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  1. Towie

    When I read this segment I instantly thought 'Hydra' - but see you've taken the liberty of mentioning their outfit towards the bottom !

    Most have gone (been banned I hope) but plenty still remain, gleefully killing people with skillz that just aren't humanly realistic. Oh and they've created a TR outfit on Cobalt too - you can guess what they are like.

    I remember an occasion when the outfit I was playing with at the time (Trident) had a 'challenge' for a base with Hydra and they just didn't turn up. I'm guessing they thought we were all armed with recording (which we were) and thought better of it.

    Battleye did honestly improve the ridiculous cheats that were happening previously and even today it's still way better than it was - but - there's still far too many out there who get away with it. And have been for years. If you're a member then you're pretty much protected from the ban hammer.

    I really hope there is a Planetside 3 - designed from the ground-up from the perspective of 'people are gonna cheat' and not just based on the same engine that has hacks for everywhere it is used. Until then though - i'll play Planetside 2 - and continue to report the same people night in, night out with the hope that eventually they will have their just deserts.
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  2. WinterAero

    Well, here's the thing. Because of the legitimate smokescreen of 'hackusations' its easy to dismiss ''9/10'' accusations as a lack of knowledge or what some have said is ''people not realising how high the bar is on skilled fps play''.

    Now this is convincing to many people. But you have to give it a second and engage some grey cells.

    What is this 'skilled play' exactly? And how good can you be?

    Well, indeed there are 'tricks' to the game - be it latency awareness, base knowledge and even things in the category of simple tap firing or ADAD/Medkit +more (you get the idea). Things that experience allows you to abuse - but often, this smoke screen serves as a very good cover for things - that if you think about it - should be fairly obvious.

    When someone is 'salty vet dancing' to avoid being hit at a fairly decent range - randomly spamming movement, crouch and heaven knows what else, and a certain HA will plink you dead with two shots instantly with a commi - sporting not even a scope! Is this truly 'elite experience of fps? - or more likely when done repeatedly; the start of an indicator that something isnt right. How the Hitbox editing does love you so.

    In my 'Hydra' experience one day, I was (as an NC infil on their faction/base assault) in a room with a lone hydra HA. I remember being annoyed with myself, because I'd intended to camp it as a stalker and yet forgot my motion spotter. Darts were all spent getting there and with no ammo in sight, I felt rather pointless.

    Not to worry. My HA friend seemed to need no radar whatsoever. No matter whether it was Nucleartouch or some other long term BR120 (not noting personal skill here, rather that they were not new players) or junior members of TFDN et al or even PSET- our man new exactly what window, door or entry point they were coming from; and engaged in 'prefiring' to instantly kill every single person that approached.

    Now for you 'skilled' people out there, what exactly was I to think of this situation? That his years in game had honed his hearing to such a degree that he could hear even the slightest footfall or approach without fail, even though there was extreme tank and aircraft fire outside?

    Is it normal to never miss the head, no matter what direction people come from? Because if so, then indeed Radar Darts and Motion spotters must not be useful or 'OP' as many claim; but rather utterly useless. Along with any sort of tactics from window peeking to crouch walking. People tried them all with this guy, and yet he held the point SOLO (because i was just watching tbh) for a good 10 minutes.

    I laughed at how many people would tell me he was 'just experienced' when it was one of the most obvious ESP exhibitions I'd ever witnessed.

    The prefiring itself was pretty interesting. At first I thought it was my server connection (but thats 300m fiber and I seldom have issues at all). How prey tell do you 'always' prefire just the very second before a head appears through a door. No radar darts? Is it magic? Because since launch, ive not acquired pre-sensory perception. I can only guess that people believe that playing FPS games for a few years makes you clairvoyant.

    As I have tried to convey - PS2 isnt my first rodeo. I'm not A another noob who accused anyone who beat me. Infact I've had many a good 1v1 battle in this game. FlashOfLight and me, we had several. As I did with Iridar and other more knowledgeable players. You don't have to be the greatest FPS player of all time, you just need to use common sense.

    If you are killed by someone the very second you approach from any direction. They know where you are - and where you are coming from, without fail. Thats most certainly only the start of what they are using. Do they not say too, that the person entering a room quickly has the latency upper hand? Then quite bizzare that they can prefire over the top of that advantage - again, with classes that have no way at all of recovering that data. How is a HA vulnerable to flanking, if they have ESP? Oh right.

