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  1. oTec

    Regarding the new implant system, i don't know if this is a bug or not.
    But my existing NC character had quite some implants and energy and the only thing i received were the 2 standard implants evry new character got and 225 ISO-4 energy while my new vs character made today has got the same implants and a whopping 100k+ ISO-4.

    This surely can't be correct?

    My NC account, both standard implants lv1:

    My new VS account, both standard implants already upgraded to max lv:

  2. OldCuban


    God damn you people are dense.

    Of course it isn't right, it's an oversight on their end.

    But thanks for pointing it out for them, now they'll " fix " that too.
  3. Eternaloptimist

    Definitely wrong! 100,000 ISO-4 :eek: . You get 25 for each duplicate implant you break down. IDK how much per implant or charger when they converted them.
  4. oTec

    Don't be daft, not a single dev reads this forum :D
  5. OldCuban

  6. Zagareth

    That might be true, but a lot trolls, idi*ts and whatelse read it... just a traitorous report to RadarX and your "gain" is lost :confused:
    Personally I dont mind...
  7. BrbImAFK

    Look.... we get it. You're angry. So am I. But quit spamming every thread on the forums with the same damned post!
  8. Shpiler Killer

    just saying ..
  9. Zathrus

    well people are reacting badly to the PS2 dev. Team's mutation from game developer to scam builder.

    This latest implant change is nothing but an overt money grab... it is quite obvious.
    For them to think... that exchanging all of my tier 3/4 implants for these two worthless ones and 6K in upgrade points would be an acceptable exchange is ludicrous. They knew we would not like it... or... they do not understand the game they built. They do not care... they are making a money grab.
  10. Exitus Acta Probat

    Whats the date today?
  11. Zathrus

    well today has nothing to do with it... what they did to my account they did yesterday. It is no different today than it was yesterday.