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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Disorder, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Disorder

    Noticed some people making mistakes on buying items, including me. How about a built in refund system allowing 33-50% of the item cost?

    Pay 600 for a gun, dont like it. get 200 back and try again.

    What say you?
  2. Freyar

    When it comes to real cash? No.. They need to get their marketplace set up so there's no confusion what so ever. Camo should be separated between weapon, vehicle, suit and those should be separated between one-time and permanent. Filtering should be useful, right now it isn't.
  3. Elbryan

    How about a trial system that allows you to try out the guns before purchase?

    Oh, never mind. It's already in the game.
  4. Regpuppy

    True for guns, but my problem is with camo's and other cosmetic items. The ones that do have previews, at least for vehicles, don't show how it looks on the vehicle. It shows it floating in darkness alone awkwardly. Camo's don't even have a preview worth mentioning. The camo preview involves bugging people with an interesting camo and asking what the name of their's is or spending a lot of station cash buying the one-off camos to see how they are... paying to preview a camo? yuck.
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  5. Vargs

    The trial isn't really great. You can only use the weapon completely uncerted. It's real hard to get a sense of whether some new gun is better than your old one when your old one has your preferred sights whereas the new one just has basic irons. Not to mention other attachments. The worst is those weapons that are garbage but allow you to cert for smoke/frag grenade launchers and underslung shotguns. You can't even try that stuff at all before you buy - if you trial it you just get a crappy gun.

    30 minutes every month doesn't exactly give you enough time to get a sense of a gun anyways, especially if you end up having issues finding a good chunk of combat after using the trial. Even worse is trying out a vehicle weapon and then having your vehicle get destroyed immediately afterwards (bonus points for teamkills or falling through the world). Hope you have more resources and don't mind wasting a huge portion of your limited time on your vehicle's cooldown timer!
  6. Elbryan

    I agree. Need cosmetic item previews.
  7. IshanDeston

    I say:

    Do weapon trail. Try gun/equipment for 30 minutes. Decide if you want to buy it.
    Buy single use camo, try it on the car you want for 50 sc (i don't like this option, as i still have to pay for a preview). Decide if you want to buy it.

    SC lost at most? 50. Bought wrong items? 0
  8. 12987

    there is no refund

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