    I don't take PS2 seriously. The coders are long gone.
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  3. Mardevian

    I'm going to come back into this for one reason alone: namely, even though i never denied that there certainly are cheaters abound in PS2, I must eat crow on the topic of it getting worse now. My squad and i just encountered a whole bunch of extremely fishy play over the past few hours (Miller), and we're all quite experienced as well. We all agreed there was some extremely non-kosher stuff going on with instant headshots as we came around corners (with no darts around), and instant whirling around to triple HS as well as odd lags on 1on1 engagements.

    I'm frankly just going to ignore the majority of your attempts at condescension and hardly veiled attempts at insults, except to point out that "alt right morons" was not directed towards you personally, but you got triggered by it anyway. Funny, that.
  4. WinterAero

    Interesting, considering mine was the only post that was even in the ball park of relevent then for you making your 'alt right' remark.

    Or were you calling the other posters alt-right, for merely discussing cheaters? lol odd.

    Look, I have no interest in argument with you. What exactly would be the point? What does annoy me? Is lies. Its an all too common thing nowadays and people are just left to get away with it - mainly because cheaters hose them down with excuses. Well, im long long past the point of listening to that denial BS; believe me.

    You are more than entitled to your opinions and shouldn't feel as if my anger at this topic (and how many legitimate people have likely been bullied out of this game) is all that personal either. I don't know you and my primary interest is indeed - those skilless fools who have clearly used downloads to the tune of 'hurr durr they just experienced man'.


    and leave it there.

    As is it happens I never said that 99 battleranks meant you hadn't played the game and got experience; I merely felt as if your useage of it was designed to downplay my comment or act as if it was wrong (a common cheater denial tool).

    If you don't cheat - if you do notice these things (and believe me more and more veterans have) - then add yourself to the voice of reason. I may have left, but presumably you havent. And enough voices has to motivate change.

    We need to be clear also. This isn't saying that everyone with actual fps experience (legit) isn't plagued with wrongful accusations. Its saying that people need to start questioning what is HUMANLY POSSIBLE based upon how they KNOW latency and other things work in this game.

    Many of us run across a certain outfit or group and feel that they play 'strangely', this isn't proof straight away (bad server day, bad ISP day or whatever else) - so use the sum total of a GROUP of experiences. Keep an eye on people and see if their performance is ALWAYS fishy, compared to people of the same battlerank and experience.

    Because talk around the cheating as many people do, it is sadly more common (subtle cheats like radar/no recoil especially) than many of you realise.

    Don't fall into the trap I did of thinking that some of these individuals are some 110% better than everyone else and just 'great guys'. Because they aren't. Some of them I've even caught out on cheat forums. And whilst some of those cheats no longer function, doesnt the fact that BR100+ players are on those sites looking and asking for them, tell you enough about peoples legitimacy?

    Best of luck out there. But please. Keep it legit. Its not even in the best interests of personal development to cheat at things. In the end, you cheat yourself more than anyone. And gain no real skills whatsoever. All cheating does is ruin the game, for those people who are newer and want to enjoy it. Its not right, its not fair and its dishonourable to a fault.
  5. Inzababa

    Sorry? Why sorry? Are you really sorry? I mean, is it breaking your heart and making you feel uncomfortable for the OP to ask such a sensitive and hurtful question?

    Sorry? Really sorry?


    all right then, it's ok, as long as you're sorry :)
  6. Towie

    It's just a figure of speech - he's not apologising as such - but English is a bit like that.

    Oh and sorry to point it out but it should be 'There are WAY TOO many infiltrators'. (did you see what I did there - i'm not really sorry to point it out but use sorry that way to make correcting someone gentler). I agree by the way.

    Not that i'm having a go folks who speak English as a second language - as your ability in <insert any other language here> will be very much better than mine.

    (Here's hoping Inzababa isn't English ! If he were, I would be truly sorry)
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  7. Mardevian

    To clarify the "alt right" comment: it was directed towards you bringing up Islam out of nowhere, it's usually a topic only alt right or absurdly ignorant people constantly bring up or try to strawman with. I'm referring to the topic itself there. But let's just let that rest, because i think it's clear we're on the same side here. You're just coming off as extremely dismissive and condescending towards everyone else daring to bring up the fact that there are countless instances of suspected cheating that end up not falling into that category at all. That's not being apologetic, it's bringing in a healthy perspective so as not to make less experienced players suspect everything and everyone of cheating.

