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  1. FateJH

    If we're thinking about the same automated system, the only thing they could do with it at the end was retire it. It might have caught some cheaters in the first while but stopped being as effective without recalibration once its level of sensitivity was better understood.

    Its short life was plagued with both false positives and players who intentionally tried to be ensared while still playing within human limits. Consider the accounts of players being punished for not diversifying their experience income beyond passive sources nowadays, but with an increased rate. There was even an outfit that performed this experiment en masse and ended up being booted, then complaining about it. Every now and then, it would splash a message across the screen to evidence that it actually was running. It doesn't help that allegations claimed that some players being called out weren't actually being removed from the game at all and continued to play even despite the message. Much like the /report mechanic, though, whenever people feel that the people they think should be banned aren't being banned, the system isn't working in their eyes.

    I don't have confidence they'd figure out how to get it to work in a way that would be easy to evade or penetrate if they were to introduce it.
  2. Courtnie

    Going to be honest here. This is one of the few games where ive noticed blatent and obscene cheating more and more with time passing. Its getting pretty bad from people walking around a door, headshotting 3 people in quick succession before anyone can get a shot off to people flying around in the air.

    This is the only game where i find myself asking myself if he or she is cheating. In other shooting games I RARELY suspected such things as cheating due to how people played, their movements and reaction time. Its a bit unnatural for people to round corners and drop people or for someone to appear and instantly get killed from John Wick. This game is getting absurd. Last time a TON of people got banned for modifying their files to expand hitboxes and head hitboxes (which you had to be vanu to do. Yea devs, we see the favoritism always). I have never ever seen a game as bad as this. Usually I would think it would be funny to see someone fly around, blow up everything and go about its flight like its Superman's angry brother but this stuff is just in another league. Fix your game. Fix your detection. Battle Eye Doesnt work. Hell I even got hit with battle eye accusing ME of cheating when the only thing I ever ran with Recursion, a program YOU whitelisted. The customer support was terrible and only got back to me AFTER the ban to say that it couldnt do anything, apologized and still had the gall to say that they "cant remove it from the system". Thats why I dont spend money on this game. Im sure many others are about to stop as well due to the amount of issues, not just the cheating that are occurring.
  3. MonnyMoony

    I got killed by an SMG yesterday whilst a few feet behind the SCU shield of a biolab. I had been there for about 20-30 seconds so it wasn't just a client-side hit detection issue where I had just ducked behind the shield but was still outside from the killers perspective.
  4. MonnyMoony

    Yep - part of that is the poor game mechanics. Clientside hit detection, movement glitching due to lack of inertia, variable hit registration, server lag etc all contribute to moments where you think "WTF". I have never felt cheated out of kills in any other game to the same degree as I do in Planetside 2.

    However cheaters don't have to use blatant hacks like wall hack, warping or aim bot to gain a massive advantage in this game. Even very subtle cheats like ESP, mini map, sonic radar. key press/auto action macros - or cheats which reduce recoil even a small amount can be very powerful.

    People often say "I don't see hackers" - but how do you see somebody who has an ESP hack running? You may not see blatant cheaters like wall hackers or warpers all that often - but it's almost impossible to distinguish somebody using a subtle hack compared to just a really good player.
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  5. Razeel

    NO NO NO u are lying u are just bad player with broken hands yes yes. The perfect battleeye anticheat system blocked US(cheaters) long ago remember?we used pirated windows which is worst of the possible cheat yes yes. The game have no cheaters enjoy!
  6. AlcyoneSerene

    Strongly suspect another level of cheating involves manipulating one's ping to the game server to make themselves very hard to hit, and I suspect these ******* found some 'sweet spot' difference from some average player ping to ensure their location is seen as delayed, making clientside hits on them update their real position, meaning they warp with zero in-between time to soak shots tracing their path. The repeat knifing that kills from what looks like 7m away, or the player that I killed by accident by firing way ahead of where I just saw them since I wasn't ready to aim properly, maybe it's this, maybe it's ordinary lag, who can tell, I doubt battleeye.

