Issues with ES AV Maxes (The differences between)

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  1. Jeslis

    Err.. Im sorry, which gun are you referring to? The pounder? ....

    I'm talking about 350-450+ ranges where pounders do not enter the equation.. unless someone has mad artillery skills anyway...
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  2. DatVanuMan

    Most of the AV guns in this game suck at accomplishing their basic task of destroying vehicles. HOWEVER, they do very well at destroying infantry, no matter what the situation. I know this because I play infantry 91% of the time. MAXes suck:rolleyes:
  3. Jeslis

    Oh I can agree there (At least with reference to TR AV weapons.. and Falcons for NC) --- Albiet Falcons are amazing AV weapons *as well*
    I'd say that Vortex/Comet may not be *that* great at anti infantry in comparison... but I'll be honest in saying that I haven't really tried to use vortex's as AI.
  4. DatVanuMan

    Me neither. Vortexes need a serious buff. They deal too little damage and take too long to charge up. Otherwise, they have some serious velocity:/
  5. Jeslis

    err I wouldn't say they need an AV buff at all (Unless you were referring to AI specific buff//resistance change?)
    I get molested daily by these things (or a heavy lancer, I can't ever tell generally unless I actually see the max.. god forbid infantry actually render).. They do NOT need an AV buff.
  6. Jeslis

    Bleh, something I wish I could edit on the OP --
    Anyone got 1 of them dandy stat sites for weapons//API.. could pull vehicle kills against enemy MBTs/Lightenings/Sunders (ignoring harassers/flashes) for max AV weapons?
    Altho I wish they could be seperated into *At X range weapon Z killed vehicle D* .. sigh.
  7. Rift23

    Cert for every time that's happened...
  8. DatVanuMan

    Talking about an AI buff. Pitted against armor, it seems the Lancer and the Vortex have a larger damage multiplier than other AV weapons. Don't know if this is even a real thing, but something is different about the damage these things deal. Just making the charge-up quicker would be nice. Then again, I've never used the Vortexes.
  9. Jeslis

    The vortexes are very nice smooth, but *lower* dps (when looked at over longer term, eg; dps done in 40 seconds) when used as charge up.
    Basic strategy is.. click both mousebuttons at same time and hold.. perfectly trace target utilizing EVER so slight leading (velocity is.. 700ms I believe.. it is not lightspeed lol).. and when it reaches full charge, it will fire shortly after (you can't hold a full charge very long)
    When target is on fire, spam away!
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    Pounders with lockdown are a pain train, and have decently long range, doubly so with an elevated position. Seriously I do not think there is any gun in the game, including vehicle weapons, that can out AV dps lockdown pounders, with the POSIBLE exception of the tank buster.

    If you want something to die faster than it does when being shot with lockdown pounders, you need c4, tank mines, or more than one person. And Im not even sure tank mines or c4 will kill faster, just because of the of the time it takes to throw them and the delay before they will detonate. I mean a pair of pounders is pretty near the top of the AV dps chart without lockdown, with, holy shemolie batman.

    TL:DR Yes, you are doing it wrong

    yes, vortex, like lancers, enjoy a 2x AV multiplier, and unlike the other max AV, they get their full multiplier against sunderers and if not the full one then most of it against air. Oh and I think the charge shot is 900m/s

    As for vortex AV dps, at full charge up their dps is better than the lancer, but less than other AV maxs, however at no charge shot spaming, they have the second highest dps of all AV max, just a bit behind the pounder. If you reload right after the 11th shot (short reload) instead of after the 12 (long reload) you will actualy out dps a non-lockdown pounder MAX, though just by a hair. And of course due to the semi auto nature and over sampling its unlikely you will actualy fire at max rate. But point remains that the vortex operates like the Saron HRB, giving you the choice between high dps but inacurate (ie short ranged) in the form of spamed shots, or lower dps highly acurate (long ranged) shots in the form of charged shots.
  11. Spadar

    Do you really believe Falcons are superior to Fractures at long range AV? Does anyone even consider using them at beyond spitting distance? Comets I can understand, but Falcons? I'd like to hear your reasoning behind this if you're not mistaken.
  12. Pikachu

    Dayum I didnt know they got acceleration added. Just that their velocity was nerfed. I tvought comet was the only one to get acceleration stealth added at GU2. None of those weapons needed their velocities nerfed.
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  13. ColonelChingles

    Hey, now you know how NC MAX AI feels like!

  14. Jeslis

    .. so you think you can accurately do pounders at 350-450+m ranges? .. Travel time for me would be nigh impossible.

    Remember, this thread is about LONG range AV options. I fully recognize how good pounders are as AV as closer targets.
  15. Jeslis

    For me at least, its similar in feel to using a halberd secondary from a tank/harasser. its just straight drop.. so I aim above and adjust for travel time...
    Against a stationary target I can usually hit it on the 2nd volley.
    against a left/right moving target it is of course, much harder
    but against a gap closing target... Super easy.
  16. Freedom Fries

    Just wanted to say,nice sig. I didn't know other people played that game.
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  17. LT_Latency

    That is much more then most. He as actually used all of them
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  18. Jeslis

    I love you.
  19. DevDevBooday

    Pounders are OP as all hell, I love them to death but they really need to be nerfed.

    Fractures on the other hand are utterly pathetic.
    So freaking pathetic.
    Then again so are Vortexs
    Ravens are the only ones worth using.

    Ravens are not OP, they are how the other AVs should be.
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  20. Goretzu

    I think so.

    Pounders are actuably the best MAX closer range AV (and AI) weapons in the game at the moment, if you want to engage AV at longer ranges you'd be better off with the Fracture - which are still great weapons (both AV and still AI) just not as daftly overpowered as they once were (no AV MAX is good at extreme range).