It is easy to cheat in planetside 2

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  1. Turiel =RL=

    To be honest, if this no-recoil-cheating goes on or gets worse (which is very likely), I don't see much point in playing fair anymore. It really becomes a scenario similar to sports where you have to cheat in order to stay competitive with all those cheaters who give a ****.
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  2. Springjack

    1. ESP detection: I've done that, sat on the corner of a doorway. Most of the time I get away with one kill, which is all I could ever really hope for. I just looked up ESP, something that provides you with a lot of information, not sure how to fix that.

    2: Aimbots: On Youtube, there are tutorials that show you how muscle memory works with computer mice. I personally don't practice my aim (I'm sure I'd be better, but I'd also be on PS2 a lot more), because I enjoy the nuances of this FPS, like driving my sunderer over everything. At some point Aimbots become an elite NPC, and unless the NPC has ESP, would they behave and get killed in a reasonable manner (of time *cough*)?

    3.No/clipping immortality: I have not experienced this (on Connery), have seen a few immortal scythes just hanging out but not recently. As far as lag, I have lag. I don't want to though, but it is beyond me because I live in a mountain valley isolated. Lately I've been getting better connection, but I will willing play in Bad or poor connection.
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  3. Spiritualised

    this ones for you sausage, enjoy :)
  4. Tertiary

    1) So, you're camping a point in the same place that literally everyone else hides and you can't figure out how people know that you're there? Okay... well, everyone hides in that spot and so when breaching a room you prefire (start firing before you have LoS in the direction you know someone will be) at that spot. It's not a cheat, you're losing to someone better than you. You can be cloaked all you want to, you're hiding in a dumb spot... and if you're saying that you're using a glitch in the environment that provides you 100% cover and they're shooting through it anyways... well, heads up... you're the cheater, brah.

    2) If people flip 180 for no reason you can discern... it's probably because they heard your footsteps... or because you spotted them like an idiot... or because you reloaded your weapon and they heard that... you know that your actions in game make noise, right?? If they get a headshot, it may be an aimbot... but, unless it's consistently 100% headshots in scenarios where the individual should be overrun... it's probably just a player who is better than you. I've only encountered 1 (one) definite aimbot within the last three months.

    3) What? This isn't an exploit... this is a bug... it's almost certainly already in the bugtracker, it's been around for a while. Wtf are you talking about?

    All I see in this whole thread is: "I'm so pro, there's no way they could have outgunned me." Well, believe it. o7
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  5. hostilechild

    Experience the Ninja warp and stick to back first hand the other day. Had seen players move through walls or really fast but not this one. (no recoil, no cof at least requires aim and can be a challenging fight still)

    Small fight 1-12 vs 1-12
    Shooting a XXX about 70m out, go to reload and he disappears, instantly get shotgun in the back and die to same XXX
    Same fight can see about 50m in every direction, me and another guy heading to location A, YYY warps in shotguns me in the back, guy behind me was like woh he just appeared on your back then gone.

    So figure well i can go MAX least i won't be getting one shotted in back.
    Pick a nice long room with dead end to stand in and facing entrance 40+m away (they weren't smart or would have came in that way since i was NC max, but figured they still had shotguns)
    Sure enough LA ZZZ appears in room behind me in the corner (no entry) and starts shotgunning, i turn kill
    second later XXX is back shotgun in back, spinning he sticks to my back but thanks to lag i get a double shot of mattocks on him.
    during my reload (just dumped on 2guys warping) ZZZ is back glued to my back, smack charge, c4s me but doh i have flak up, turn kill him, now at a sliver as YYY finally shows up with XXX already back to dump with a shotguns to my back. Sundy over 200m outside base due to shields, no beacon up. **movement cheats should be one of the easiest to detect and kick for in game, almost all games due it** not ps2

    Rest of NC just left the base, think i was last one there but wanted to get some film, thus the MAX so i could live a bit. All 3 were still playing Monday, this happened Friday.
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  6. sjtw_w_stot

    Game just need more live GM's. imo its the only way to really curb hax so they can address it as it is frappening. IF the game has to go completly P2P, so be it. As long as Dayfake puts some real effort into the product and fixed the plethora of bugs, halts its emphasis on flooding the marketplace with useless camo and guns in an attempt to milk the game for every last cent before they dump it. As their current trajectory suggests...
  7. Nepau

    eminds me of a bug one person had that caused them to teleport back to where they spawned/ entered a vehicle whenever they were kicked out of it. He tried to get it fixed for a long time, and honestly no idea if it still happens.
  8. RegiusTR

    I really hope you do realize there are A LOT of people who have played this to death. Some have insane skill. NUC, ZAPS, TIW, DD12, and a few others... They made the game a science. So you getting killed by a enemy just as they come around a corner is pretty normal. You give away a lot more then you realize in combat. A small movement here etc.. Played 2 years. Seen 5 hackers.. Over 1000 hours...
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  9. TheKhopesh

    That used to happen to me literally every time without fail when I'd be kicked from a vehicle or die in one.
    (I haven't been forcefully kicked from a vehicle in over 3 months though, so IDK if it's still an issue.)
  10. SLK18

    I also wanted to mention the modding of game files in order to remove textures of cloaks and smoke grenades. I've also heard that people do that.
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  11. Spiritualised

    People do do that. If its only the user options.ini then its perfectly legit as has been discussed in the past
  12. Shiaari

    Let's start with number 1:

    No, there is no such thing as ESP in this game, however there are little ... queues... that you learn that will alert you to the presence of another player. These are mostly audio queues, and they are added intentionally by the devs to combat campers.

