Issues with ES AV Maxes (The differences between)

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  1. FieldMarshall

    Main part of the Fractures that i dont like is that they added so much spread/cof to them that at the range they are supposed to be more effective than the Pounders, they miss even if you have 100% accuracy because of the spread.
    Unlike Pounders. If you can compensate for the drop on Pounders, there is almost no reason to use the Fractures. imo
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  2. vsae

    Constant firing + recoil adjustment + not being able to see where it lands + stupid counterintuitive acceleration that makes it hard to lead anything that is 400+ meters away are the reasons why nobody uses Fractures.

    Ravens are far superior to it, no challenge.
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  3. Danath

    Falcons are superior to it. Spent 2000 certs for a useless weapon? Join the NC and get a better one for just 250!!

    You have to spend a lot of time out of cover to shoot all your rockets to do any meaningful damage, giving a lot of opportunities to the tanks to shoot you, while the falcons are peek-a-boo, which will make difficult to your targets just to find you.
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  4. Pikachu

    I bet a major reason for their drop in popularity was the infantry damage nerf. :rolleyes: People stopped using phoenix once it got nerfed against infantry.
  5. Jeslis

    I would argue that the Vortex's are good at extreme range, and that Falcons are *reasonable* (much more so then fractures) at the longer ranges, assuming stationary or gapclosing targets.
  6. Jeslis

    I shoulda added ^ to my gripe about fractures to.. Yea.. time exposed is a huge issue!
  7. Hibiki54

    TR Pounders are more indirect fire weapons, but they have a long range capability once you zero them at the right angle. And Fractures are ridiculously good at any range against any target, especially when in a lock down situation.

    Falcons are great since they have high damage, but they are slow at range. Raven are slow and they are only limited to 300m.
  8. doombro

    Pounders aren't AV, They're anti-MAX. We don't have an AV MAX. Closest thing we have is lockdown fractures, and even then it's not even that great.
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  9. DatVanuMan

    Pounder part: Please, save my soul! D:>
    Fracture part: MEH. They're good, BUT NOT too good.
    Vortexe part: Yes, please:D
    Raven part: WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? Those things are almost as deadly as a dual-shotty SCATMAX!
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    I have maxed out lockdown, my pounders FLY, signifigantly more effective range than commets or falcons. hell base velocity for pounders is higher than comet velocity, you add lockdown, and vortex will be the only faster projectile.
  11. GhostAvatar

    Lets get this straight, Pounders are not OP. They are bad at their intended role, but extremely good outside of that zone. I could have told you that without looking at the stats. But those just confirm my statement, with the highest KPU and lowest VKPU being Pounders.
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  12. Mxiter

    try to attack a tank while immobile...

    Unless you have a very good spot and he's really bad at aiming, you'll be down in 2 shots.

    At least facons/comets are still workable over 50m with low/no drop and don't requires a suicide mode to hit something past those ranges.

    Pounders are certainly the best AV max at close range but the worst (most situational) ones at range. It's exactly what people complain about NC AI maxe.

    About 2nd AV max weapons, fractures are certainly the worst:

    Fractures: average damages per shot + average speed + bloom + average damages per mag.
    Ravens: high damages per shot + low velocity + laser guided + average damages per mag + 500m range.
    Comets: Low-High damages per shot (depending of charge) + high velocity + bad at AI + high potential damages per mag.

    Again TR get the low skill ceiling-low skill floor spray and pray weapon.
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