    Probably impossible to tell who is doing this from ordinary lag and ping differences, whether it also involves some micro-lagswitch (saw the utub vid of lagswitchers pressing a button, freezing the game, going to frozen target, killing it, retreating, unpausing). Yes, this has happened to me and others, in biolab.

    Other cheaters clearly using aimbots, or headshot hitbox modifiers, or bullet spread reduction, or all 3 at once - a biolab incident getting killed (as HA) from across the hallway of an entire building from what on my screen appeared to be 2 shots of an LMG, probably 4x in a row in the exact same way. I could hardly see the player from across all that, I'd just appear in the doorway and die. Yes, I know there are amazing players, but no amount of amazing can pull that kind of TTK from an LMG from that far away and within milliseconds of entering the doorway without fail over and over.

    Other cheaters just walk into walls or are completely invisible, again biolab incident, shooting everyone randomly from out of nowhere with a pistol. Medics kept reviving us all, but it made no difference, this was inside a building with everyone looking everywhere. No bullet tracers, no nothing.

    Regular ping problems are bad enough, such as seeing ESFs clearly below you and out of their firing arc but still hitting your ship, dying well behind cover, burst damage, etc., so any subtle cheats and it's game over for those of us trying to have fun through fair fights.
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  7. JobiWan

    I heard someone saying the other day that a lot of the players that take part in the community smashes use software to simulate a low ping, and freely admit to it. I have no evidence, this is just hearsay, but I don't doubt it.

    I don't care how you dress it up, that's cheating IMO.
  8. Scatterblak

    There are plenty. Just google them.
  9. HippoCryties

    What server u on? Heard the exact same thing
  10. HippoCryties

    There aren’t plenty. There are a few hacks that are being used by a lot on Miller I know for sure. All the hack videos or at least most are outdated and old( you can tell by UI ) and many other factors
  11. Mardevian

    As with any FPS game, the difference between a heavily skilled and an average player is enormous in PS2. Especially with added utility like implants, med kits, shields etc. 9/10 times complaints about cheaters are utterly unfounded. Actual hackers are usually far too obvious to miss.

    I say that as a very experienced player, but i can freely admit that i'm an average infantry player at best, and there are many highly skilled players on Miller for example. Anecdotal evidence and "i think there are more hackers, i'm dying more often" is pretty worthless, i'm afraid. If you are very sure that someone is actually cheating, try to record them, report them. The rest is speculation, really.
  12. WinterAero

    Let me save you from what I've come to know as cheater-apologetic posts like the above. They are utter nonsense. People have cheated in this game successfully and daily, since its launch.

    Back in the early days hackusations were indeed common. Before Wrel's lag/latency explanations-videos etc, before the population dropped and when people still lacked the 'rig' to handle this game - well what do you expect?

    But these are no longer those times.

    This game has aged. And veteran players are your common folk. Yes many are poor FPS players, some even on the leaderboards with hours served and questionable skills. But not all. And in amongst that is hours played. Which guess what? Gives you an awful lot of experience of the DIFFERENCES in feel between encounters.

    This community is so laughable in its denial, that you have people that will literally 'instantly' kill a person walking through a door way from across a room, when they are sneaking in via cloak - and said HA isnt even facing them. They will say 'the person heard them' or missed radar darts. And that would be the case for the inexperienced player. Not the person who runs into certain players on a daily basis to ALWAYS be killed in suspicious manners like those.

    Prey tell, why would you even bother unlocking any other weapon in game at all - if so called 'experienced' HA's can clear an entire room (tanking almost ridiculous amounts of bullets) with just a side arm. No matter the ADAD/crouch spam, they nail you in one or two hits with sniper precision - at any range.

    I would suggest that if you think (with the unpredictability of movement and latency advantage) of running into a room/jumping a person, that they can regularly tank entire mags and find your head instantly and kill you in under 1 second, that its you who are clueless. And seem to think that 'being skilled' grants you superhuman reflexes and abilities.