    First, if you're playing an infiltrator, your cloak is quite audible and distinctive. In other words, if I you cloak anywhere near a hostile player's audio range they're going to know three very important things: You are an infiltrator; You are hostile; You are nearby. If you're a stalker infiltrator relying on your deep cloak, be warned. It doesn't take much deductive reasoning to determine whereabouts a stalker is hiding once they know you're near.

    Second, if you're playing PlanetSide 2 then your character makes all kinds of noises, even if you're not an infiltrator. Believe it or not, when you are crouched and you move, you make audible footsteps. They're very quiet, and a player must be nearby to hear, but if its just you and him and you're dancing around a point any movement you make is very obvious, especially if he has really nice headphones and Dolby audio. At that point--for him--you don't just have footsteps, but inside THEY ECHO. Even your reload makes noise. Equipping certain weapons makes noise. If you're a MAX you absolutely CANNOT move quietly no matter what you do.

    And once they hear you it doesn't take much to determine if you're friend or foe. A cursory glance at the minimap will display no friendly players nearby. And even if there are friendlies nearby, every good player trusts their gut. You're busted.

    The point is, when a hostile player is simply aware of you, then they are looking for you. You're not playing with AIs, you're playing with human beings who are very much able to leap to alarmingly correct conclusions on alarmingly little evidence. I was able to determine where a stalker was located simply on how close I had to be to contest the point. He accused me of cheating, of course, but there were only three areas he could be, and having eliminated two... well...

    And then there is the Q key. If I'm wandering around by myself as an LA, and hear, "Enemy Light Assault spotted!" then that player is a real moron. And the thing is the Q key is so reflexive for so many players, they aren't even aware when they're spamming it.

    And then there are MAXes. Did you know each MAX has a distinctive footstep? I can just hear a MAX on the other side of a wall and tell you what faction it belongs to. I don't need to know who we're fighting, I just need to hear it.

    And if you're sitting there with your activatable knife out... and... activated... I know you're there, and I know what faction you belong too, and I know whereabouts WHERE precisely you are, because the range is very short on those knive's audio.

    Audio plays a major role in PlanetSide 2. Anytime *you* think someone's detected you by "ESP" odds are they heard you do something, anything, and then went out looking for you.

    Also, remember, this is a PC game, and that means there is a wider variety of hardware people can use. Infiltrators are NEVER totally cloaked, not even in deep cloak, and someone using a monitor with a VERY high refresh rate will see you far easier than someone with a standard 60Hz monitor. You literally stand out. Like a sore thumb.

    Now, for item 2 on your list.

    Believe it or not there are players out there who are sufficiently skilled to literally pick you off like a machine. This isn't hyperbole, either. There's an article on The Huffington Post about game streaming, and something that is noted in the comments is the difference in scale between amateur sports players and pro sports players, and amateur gamers versus pro gamers. A well practiced team of amateur football players can go up against a group of pros and while their chances of victory may be slim, those chances are a hell of a lot better than an amateur gamer against a pro gamer.

    Pro gamers play on a completely different level. I'm not pro, I have no illusions, my stats reflect this. But I've played *against* pro gamers, and they really are--as a point of fact--*that good.* You can catch one from behind and they will *twitch* and blast you. That's why it's called "twitch gaming," and that's where gets its name. It looks like twitching. These players appear to be having epileptic fits with a mouse, and their aim is that precise.

    Most games segregate players by skill. But PlanetSide 2 is very unique in that it throws us all in together. You're playing with professionals sometimes, and you may not even know it. This game was built to attract professional players. And it has. 90% of the time if you think you've run into aimbot, think very carefully about how an aimbot must work, and then realize that it's most likely a damn good player, and he beat you fairly.

    Now for number 3.

    Bugs abound, but there are hacks that allow a player to take no damage. It's one of the most common hacks I've run into because it's the most obvious to spot, other than speed hacks. You see it, you report it.
  13. NC supporter

    Acting clever will only continue this flame war. At this point this conversation has gone down to the point of being an argument with the sole purpose of becoming the "winner". This is a status game now and I don't wish to see that happen here. We already have a bad reputation so lets not make it worse.
  14. NC supporter

    They really can't afford it. Game moderators would be great but this really only happens in F2P games if a) games generating as much revenue as WoW did, or b) the game just started and they can afford the extra staff. I doubt we will be seeing this anytime soon unless we see phenomenal gameplay changes since simple performance mixes don't really generate huge amounts of revenue, or just simply seeing better advertising.
  15. Spiritualised

    That being the case, why bring up a post thats over two weeks old.
    If you had bothered your **** to look you would see that i had since replied to this thread without any smart assery but Im happy to come back and keep you entertained if needs be. Its also a pubic forum. I will post what I like when I like. Come back when you get a job as a forum mod for daybreak until then you would be better off shutting up and putting up
  16. Bacardie

    I have to agree that VS and TR seem to be the worse for cheats. As for the 300 m head shots.. It truly isn't hard. I'm using the Rail Jack with no suppressor and I can get 350+ m head shots.. just gotta know how to use the gun and scopes.
  17. Bacardie

  18. NC supporter

    Please spare me the ridicule. If you wish to act like a brute then so be it but do realize you are not doing anything to convince others to join your side of the argument.
  19. Copasetic

    Believe it or not there are plenty of cheaters in this game even today. Here's one I ran into just now, he couldn't be more obvious about it if he tried.

    ESP hacks do exist for PS2 and so do aimbots. All you can do is /report them and hope somebody bothers to investigate.
  20. drstrange2014