Issues with knifing?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Raidashi, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Raidashi

    I've noticed this since i've started playing. It doesnt matter how close i get, or if the target is still or moving, but when i go to knife some 50% of time time it will just outright miss (more if theyre actually moving). This has gotten me killed as i've taken 4-6 swipes from point blank and not done so much as a scratch...

    Whats with that? is there a certain angle/distance you need to be at to effectively knife? is lag interfering perhaps? This is exceptionally frustrating specially since last night i bumped a engineer out of a turret, he stood there for almost 2 seconds while i tried desperately to stab him and he just pulled his gun out and shot me to death. I didnt even hit him once...
  2. Wampa

    No, the hitbox is just f'd up. Combined with f'd up lag and server sync, means you just flat out miss, on a non moving target.
  3. windstar44

    not trying to be rude, but personally i have never had issues with knifing, from as best as i can tell the issue is as much server side as client side. then again this is just my conclusion from reading other post similar to this
  4. lNeBl

    This is certainly a bug in the game. I've walked up to stationary players and spammed that button, and almost always the first 1 or 2 knife swings do not hit the target at all.

    There are similar bugs in the game where your bullets will not hurt targets at all, as well. This happens sometimes when you exit a vehicle. It can also just happen randomly.
  5. Ghostfox

    I've not had luck with knifing in this game. Seems like it is just random on whether or not I'll hit a target that my knife comes into physical contact with.
  6. Comradical

    /signed Fix Hitbox for Knifing seriously

    Also /nerf walking backwards while shooting when someone walks backwards faster than I run forward that's just crazy.
  7. Apina

    Mines for close combat and 1 on 1, thats all I gotta say, its really frusrating, not even Ghost (buyable gun) can 1-shot even a light at close range, unless your enemy is total n00b, ur dead.