It is still not enough...

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  1. Goodkat

    Having them light up was not enough...

    was not enough...

    These things should stand up, salute and begin singing:

    "I'm gonna blow up!
    I'm gonna blow up!
    Hi ho the dairy-O,
    I'm gonna blow up!"

    Only then, should they blow up.

    If we are going to be ridiculous, let's go the full mile. ;)
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  2. Lady Majestica

    I imagine that when you hear the audio or see the lights flash, it's already to late to do anything. Kinda like in real life a claymore mine clicks right before it goes off. The click doesn't give you enough time to do anything about it, but you have that microsecond to enjoy your life flashing before your eyes.
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  3. Pikachu

    How often do you avoid mines since they started having that glow on them? For me it's barely any difference. I just run around with something else in mind not looking down at the floor and *boom*. Just like before. Hopefully this change will make a difference.
  4. BigMacDeez

    The click noise is from the manual detonator....
  5. Total_Overkill

    Nothing like added noise and a delay to allow the prey to escape... -_-
  6. LivesInNameOnly

    oh no! i cant get free kills anymore
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  7. Takoita

    I am curious as what the audio exactly would be like. There is quite good potential to go full ****** there.

    Actual functional changes listed seem very promising, IMHO. Now if there could be something done about tank mines/UBGL arc...
  8. Total_Overkill

    "Free" mhmm, yup.
  9. Sordid

    Yeah, that's because this is a shooter. You're keeping your eye on enemies and/or places where enemies are likely to come from, like corners, doorways, etc fifty+ meters ahead. You're not looking at the ground immediately in front of you. Having mines that kill you if you step on them in a shooter is like having a tiny little icon in the corner of the screen in a racing game that sometimes flashes and if you don't press a special button when it flashes, your car explodes. If you pay attention to what you're supposed to be paying attention to, you randomly die. If you pay attention to the thing that randomly kills you, you're not looking where you're going/who's shooting at you and you crash/get shot.
    TLDR: Mines are idiotic and should just be removed altogether.
  10. Zotamedu

    The lights did absolutely no difference at all. They render at a very short distance so if you didn't see the mine by then you would have been screwed anyway. Furthermore, the light do not show up on mines that are under the floor or mines that have not rendered. The lights was a complete waste of time to develop since it did nothing for the game.
  11. Torok

    I want to know if the bouncing betty bounces :(
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  12. Tobax

    The thing is that the smart people using them were putting them to the side of door ways which is why the previous changes made no difference, it can animate and play a sound if it wants but if the trigger radius and delay time is the same then this change will also make no difference.

    Plus if you check the mines were just buffed, both max and min damage radius went up.
  13. OmegaPREDATOR

    Not enought. Waiting GU14 to change the size of mines and the light they do. Something like the size of the bio lab and the capture light (and sound) would be normal, so we may see them 1 or 2 km before !
  14. Spookydodger

  15. Riku

    Ooookay the hell?
    Why don't they just make them look like beacons? Ultimately we will get to that point sooner or later...

    PS: and play some annoying music when you get in 30m distance to it...
  16. KenDelta

    Well you see , some people use VOIP and close the ingame sounds , some people just listen to musik 24/7 and mute the game. Don't worry mines still gonna kill , the glow did nothing for me to be honest.
    I run into a room > random mine on the floor > superMLGPROHAXZOMG reflexes trigger > attempt to avoid > still die cuz no flak armor4.
  17. Ash87

    I'm going to be disappointed if it isn't:

    A.) A friendly voice saying: "Have a nice day"
    B.) The mine beeping out Dixie.
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  18. TheMonkey

    Just want to point out that unless the delay is massive the increased range makes up for the activation time, you can run but you won't survive.
  19. NinjaTurtle

    Pretty much. Also the buff to the radius of the blast will also account for any reactions most people have I suspect
  20. Tradewind

    Prox mines should play the MGS Alert sound before they explode...

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