It's been a year since the new construction system was introduced.

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  1. DobryiPupok

    It's been a year since the new constructions system was introduced.
    It's interesting to hear the opinions of those who were base builders. What assessment can you give?
    It seemed to me that on the first page of gameplay discussions there are almost no topics about constructions.

    My opinion. They just killed it.
    At the moment I see the point of using constructions only for the following purposes -
    1) Routing Spire
    2) Cheap vehicles
    3) OS (for fans).

    There is no point in using construction as real fortifications. The name "Fortification" is just a joke and profanation.
  2. DoubleTap1557

    Construction assets have no real use in winning the game like they used to when bases could generate points. That was fun, added an element of creativity to winning the game.
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  3. Scratchy

    My thoughts that they changed the way building is going is cause in the old good building times you could do multiple chars and build a mega base and it was covered with shields, this new version aint even good to build in. I regret getting all the old buildings and would love to see the old ways back. If you build in a neutral place this days you cant spawn back to your base, you have to drive there or fly and even walk if youre up for it
  4. AuricStarSand

    Even if you built with 4 alts & had 5 AV turrets; the old system died way sooner.
    The walls died faster. The auto turrets weren't as amazing as people suggest, they died fast.
    & less people would even spawn at your silo, almost no one would.

    Now adays; the turrets survive longer; people man the turrets 100% more likely, allies show up at your silo 100% more likely, the walls survive x2 better, and we got way more walls too. So yes it's fortified. You also got spawn building shields. A extra spawn. & so on.

    The only issue now just that the " skyshield module " needs to equip to the silo itself & not be something for the rebirth center. For the many small, bumpy, or narrow locations where rebirth center won't greenlight.
    How do you have a skyshield on hills? You don't. Pls fix.

    The old module system might have been easier to establish tho; yet this module system has some style to it. So whatever.
    Cortium harvest speed increased.
    Silo building use to be worst.
    Use to have no allies help you.

    I'd rather have allies x10 times more likely to show up to defend my silo, than some auto av turrets that die within 20 seconds before they score a kill. Which is the situation now. More allies always possible.

    Theirs even modules to help your turrets survive for 60 seconds at a time. Even if I'd rather have heavy repair last for 90 seconds. Still; least theirs a solution for turrets to survive. How did the old system make turrets survive? they don't.

    You got 4 walls, 2 gateshields, then tall walls, then skinny tall walls, then more buildings. Throw all that in front of a ravine; with pub squad ready to show or be steele rained to help defend; ye that's fortified.

    If your base isn't surviving, try organizing your vehi term to safely throw out Lightning tanks at your enemies. While one friend mans a heavy repair modded turret. Also you can rebuild turrets safely inside the Fortress shield mod.

    I've seen the fortress shield mod alone, help survive 20 tanks, for 6 minutes straight. At Crown to Crossroads road. Just replacing the fortress shield. Also seen rebirthing center survive for 30 minutes, when it was hidden in the Esamir Saerro mountains.

    Tho yes I wish their was more to utilize for range effects. Meaning more " spires ". Why I asked for a Jumpad spire. That you can deploy with the router spire too. Both at the same time. Jumppad has scorpion gun settings; you set the angle of where and how high for your troops to jump on the jumppad you deploy. Theirs a spire for it. Done. Then they spawn at a router pad on the roof & instantly see a jumppad too; then they jump 1 mile out in any direction the builder set it as. Similar to Corsair boats launching squad mates trebuchet style. Now theirs a deployable jumppad for that.
  5. AuricStarSand

    Tree sentry stand item, ramp, infantry tunnel, bridge, & anything without a module slot.

    Needs to have auto repair.
    No not a extra module slot, have enough modules to place, just default auto regen to these items.
    Without a module; regen.

    Tree stair item for snipers nest; needs durability by default too. That item gets sniped by tanks.
  6. DobryiPupok

    I meant a comparison with the 2018 version of the constructions, when the walls and silo were indestructible. :)

    About increasing the spawn of allies. This is definitely good. But this could have been done on the old version of constructions. It's just a matter of algorithms

    Here's another thing. I have witnessed this situation many times.


