Issues with ES AV Maxes (The differences between)

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  1. Jeslis

    So.. I play alot (as seen below via sig)
    I play all 3 .. fairly well (as seen below via sig)..

    But I'm finding the AV potential of the TR Max to be.. lacking.
    To Elaborate:

    (note; Im referring to engaging these at ranges that make shooting them with an AP tank kinda hard (lets say the 350-450 range).. at closer ranges, say 20-70, all AV maxes are the same)

    The NC Screamer max (The wireguided missiles), and even dual falcon maxes (easy to lead, easy drop to compensate for).. are a major cause for fear in a tank (or sunderer, I swear the resistances are bugged against screamers from NC max.. hurts so much...)

    The VS Lazer (or comet, much like falcons) is also cause for fear.. No *bullet drop*, instant firing, or pretty easy to lead death balls.....

    But the TR max.. first off.. Pounders cant even shoot that far.. and the time it takes for a max to *range* you for that much drop.. You'll KNOW he's starting to try to hit you about 30 seconds before he manages it..
    .. But my main gripe is the weakness of the fractures.
    - Unlike falcons, it's kinda hard to lead these due to difficulty in *seeing* where they are going.. Unlike falcon missiles..
    - You are constantly firing (unlike falcons which are 1 shot per clip).. which makes recoil adjustment an issue
    - and then on top of that, you still have Drop and travel time to consider.

    Is it just me? Does anyone else have issues using the fracture max at the longer ranges as AV?
    ((Don't get me wrong, in a biolab, a fracture max as an Anti-Max unit, is amazing.. Fractures are amazing close up))

    Personally.. its like this:
    NC/VS.. at a base with armor incoming?
    - Lets go pull the falcon/lazer max! yay!

    TR at same base?
    Whelp, time to go get sniped off my engi turret while I try to shoot tanks as they enter the 450 range.. even tho I can see them out to 750 and woulda been firing already as a VS/NC max.....

    Am I doing it wrong?
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  2. TriumphantJelly

    Sorry, did you just complain about the Pounders?



    I WANT THAT GUN!!!111
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  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    You only have 114 kills with the Fracture and 66 kills with the Pounder.
    You only have 64 kills with the Ravens, and don't even know their name, and 56 kills with the Falcons.
    You only have 111 kills with the Vortexes, and don't know their name either.

    I'm not convinced that you have enough experience to come to an informed conclusion.
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  4. Codex561

    You can have my maxed out VS max for one of your pounders!
  5. z1967

    TR Pounder MAX with Lock-down will absolutely dominate anything that dares get within 150m. It will out damage engineer attempts to fix it whilst heavily damaging them in the process. It will kill MAXes it just 8 rounds. You would have to be crazy to say that Pounders suck.
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  6. Jeslis

    Complained about them in the *long distance AV role*? yes I did.
    I did not complain about them in the short distance AV role.
  7. Saber15

    Pounders suck for long range but are godlike at close range.

    Fractures used to be amazing (probably a bit OP considering how effective they were versus infantry) but got nerfed into the dirt a few months ago - their damaged was dropped from 315 to 210, and they now have some stupid acceleration mechanic that makes them very slow (70m/s) at firing and then speeding up to 180m/s (20m/s slower than it was before) that makes it unintuitive to lead. Also got a reload time increase.
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  8. Jeslis

    and the fact that most people bail from their vehicles before it blows up has nothing to do with it.. and the most of the kills are infantry kills I *sometimes* manage to get after they bail.. or hell, in entirely different situations....

    I noticed you didn't list your stats with them as comparison?

    edit; Why do I need to know their names? Im fully aware of their effects and uses.
  9. Jeslis

    Please take the time to actually read my post instead of skimming and posting your own vitriol..
    My post is entirely about the 350-450+ranges.
    Try again.
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  10. Jeslis

    ^ precisely.
    Im just noticing insane differences in difficulty when it comes to using a max in the long range role... for TR. But NC/VS its extremely easy.
  11. z1967

    Pounders were not intended for those ranges. That is where you use fractures.
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  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    Ravens vanish at 400m. You might know that if you actually used them. Try again.
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  13. Bape

    Don't they vanish at 300m unless they made some changes while I was away?
  14. Ranik

    It's TR specific gear. You can expect them to suck for the most part.
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  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    I originally thought so because it corresponds to Phoenix range, but if you test in VR you can get hits out to 400m.
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  16. FateJH

    Gen 1 MAX AV weapons (Pounders, Falcons, Comets) are intended to serve the purpose of close-range AV, at least that is the purpose SOE is trying to push them towards. All of the weapons can be fired at longer ranges with some sense of skill but their speed or drop (or both) makes long range targets not the ideal. Gen 2 MAX AV weapons (Fractures, Ravens, Voertexes) are intended to serve a long(er) range AV combat. They can be used at closer ranges, but generally pale in comparison to the G1 weapons in the said regard.
  17. DatVanuMan

    SOOOO, you're saying that an AV gun that deals more damage per magazine, reloads very quickly despite having four projectiles, even though the thing looks like a triangle, and dominates almost everything in range is... LACKING? Here's my suggestion: Make it reload longer or decrease the damage. BOOM, there's some balancing for you:D
  18. Jeslis

    And.. where does that matter? My post is about range issues with the Fractures.. not the ravens?.. and I mentioned the falcons which do not have that range restriction.
    (Also thought they were 450 same as engi turrets no?)

    Either way, me 2, you 0.. as you STILL don't get the OP.. sigh...
    edit; The point being;
    1. Ravens, lets say limited to 400, are STILL in the range limit Im referring to, which is 350-450.. AGAIN, for the .. 10th time or so.
    2. The post is trying to be about Fracture issues at range, and how other empires have better AV Max options//the fractures suck at said specified ranges. Not about how ravens are limited to 400. or 450, or 350, or whatever.
  19. Jeslis

    Yes.. hence my post being about the fractures//TR max AV issues at large.. BECAUSE the pounders cant reach that far.. and the fractures aren't as good as the other empires that far out (the 350-450+ range being discussed)..

    can people PLEASE try to follow the conversation and read all the numbers!? I know its hard but this is very difficult to have a conversation that makes sense if no one actually reads the posts.
  20. Jeslis

    I agree that *fractures are intended to be long range*..

    My point is that they suck at it, compared to falcons, comets (gen 1s), AND Vortex/Ravens (gen2 -- albiet ravens do have that range limit out to the extremes as mentioned by rhino)
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