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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AtotehZ, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. AtotehZ

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to a LAN and we're probably going to be playing a lot of Planetside 2. Many of us don't know each other personally so it's hard to communicate in advance about which games to have installed on arrival.

    Is there a way to download a full and relatively updated client so we won't have to download all the updates 20 times?

  2. RobotNinja

    You're going to this big LAN party and are "probably going to be playing a lot of Planetside 2" but "it's hard to communicate in advance about which games to have installed on arrival."

    First off, if Planetside 2 is going to be prominently featured at this Lan party then if I were attending I'd assume I should probably install it before arriving. is it hard to communicate? How was the Lan organized in the first place? Email? Forums? Messaging? This sounds like another Tumblr DashCon fiasco in the making. Please don't tell me you have a ball pit.
  3. NC_agent00kevin

    Every good LAN has a ball pit.
  4. DashTech

    Just download a fresh install somewhere and you can copy the files from one computer to another in your preferred fashion. When you run the launcher for the first time it'll validate the files before downloading them again.
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  5. AtotehZ

    You have no idea what kind of LAN it is and yet you make that many assumptions. Why did you make a comment here if you didn't have anything to add? I told you how it is, I won't hold it against you if you don't believe me.

    Thanks everyone else! I wasn't sure that that was possible. I did a fresh install on my computer yesterday, I'll just make a copy of that.

    Just to make sure I've got it right.
    1. I give the other players a copy of my fresh installation.
    2. I make them place it in the same directory as the install directory.
    3. When PS2_setup.exe is started it starts verifying the files found in the install directory.

    Is that it?
  6. Reavenant

    For example if you have PS2 installed FROM STEAM:
    A. If they have Steam installed:

    1. Copy the planetside2 folder from xxx\Steam\Steamapps\Common
    2. Place that copy in their catalog xxx\Steam\Steamapps\Common
    3. Copy the file appmanifest_218230 from Steam\Steamapps (that's mine, but you can open those manifest files with notepad, just look for the one which has 'planetside2' anywhere inside)
    4. Place that appmanifest file in their Steam\Steamapps
    5. Run the steam client, the game should appear in your friend's game list
    6. Run the game and wait for file check
    7. Play and have fun

    B. If they don't have Steam:

    1. Copy the Planetside2 folder from your games (wherever you have it)
    2. Place it somewhere at your friend's harddrive
    3. Run the game, it 'should' work fine.

    If your buddies don't have Steam, then just follow the steps in B and it should work. Also, option A should work for any game which can be downloaded from Steam for free, I've tested that for couple of games so far.
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  7. AtotehZ

    Thanks a lot man. That actually helps me with a few games.

    Team Fortress 2

    Trackmania Nations Forever

    DotA 2


    I'm preparing a list of games for people to play. The ones who has the brains to have things running when they arrive are not the ones I'm preparing these installs for naturally.
  8. Reavenant

    Glad I could help :) I've found that after my recent OS reinstall. Like I wrote it 'should' work for free games, and it used to work for PS2 in the past too, I hope it still works :D
  9. AtotehZ

    There's something I can assist you with in return btw :) the appmanifest file has the same number as the appid. The appid is always the same.

    The appid for PlanetSide2 on steam is always 218230.