    For example, Amerish, there are battles at “Xelas North Gate” with 48-96 players on both sides (approximately 50% to 50%). After we lose "Xelas North Gate", the next point is "Solus Nature Annex" with a Rebirthing center, vehicle pad, and some stuff. But, most of the players from "Xelas North Gate" do not even show up there. I guess they don't even want to waste time trying to protect this cortium crap? So, this base gets destroyed super quickly.
  7. chamks

    its from my new thread about the subject:
    no matter how well you build it, protective, comfortable and time spent on it, any infiltrator in a lighting will kill any stracture from 200m away. no matter if you putted repair modul or no or even durability. walls getting decimated by two tanks, infiltrator able to put cortium bombs in structures that ruin the base in two easy to plant bombs, terminal being able to be hacked so that infiltrators can pull vehicles to ruin the base. the structures themselves are hard or not possible to plant in desired way due to terrain and mechanics limitations. building it is more chore and time consuming than ever with this new mouduls chore traveling. its the most fragile and vonerable thing for its role (maybe except for maxes). and this whole thing is a mess and a joke. it clearly been dumped on by design.
    please do something about it! do it! remove or change any counters that makes it to be justified, like the artilery section.

    - remove or heavily change artilery so that changes will be justified and balanced.
    - work on the building mechanics of the construction so that building will be better.
    - bring back immune to damage for construction when under some moduls, and at least make much tougher, like 3x tougher with 2x regen. and bring back regeneration for stractures that have no repair moduls like spawn tube, recon radar and tree stand.
    - make it easy to place muduls and monitor them under a designed tab window, maybe in the silo or in the vehicle
    control window. to straight out replace them in need.
    thank you!
  8. AuricStarSand

    2 tanks don't do much to a wall with durability. & 2 tanks don't no life durability walls that often.

    Enemies who cort your base have to park a sunderer nearby. Less they hack your term, tho they still have no spawn after you kill them once. So really only works for bases undefended. Their mostly gonna hack your OS; and you can just put a decoration item spotting lights to see them.

    I have had 2 Vet LA double team me and cort bomb my silo before, tho that only happened once.
    So yes cort bombs are possible to be op if your outnumbered slightly verse a few vets.
    Yet that barely happens & the vets still have to have a hidden sunderer nearby.

    Should the game give you more than 1 spotting light decoration item? yes 0/2. not 0/1.

    Hacking Silo vehicle terms should take 3 times longer than hacking regular base terms.
    You do have a motion sensor item, idk if its good enough against infils, least its something.

    Building is not more time consuming than ever, you've obviously never been cortium bonbed by the old cortium bomb.
    While having weaker walls verse tanks. & turrets that have no shot at surviving back then.

    Yes non moduled structures need auto regen.

    Yes you should be able to hold 2 modules at a time.
    One wall shouldn't need 2 runs to equip the wall with modules.
    I mean a enemy Infil can strip 10 with one run lane pass,
    Why can I only equip them one at a time?

    Tho I don't think the walls and such are as weak as you say.
    Nor do I believe immortal walls is the answer.
    Gateshields do die from 1 no life prowler hitting them.
    Yet that's because they only hold 1 module.
    The 2 module walls can take some hits and survive for awhile.
    & if they don't you just fortress shield module & rebuild them in the bubble.

    & yes it's possible for some outskirt bases to be ignored.
    As for Xelus north gate to Solus; Solus has people defend it half the time.
    You just had the time where the platoon left Xelas North after the Xelas north fight.
    & Went somewhere else.

    Solution? Well either wait for the one time where they go from Xelas Bio Lab to the other top right bio lab path. So your allies will defend Solus on the way to Silver Valley & half the time they do venture to Silver Valley base.

    Or you simply build a pub platoon yourself with 3 squads of spam inviting people for 30 min prior to bulding a base. Then put your platoon waypoint at Solus. & you have 4/4 Steele Rains saved from your outfit page with members, or from your solo outfit.
    So you can steele rain one of your pub squads to you if needed.

    Do I think Silos should give you one free steele raine that brings your pub squad to your silo? A button silo item; your only allowed to use once per 20 minutes or so? Yes.

    I mean you gotta build where the platoon farms at; if their not farming one lane, yet switching lanes constantly / if their at Ascent still, then it's not a good time to build at Solus. Less they have a history of farming Silver Valley.
  9. DobryiPupok

    I understand that there are builders who love the new construction system. There are also builders who hate new constructions and want to return to the old system.

    The ratio of both after a year is interesting. Although my opinion has not changed even after a year.

    I wanted to add something.
    Regarding the increase in the speed of cortium mining and the volume of deposits. The point is that it doesn't make sense. If the value of the constructions themselves was devolved to almost zero, then the value of the cortium also falls.

    I remember the times when bases were cool and had much more value, and in those days it was very common to compete for cortium, including with enemies. And that was interesting too. And it’s better if there is less cortium and mining is slower, but for that the bases will be cool and valuable and will make sense.
    I remember when the bases were under siege and we had to bring cortium under enemy fire. And sometimes it was successful only after several attempts, when the ANT full of cortium died. That was cool too.
    And now it has become boring.
    Now there is a lot of cortium everywhere and it has almost no value.