    I agree with everything you say about the topic, really, just don't act like a) others are clueless if they aren't 24/7 5++ K/D infantry farmers, because many players play a variety of things in PS2 and can nontheless be knowledgable about them and b) once more, i would really ask what you have personally done about the players you directly know to be guilty of using cheats? Have you actually reported them, at the very least, or provided DBG with any kind of data on them? Was there any reaction?

    The reason i brought up my own BR btw was because the other poster was childishly bringing it up, nothing else, i was just to lazy to quote everything.

    The reason i came back into the thread is because i only just encountered a host of very suspicious players just after this thread started up. For the first time in forever, tbh. So yes, there may indeed be something to the notion that it's getting worse.

    edit: literally just got sniped off my cloaked Flash by a BR1 infil with 3 direct HS. Feelsbadman.
  8. Inzababa

    haha you get the golden star for being the post on these forums today that made me laugh :)
  9. Towie

    I'm glad you took it in the way it was meant ! English can be a funny old language and I have utmost admiration for the general ability of people to make themselves understood but every now and again, things can get confusing ;)
  10. Bansheedragon75

    This here is something I encouter very frequently.
    With very frequently I mean multiple times a day.

    It dont matter what weapons I use or if I get headshots or not, I can empty anywhere from half to a full clip into another player and they proceed to kill me in 2-3 shots.
    I am rarely able to take more than 5-6 shots before I'm dead, but in far too many cases I see other players taking more damage then I ever thought possible and still survive.

    I have seen all the "excuses" about how its lag, experienced players and whatnot, but they only explain a small amount of such situations, far too many cases are questionable at best.
  11. Xaniy

    Ahhh, I see WinterAero is back with his tinfoil hat.

    Please share more of your irrefutable truths with us. Provide more names, videos, evidence. Just like last time.

    Show me links, give me proof and we can kick every single cheating scumbag. Link me the proof with the hacking sites. The burden of proof lies with the accuser. Can you? Nope.

    I'll respond the same as I did 6 months ago .. maybe you should try this great anti hacking feature ... Git Gud
  12. WinterAero

    Uhuh. Keep pumping out the denial honey. I haven't been a 'him' for 31 years, and as I said last time I'd prefer not to constantly be referred to as 'dude'.

    My primary account was banned here thanks to the good old name and shame. If the rules are different now great, perhaps people still interested in the game can utilise their rig to record and filter out the hacking morons that seem to thrive thanks to idiots like you. Curious how you always did try to shut down these threads, when evidence abounds about hacking in ps2. Its called engaging your brain and using google, along with the perusal of a good few forums.

    Having done that you can sift through stats, try and guage when ESP was toggled in video and so on but why bother? People know exactly what sort of people I am on about in this game, and no not everyone who comes across them is as pea brained ********, or in a denial la la land like you.

    It may be beyond my desire and effort these days to play game police sure enough. But one has to wonder about the real motivations of people challenging posts like these. Oh sure, you can put together your usual 'pseudo-tripe' about people being just that good; thing is, any one who legitimately cared about the potential for cheaters would be all for investigation and clamp down. Not doing the opposite like you. Cheat yourself? or just play pilot for those who do? I wonder.

    Nobody should be above suspicion. Works for an olympic drug test - and the same should be the case in any competitive environ.

    I'm so sorry if you think im bothered by you or somehow put off. I'm just not all that amused by people too dumb to do their own research. Truth is if you don't care about cheats (and there are plenty of Br120's on forums still looking for them) then that says all I need to know about you, doesn't it.

    I only pass the forums briefly, so I might not reply after this as im fairly busy irl. At the end of the day, you want a pointless game where select groups run amuck with skilless downloads thinking they are 'skilled' lol? Then more power to you dumbo. Its your own game you are killing off.
  13. PoopDatGame OUT!

    anyone here make 5.6k kills a month legit within their first month of game play?
  14. Xaniy

    Please dont call me Honey, I find it demeaning. I haven't been a honey for 33 years.

