Issue with SLI

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iSh00t, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. iSh00t

    After PU1, game shuddered really bad. Even just walking around in WG. In large battle's it's unplayable.

    Running 2x GTX 460s.

    Disabled SLI and it doesn't studder anymore but now I can't get the higher fps. :(

    Any ideas?
  2. Tricky

    Same problem, though enabling smoothing does help a bit. Still getting less FPS with SLI on my GTX 690 than with it off. I was really hoping to be past the days of disabling SLI just for this game and was hoping with how close SOE works with nVidia that it would happen. Doesn't look like it yet though :(
  3. Nhoy

    I'm having the same PROBLEM, the game freezes and jitters after ±30mins or so. Never had a CRASH before this update.

    Intel i7 3960X
    Rampage IV Extreme
    GTX590 x2 SLI
    32GB RAM
    2x Intel SSD stripped

    Already tried tuning down the Graphics settings to no avail.

    Any way around this? I live in South East Asia and playing on Waterson with ±200ms of latency, Frame Rate is the only thing that keeps me alive in this game.
  4. pmurgs

    Yep, also getting shudders or jerks with my crossfire setup after the big performance patch update. ps2 ran better for me before this performance improvement update :(
  5. Diplocaulus

    Since the November 12 patch I'm experiencing mild suttering/lurching. It reminds me of the SLI bug earlier this year, but not as bad, however overall performance for me seems a little worse since the update.
  6. Paulus

    SLI is still broken, as was mentioned in the patch notes. In the meantime you are advised to disable SLI.
  7. Jeff French

    Ah darn it... well anyway, I am also getting crappy FPS with SLI. AND crash on first load 1 time out of 3 ):

    My system:
    i5-2500k OC to 4.5GHz
    2x 560 Ti 448 OCed
    8 GB Ram

  8. Serpent808

    Quote from Paulus:

    "SLI is still broken, as was mentioned in the patch notes. In the meantime you are advised to disable SLI."

    Sorry. My ability to quote doesn't seem to be working on the forums. Pushing reply isn't working as intended, and I don't know why it's like that right now.

    I am quoting him because this may not be entirely true. From what I understand from Codeforge, they optimized SLI with the settings, in the NCP, on default. So if you're using AFR 1 and 2, the game will be subjected to performance issues in some form. NVidia has been working closely with the PS2 Devs to optimized the game and the drivers with the new optimization patch. I guess since it's difficult for the PS2 Devs, they've only been optimizing it for SLI default settings. SLI is suppose to be working properly.
  9. vulcan78

    Oh that explains the stuttering! I actually asked if this was a specific hardware issue in another thread but received no response. Yes, I did pick up 10 FPS overall (55 Warpgate, 40-45 Amp Stations, 35-40 Bio-Labs) but with a subtle, yet often pronounced stutter. In fact it was smoother before with 10 FPS and not stutter. So basically, with PU 1/OMFG 1 rushed all SLI owners got the shaft? No PhysX and stutter for Nvidia SLI users? We get to put up with this for another 6 months to a year (ETA for OMFG 2)?

    Battlefield 4 is looking more attractive everyday.