    After the devolution of constructions, I personally was not very interested in defending it. Instead of fighting, you have to constantly run around and try to repair.

    I believe that the new system cannot be fixed. This is a step in the wrong direction. I understand what they wanted to achieve, they wanted to force players to act in a certain way. But it doesn't work that way.
    For me it failed. There was not even hope for this. And if they had simply objectively studied the reality of the game and found out the opinion of avid builders, they would not have done this.
  10. Tharovinn

    You want an opinion? Alright ;)

    Tharovin's Pre-Fortification Construction Forts.
    This is a collection of all 7 of my construction forts I considered complete. They were pre-planned so that I could make them at locations like Tapp Waystation, Berjess Overlook, and other flat locations to explore their defensability. If they were good enough I might have made tutorials on how to build them.

    I've named them after types of stone due to ancient buildings using various forms of stone and rock that still stand to this day, so better than others but even in ruin they stay around for many, many years. I like to think of the forts as lone rocks on the ground. They are going to stubbornly stay in their place until you give them a good kick.

    There is still some pain points that are still present from before the Fortification patch that have carried over, and I still see:

    • The community at large has little faith in defending construction outposts, even for some critically important bases like Tapp Waystation for the southwest Warpgate or Viridian Beachhead on Oshur for the southeast Flotilla. It could simply be due to lack of spawns, overpop making the base a lost cause, but its usually because too many players that don't communicate with each other are trying to place, and control what they want out of the base. Someone might just want to place vehicle pads and air terminals without a care for the outposts defense which would conflict someones that has the intention of wanting to stay and really think and care about the placement of things which, if its not their own placement, can't remove.

    I've had some success building bases offset from the control point at construction outposts so that, once it starts being captured, players look at the map screen can see that its under attack, and their is spawns available where as is usually the case, bases that are built around the capture point usually get their defenses/walls destroyed first, and then the spawns. Its completely opposite of what you'd want.

    • Independent construction bases are even more vulnerable. Cortium silos are taller making them less easier to hide and protect behind constructs, the loss of the shields provided by the structure shield module have made pieces like the rampant wall an nonviable option to put a silo next to cause its windows can't be plugged up anymore, and because of that there is less options to wall it in. Makes me wish there were corner or U-shaped construction pieces, Bigger bases suffer from critical existence failure the more objects that are around them.

    • The deploy location collides with existing objects. Oh yeah? *******, SHOW ME WHICH. HIGHLIGHT THEM FOR ME :mad:

    • Construction objects cannot be tilted at least 10 degrees to accommodate placement on slightly slopped terrain leading to, Too High, Too Low syndrome. I understand something like the infantry tower should be allowed to tilt but for other things? Come on.

    • Lack of tools against vehicles attacking the bases, especially at blind spots (could just be bad base design being exploited), or vehicles very far way. If you are strictly using construction you got, vehicles of your own you could spawn, the Flail which is too slow, and may not even be usable if the tank sitting far away is in a no construction zone, the orbital strike uplink has too little downtime to be practical in this situation, and the AV turret is target practice.

    • Wasted cortium from pulling a construction object from a silo, and returning to it to pull something else because you pulled the wrong thing, you couldn't place it, its too big, whatever the - its not what you wished for.

    • Expecting objects to be placed exactly how I see it, and then they "shift" and I have to deconstructing it AFTER it finishes spawning in, grab another one from the nearby silo, get the rotation right again, stand in the spot I was before and replace it.

    • Construction objects - the infantry tower, and vehicle gate come to mind, have collision boxes that are larger than them when going to place them, and sometimes cannot be replaced in the same spot they once were after being destroy. If you looked at my the gallery of construction forts I linked above, I would have to replace any adjacent construction pieces also next the infantry tower in those bases to so there isn't any holes anyway.

    • Infilrators.

    • Liberators/ESF coming to destroy your ANT, Spawn Tube, and/or Silo, then fly away. The Anti-Air turret that I'd rather shoot flak than bullets has limited effectiveness against these attacks from these, if you even have one built.

    • Sometimes I want to place the defense of a base first before determining where I want to place a Cortium silo but can't due to decay because the constructs are unpowered.

    I've got a leaning negative opinion on the Fortification update because of all of this so far, that have not been addressed plus more points that are specific to the update, and what we experience with todays system. I really like lists

    • Modules slotted into construction objects made mobility around the base much more important making light assault with ambusher jump jets my go-to class for base building, something I wish I didn't feel the need to do. I'd rather be playing my engineer but even with Athlete or Rapid Response

    • There is a learning curve with modules you have to get through. Some are not compatible with certain construction pieces.

