against unsuspecting NC for sure because of the spray and pray style stuff. But in the hands of decent FPS player, most of TR infantry weapons are just utter crap.
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  7. Giggily

    im dieing squirtle
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  8. Akeita

    This noobs miss a lot of stuff ( We should explain why are we laughing at him right ? Even if he's not serious... ) :
    - Aiming
    - Rate of Fire
    - Magazine size
    - Recoil
    - Reload Speed
    - Hip - Fire
  9. HerpTheDerp

    Except "standard" RoF for a 143 base dmg weapon is 698.

    DMG * RoF table:
    143 * 698 = 99814
    167 * 600 = 100200
    200 * 500 = 100000

    Most TR weapons have 750RPM, which puts them ahead of other factions in terms of DPS.

    What OP is missing is that TR weapons have highest horizontal recoil in the game to compensate for this. They also might have the highest recoil(Yep) but I'm too lazy to check this.
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  10. Rogueghost

    I don't understand.
    I really don't, I understand that the purpose of the thread is "TR up please buff" but I don't understand how posting minimum damage values proves this.
  11. Gnomemercy

    I'm all for taking the high RoF NC guns away, just let us be the only faction with shotguns then....oh wait the whine would be unbearable.
  12. JesusVoxel

    Just give every faction one weapon variant with other factions trait. So all you NC can use TR superior POS weapons :rolleyes:. I would rather use any NC carbine over TR ones.
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  13. Lamat

    Hell of a drug... not even once.
  14. Flukeman62

    It's almost like our faction trait is low damage per-bullet...

    oh wait! That's because it is...
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  15. Villanuk

    Look at what?

    You have posted that the TR have the most deadly weapons, but only posted that NC have the best damage per gun, unless your trolling in which have a prize, for the first Troll of the Day.

  16. lilleAllan

    im sick of nc delling 1 millon damage pr bulet (droping off to 100)

    since a infantrymans only hav 1400 helth, nc is way op.
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  17. xArchAngelx

    GOD SAW!!!
  18. Astealoth

    Don't get we wrong, I love playing the Gauss SAW to death for it's insane damage per shot. In medium range it's a pile driver. But I think the biggest factor in who wins a shootout is skill, no matter the range. I am absolutely certain that every single person who's ever made the OP's post would have the same KDR if SOE decided to make every gun in the game have identical stats. I play 98% TR and for the last several hundred hours of gameplay I've used nothing but NS-11 P & C, NS-7, and NS15M. I like how they sound, literally no other reason. I do equally well (aka mediocre) no matter what gun I use. Stop using faction traits as an excuse and accept you aren't immortal in a game with 6000 people on a server.
  19. LordMondando

    Oh joy of joys, another one of these 'THIS ONE STAT IS DIFFERENT, IT ARE UNBALANCE' threads.
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  20. LordMondando

    Also what the **** is with this perisenting god saw crap.

    Take it, its a piece of ****, almost every LMG the NC have is better in some way.

    Can people please learn to expand their analysis beyond damage values.
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