    With the nerfs, time to kill of CQC weapons and likewise, you literally shouldnt even have a chance to return fire when correctly ganked.

    Anyway; fact is I did an awful lot of research into this games hacking after I quit. Hagsclub,X22 cheats, Aimjunkies, several other russian companies and some more 'known' amateur groups - all made cheats for ps2. As two of the devs of them told me themselves last year - they were working as late as 2016. And that's just the 'easily available' ones.

    To my dismay they also revealed the names of 3-4 people I used to respect in the game, as cheaters. People who not only subscribed to cheat sites - but increased hitboxes since the very start. You thought they were good? ofc you did. With that much help - and ESP to boot, you never had a chance to start with.

    Today there are 3 active cheater outfits on my former server Cobalt. Not all of them use it but enough that if you are intellectually honest; you will experience their strange behavior. Of that I have no doubt.

    The hitbox cheat still does work fyi. Several gentleman in the higher rungs of the NC community use it, as does a considerable portion of the more competant element of 3EPG. A fairly common combo, is soft bone locking (body tracking) and no recoil adjustment. Enough to give you an edge - not enough to give you crazy stats.

    Dont let people who are cheating trick you with (to be fair, fairly valid) regular game 'features'. Lag, compensation, movement experience and general - are real things yes. I see them used by good players. Mustarde, Moukass and others are amongst them. But give yourselves some credit. Things like Radar darts, stealth and so forth - are in the game for a reason. Most people pass you by in game (even vets) if the tools aren't up - because thats the whole purpose of having them.

    When HA's have the awareness of motion spotters, without using them. When they snipe whole rooms, tanking endless amounts of damage (and yes ive watched you hydra, with perfect internet and in squads playing with you LOL) and walking out with barely a medkit - that is NOT legitimate gameplay of any kind whatsoever. Don't be fooled. The game is rife with it, always has been. And I say that as 3.2-5 KD infantry only player, who was 'good enough' at spotting this nonsense - but had it confirmed by the cheat sellers themselves.

    To those of you who bought cheats and denied it, I believed you once. I was like alot of people. Shame on you. You know who you are.
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  13. Mardevian

    To the above: note that i nowhere denied that cheaters exist. They do. However, in my *extensive* playtime i can count the number of times i've encountered obvious ones on one hand.

    You should probably examine the meaning of the word "apologetic", because that's not how you use that term, just a friendly fyi.
    The fact of the matter is that many, MANY players' initial reaction to being killed unexpectedly is "that was not legit", when in fact there are countless ways it could have been entirely legit. From lag, to sheer luck, to voice comms you are not party to alerting your supposed unsuspecting target to your presence, to just plain and simple better play.

    If you are so sure about very specific players, I'd suggest you provide DBG with evidence (at least circumstantial) of their activities.

    The game is far for being flooded by cheaters though, and i've yet to see any of this affect, say, continent-locking alerts adversely.
  14. saronyogg

    The main problem behind this is some classes are overpowered, like infiltrators,
    With thermals, there was some counter measures
    But now the only way to counter them is ANOTHER INFILTRATOR, which is not balanced, some people either are better with other classes, or dont want to use infiltrators at that moment.
  15. WinterAero


    1. a person who offers an argument in defence of something controversial.
    I am aware of the meaning. Perhaps its you who misunderstand my usage. By my career, I deal with the idiotic islamic ideology daily. So that was my comparison reference.
    Saying cheats aren't abundant, is about as true as the phrase 'Islam is a religion of peace'.
    Either way, thanks for you time. You may want to review the various cheat websites, especially the membership lists where available. They are very enlightening. Especially when many in this community are so devoid of a brain, they use the same names.
  16. AlcyoneSerene

    In your words, "The game is far for being flooded by cheaters" except in similar FPS online games (not naming it) the developers admit to "Ban Waves" that happen every few months. That's for an up-front cost to play. This is F2P.

    "9/10 times complaints about cheaters are utterly unfounded."
    I can make up statistics too. 0.1% of the time I've received haxusations, a sum total of 2 tells. Even accepted a friend request to show to the person their haxusation is unfounded over time played, and it was 2 or 3 lucky sniper headshots in a row on their predictable running through an open field.