    Nope, I hate hacking in PS2. It does exist. I never tried to shut down these threads. However you target alot of people whos characters I know personally and they are impeccable if not a little abrasive .... they are also better at shooting people in the head and this seems to anger you. Therefore I defend them against assaults upon their integrity.

    So basically you are saying you have no actual evidence, only your theory.
    Again, LINK ME THE VIDEOS, I WILL LOOK MYSELF. I asked you this 6 months ago.

    One also has to wonder about the real motivations of people MAKING posts like yours, even after all your desire and effort has apparently left you.

    Anyone who cares can see my YT channel or has seen streams, I have never had the legitamacy of my play called into question. Feel free to check for yourself, I can always use antoher sub.

    Yet nobody should be unable to defend themselves against claims against them without evidence.

    Maybe, just maybe I did my own research and my data yielded different results to you. All you have is wildly unsubstantiated claims against a whole group of people with zero ( I would say very little, but i would need at least one piece for it to be quantifiable) evidence.

    See you in 6 months then.

    I'm pretty sure we've had our run ins before and I know the main anyway, its always fun to meet a friend.

    TL;DR Git Gud
  15. JDS999

    i sense fishy stuff as well sometimes never seen any obvious cheating in the past year. but every sense summer patch ive been noticing weird things. shots not registering when im scoped shooting directly at chest they not moving much or shooting at me. me putiing what seems like a half a clip or more into someone thats not looking at me, they turn around n kill me in sec. me actually getting head shots when it doesnt like like one from my screen. And a few other lag bugs. i was talking to one guy and he may of suggested that they downgraded the main servers db was using during the summer patch but i have no idea. i have an above avg comp and get around 55+ fps in larger 96+ fights.
  16. Towie

    I'm in general agreement - as I stated in the third post, i'd say since around mid June there's been a noticeable uptick in suspicious stuff and some of the golden oldies returning (like teleporting). Invincible characters, unbelievable aim, headshot maniacs - you come across them all. Some have been reported on here and since gone - presumably banned.

    Question is - how ? Possibly a new Battleye bypass to allow the old hacks, possibly a new hack, possibly some inventive folks out there as the 'offsets' get posted to hacking forums every time they change. DBG have an uphill battle on their hands.
  17. AlcyoneSerene

    Yep, more weird things and I also suspect they may have degraded the servers in an effort to save money. Lately it is even worse with clear shots not registering, and I'm pretty sure people who should have killed me at times don't, meaning it affects everyone.

    Clientside is pretty bad. Against some players I already know I can unload half an ammo clip in their back and they'll 180 insta-gib me, since we're effectively playing in the distant past.

    I've also gotten headshots for bullets I never fired, super rare as that may be, as if the stray left-over bullet had extra flight time hanging in the air when my trigger and crosshairs are off target already and already retreating, and target drops dead to my utter surprise, and I get the kill.

    They said they are working on improving the game performance, but without the original coders around, it's probably shuffling some values around and hoping for the best - action speak louder than words, so we'll see if FPS improves.

    In a gaming environment like this, where cheaters are very hard to spot, it is highly questionable to see those claiming it isn't a big deal or a major problem, perhaps because their 'clientside' experience isn't so bad on average, and in part because it requires admitting the game they may have invested a lot into, financially or in other ways, could actually be in danger by cheaters driving people off or no longer believing it is skill but clientside and/or cheats.
  18. Scatterblak

    Wrong. There are plenty - just not concurrently. The cycle of patches creating new exe offsets and then the hackers releasing new hacks has been going on for years. There doesn't need to be a lot of current hacks in place - just a few that work is plenty for the cheater community. There have been literally hundreds of aimbot and similar hacks over the years for PS and PS2, and there are still hacks today.
  19. HippoCryties

    Sorry when did I ever say there aren’t hacks today? Obviously there have been many most of which have been shut down by now, of course some remain and more will be made till the day PS2 dies but what I can tell you is that trash players who can’t burst or aim for their lives call skilled players hackers for just being good at the game.
  20. entity009

    What is the point of playing a game like this if you are going to use scripts and admittedly cheat to win. Like seriously what is the fun in winning anything if you know you cheated to do so? Just to be a troll and ruin the experience of others??

    I am going to play the game without cheating even if I get **** on by cheaters because by cheating you negate any sense of accomplishment.

    It's like reeling in a dead fish.