    • If you've seen my gallery I linked above. Many of them use the sunderer garage as an entrance. Since the projectile shield module has to be installed in them now to get a two-way shield for them I've stopped using them for purpose of a primary entrance. I do like the new shape up them but trying to place one is unforgiving.

    • The skyshield module is too high and small to be useful to me. I don't know why anyone would install this module.

    • I don't like the upkeep of installing a fortress shield module into a Command Center, or Rebirthing Center just to keep a base alive from swarms of vehicles. I'd rather have something to fight against them, than to turtle up.

    • It takes two cortium bombs to destroy a Cortium silo? Seriously?

    • I can't deconstruct other players **** I don't want there that is in range of ownership of MY silo?!

    • The Glaive was neutered

    • The Tunnel Worm Module is so forgettable there isn't even a page for it on the Planetside 2 Wiki

    As you can see, I got a lot to say about old and new construction. I've got more to say but I've brought up enough...too much maybe, but its all I can do without having the power of change a developer would have because I'm just a player.
  11. Gyallarhorn

    Let us snap walls together and be more lenient with placing walls "too low".Who cares if half the wall is underground or it becomes nothing but a chest high railing?

    Also rework the building slot system. Don't give us 4 long walls and 4 short walls. Give us a certain amount of wall points. Blast Wall = 1 point. Rampart Wall = 2 points. etc.

    Give us a skyshield spire and let us decide (maybe by sinking it lower into the ground) how high it will deploy.
    Make the sky shield damage anyone who jumps through it.

    Give us a spire that prolongs the time it takes to take over the local hex or prevents taking it at all, until it is destroyed. That Item should of course not be too hard to destroy and it should be shown on the map to prevent hiding it away somewhere.

    Add fixed location to the existing bases where we can reinforce it. Give us the option to block off a path with a blast wall that can only be built in this very specific location. Let us add turrets to the base in fixed locations. Let us build a teleporter that connects to a teleporter in the spawn room. Let us build another capture point that favors the defenders that the attackers can either destroy or take over like a normal capture point or make it like the aforementioned cap spire.
    Why in fixed locations? To avoid exploits and... let's call it "creative use of gameplay mechanics". It would give the builders something meaningful to do.

    Edit: One more thing. If we try to deconstruct a piece that was placed by another player, give them a prompt whether to allow it or not. Just like the switch seats prompt.
  12. RiP0k

    What is my opinion on Fortification? I just stopped playing.
    You can watch the discussion about this update. I said everything about him from the very beginning.
    In short:
    -running for 5 minutes every time just to install modules is the peak of the gameplay
    -paper structures, the resistance of which has not been changed
    -it is impossible to install structures with changed placement points
    -outposts have not been converted to accommodate CC and large structures
    -permission to place one person 4 spawn points in one place is bad
    -DEV didn’t give a damn about us builders, making all the conditions for the attackers and nothing for the builder himself

    Let DEV build it themselves if they don't want to fix the current state of this system and I will simply refrain from playing until this system is fixed, even if it never happens.
  13. RiP0k

  14. DobryiPupok

    I also very rarely logged into the game this year after the defortivication update.
    I also noticed that after a year the online presence on Miller dropped significantly. Before the defortivication update, we often had two open continents, one of which was completely open, and the other with unstable warpgates. And now we often have only one open continent with unstable warpgates (not enough players).
    Why this happens is unclear.
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  15. DobryiPupok

    I would also like to add to what was written above. The decline in online activity over the past year shows that the problem was not with things like constructions. And there was no need to nerf the constructions in such an expensive way, it didn’t help to keep online. However, Defortification - was a fairly significant update, the development of which took a lot of money and man-hours. Now it is obvious that it was necessary to direct these energies to other tasks, and leave the builders alone and not spoil their game.
  16. Icedude94

    I like the construction bases.

    I have more fun defending them with my squad than I do defending normal static bases. The key is to not have any cover around the capture point for enemies to hide behind and to have base defense turrets with a clear line of sight to it.

    With teamwork, you can have some people manning defenses, others running modules, and others running security. We can spend the entire duration of an alert defending a construction base, knowing that when the alert is nearly over, the opposing faction is going to try to take it and our faction will bring a lot of reinforcements to help hold it.
  17. OSruinedPS1

    I haven't played for a year, that's my opinion.

    The point of base building should be to provide a strong static defensive position for your team, not a Fortnight wall that you whip out out at a moment's notice to act like some secondary pistol slot weapon, or gimicky shield. Most here fundamentally misunderstand the point of defensive gameplay, it's a totally alien concept to you.
  18. OSruinedPS1

    I guess there were more "Minecraft players" than previously thought, amirite guys, haha, amirite.