    "I say that as a very experienced player"
    BR103 & BR~87, 2K+ h logged on steam, free2play. Your turn.

    "Actual hackers are usually far too obvious to miss."
    Usually? Nevermind what we wrote so far, about subtle use of cheats that give an edge while remaining invisible to both streamers watching and statistics.

    I'd like to record their gameplay, but I don't have spectator cam (nor want it) like in other games to see their aimbot snapping random heads in a crowd milliseconds apart without fail. Don't have recording software. Recording, storing, sifting through and uploading large videos to try to show the invisible/wallclipper is by no means definitive. That's why battleeye needs to improve, reports to be followed up, hardware id/ip bans issued for those 100% discovered to cheat in any way.
  17. Mardevian

    a) I am not defending cheating, nor anything related to that. Think hard about what you are implying, before attempting to condescend.

    b) I'm not going into your ***-backwards comparison and attempt to sidestep into a baiting topic for Alt Right morons.

    c) If you have evidence of cheaters, ESPECIALLY evidence of SPECIFIC players by name on membership lists for these sites etc, why have you not provided DBG with this evidence? I find it highly, highly doubtful that nothing would be undertaken in light of such apparently ample evidence. Avoiding automatic detection is one thing, escaping specific scrutiny quite another.

    Also as far as the general argument about "it's an F2P game", IP bans are a thing. If you are now going to go into "yeah but VPNs" etc...there are limits to what you can do at some point.

    As far as my own experience, BR99 myself.

    By all means, let's have improvements and better detection. The game is outdated in more ways than one, and more can definitely be done. I just find it ironic that some of you apparently have in-depth knowledge about very specific cheaters, but would rather rant about it in posts than invest the same energy into reporting them. Honestly, if some of you really have access to membership lists and can actually correlate ingame accounts, there shouldn't be much of an issue here.
  18. WinterAero

    Ah good, I was hoping to antagonise that sort of response. People like you are so easy to predict, its almost boring.

    Your reaction says an awful lot about you. But lets not delve into that, anyone reading with an IQ above ten will know what I mean anyway.

    I made the comparison, because I figured you'd resort to insults. Alt right morons? Telling the truth about a subject doesn't make anyone stupid. But with that sort of attitude - its not much of a leap to make the assumption that you are dishonest elsewhere.

    I was BR100 on all three factions likely before you even started the game. Not a boast really, many people who started back then are. Its why our experience and knowledge is actually fairly high. We know the game inside and out. So sorry if I was supposed to be impressed by your smug remarks. I'm not. Too much water under the bridge.

    People like you are either cheaters (I wont say you are - because I dont even know you or care too), or more likely - the pea brained apologizers and denial specialists who allowed actual cheaters to get away with it for so long. With your claims of 'hurr durr hardly anyone cheats.

    So lets make it very very simple. This game has a dwindling playerbase on PC. However, across the various cheat sites and not all that long ago - the interest in those forums, and downloads, was in the THOUSANDS.

    I'll let you do the math, considering the games failing popularity.

    Many people came across cheaters and when that community told them to 'get gud'. They did sure enough. They downloaded programs that WORK, as proven by their many forum posts on private hack sites.

    Or are you going to tell me that these dozens of players have discussions in private ...about things that dont even work...for the hell of it? What would even be the point.

    Deny it all you like. I don't play anymore, beyond the few times a friend that does asks me to draw vehicles or have a muck about. You suffer from the same attitude as most, arrogance and a smug bigotry that really isn't worth dealing with.

    I've said what I came to. You don't like it? Go cry somewhere to someone who cares.
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  19. Voodoo4500

    I chatted with a cheater about 2 weeks ago who instantly killed me 6 times in a row. All he does is use a simple external push button switch on his network cable to produce lag when needed. There is nothing you can do to stop him since it isn't software based.
  20. JobiWan

    I play mostly on Miller.