Its getting REALLY hard to love your game SOE!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SharpeShooter, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. SharpeShooter

    The game at the moment is running like a pile of steaming dog faeces! The game crashed 3 times today on me already when I was flying! Resulting in me crashing into the ground and tanking deaths! The hitching has also got to the point where its happening every 5-10 mins! Which has also resulted in my death MANY TIMES today! Its so bloody frustrating to play this game and to lose an easy 1v1 due to the game freezing for a second. I am really loosing any love for this game I once had!

    This crashing bug has been in the game for AGES and the hitching bug which just makes me so angry I cant start to describe how much its starting to piss me off!
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  2. minhalexus

    Crashing or not, its still a great game.

    I honestly do not mind crashing once every hour as long as I'm not in a vehicle/max.
    I request a resource refund if i lose something because i crashed.
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  3. Deschain

    9/10 times its always in a vehicle you just spawned lol. name one time you crashed just chilling out in a base or wg for a few minutes.
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  4. SharpeShooter

    no its not a great game when there are massive ping problems, hitching, crashing, FPS problems etc. It gets to a point where all these "paper cuts" end up making you hate the game! SOE need to sort their **** out and fix the game! These problems have been an issue for months! They should have sorted them out!
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  5. MasonSTL

    My game runs smooth as butter, maybe they should update their minimum requirements.
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  6. SharpeShooter

    I have a PC more than capable of running this game at max graphics with smooth FPS! If you're not getting constant crashes and hitching then count yourself lucky!

    I5 4670K OC to 4.8

    GTX 680 Top edition

    Intel 730K Jackson Ridge SSD

    All water cooled
  7. Vearo

    Have you tried deleting your useroptions.ini file and resetting your settings? Sometimes some custom settings are not longer valid and mess with the game in weird ways.

    My rig is playing as smooth as before.
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  8. PlatoonLeaderG

    Crashing every 20 min,i have been complaining for 1 month and its then i hope 64 client would fix its worse.
  9. libbmaster

    yeah, sweeping your settings every month or more is a very good idea.
  10. Ravenorth

    My game also runs very smooth, no hitching or anything only random crashing, but after the latest update I have crashed only a single time, which is great.

    Since I hardly got any performance problems I think the devs are doing pretty good job.
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  11. Smagjus

    I wonder how many FPS the guys who claim to have no performance problems actually have. To see some actual benches would be pretty nice.
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  12. Phyr

    Stockholm Syndrome.
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  13. Hicksimus

    Are you forcing any settings on PS2 using the Nvidia control panel? I was forcing 16xAF which worked fine for a very long time but started causing lots of weird issues more recently....particularly hitching, I couldn't tell if 16xAF was doing anything anyway so it was too easy for me to switch it off and play as normal again.
  14. maxkeiser

    The freezing is still there, unfortunately. But I still love the game just as I have from the very first time I loaded it up in Beta.
  15. GantryPengy380

    The only problem I have is lag in large fights, and I'm forced to shut down my computer at times that don't make any sense whatsoever. Other than that, my game runs very smoothly.
  16. KnightCole

    Exactly. I play a game for it's content and gameplay. When its crashing, laggy...blah, its not a great game.
  17. Paragon Exile

    60 at rest at max everything, 30 in the largest battles. Most good fights are thankfully above 44 FPS, the cutoff for eye strain.
  18. Smagjus

    Yeah, I get a similar performance. But I asked for someone who isn't affected by the performance problems. I have never seen "good" numbers yet.
  19. Jerox

    If I knew how to benchmark my system's performance during a play session of PS2 (small and big fights obviously), I would happily do so, but I don't so I can't give you any solid numbers.

    Wait, if I recall correctly Fraps used to have a feature that you could use to benchmark whilst gaming.
    Haven't used Fraps for a long time so I might be wrong, but I'll look into it anyway because I'm also curious.

    Usually when I look at the FPS counter I get about 50-60 fps at small fights and it usually drops down to somewhere between 35-45 fps at big fights (especially Bio Domes tend to chew up my fps).
    My specs:
    i5 4670K at stock speed.
    8GB Corsair Vengeance memory.
    OCZ Agility 3 ssd.
    EVGA gtx 670ftw.
  20. Smagjus

    It seems like I have to define "good performance" then. Since the input gets delayed and/or ignored under 50 FPS a framerate lower than that shouldn't be considered good.

    Fraps indeed has a benchmarking function. It is fairly easy to use. Set up the button, press the button while being ingame, press it when you think you benched enough and finally look up the files Fraps has created. For the start the min, max and average would be sufficient.