Isn't it pretty alarming that the playerbase doesn't even know what the VS trait is supposed to be?

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  1. Ztiller

    Such as?
  2. MajiinBuu

    I don't find it alarming at all, or even true at all
  3. Tentakewls

    It doesn't apply to our LMG, or myabe it did and they got nerfed.
    COF Stand ADS while Moving:
    Pulsar VS 1: .25
    T1 Cycler: .3
    NC1 Gauss Rifle: .3
    Exactly the same happens for the Merc/Trac-5/Solstice and weapons that are similar like the Carnage and Terminus.The thing is, I'm pretty sure the Devs usually forget about this trait since it's not always present ( Serpent and GD-7F or H-V45 and GR-22 )
    As for the reload I know is not much of an advantage and it's an excuse to keep us competitive, but on equivalent weapons ( like Serpent and GD-7F ) VS always have lower reload time but in general VS low damage per mag is a massive disadvantage ( which is probably why I love TR guns so much ) and compared to NC, the difference in reload times is usually negligible. So yeah, faster reload is a trait...just a really bad when you compare it to higher damage per mag.
  4. doombro

    The lasher and PPA type weapons especially embody this. You basically have a steady stream of damage you can maintain for a fairly long period of time. And there's also standard weapons like the solstice that have a mediocre DPS and a high first shot multiplier, followed by very low recoil and a short reload speed, allowing the user to maintain a consistent flow of damage output.
  5. BadAsElite

    I had to stop and laugh right here. Shotguns ROFL!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. minhalexus

    I do not really see what traits have to do with anything.
    As long as stuff is balanced, everything is fine.

    Gun handling and sound differences are the only traits in infantryside 2.
  7. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Everyone knows it's "no bullet drop." The problem is that the only weapons that actually have "no bullet drop" are the ones where bullet drop doesn't matter. And on the ones where it does matter (e.g., Magrider main gun), VS has the worst bullet drop in the game.
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  8. z1967

    Realistically, the VS have traits that just aren't as apparent as the NC and TR traits. And by apparent I mean TTK modifying. If VS weapons had a higher HS multiplier or didn't have damage drop off then that would be cool.
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  9. Vixxing

    Well Phaseshift had somthing unique before straight-pull, you could get 2 headshots in one scope... now with BASR and straightpull and hold breath III you can get 5 headshots in the same time as you get 2 with Phaseshift... (although with better damage and projectilespeed and no silly chargedelay)
  10. Regpuppy

    Infantry-wise? The only faction that has a noticeable trait is TR's magazine size and the few guns in TR/NC arsenal with a unique damage tier. Everyone has carbon copies, or close enough, to most of the other factions guns.

    Though, admittedly, VS has always felt like TR with spandex to me.
  11. DrPapaPenguin

    Actually in a situation where you constantly face enemies by 1s or 2s, fast reload is miles ahead of high-cap slow-reload weapons, because it's far more sustainable.
  12. Littleman

    VS is all about efficiency. Tanks that can strafe and keep armor facing the enemy. Bullets that don't drop (yes this counts especially with a siilencer) av that has near instantaneous travel times. They try to stamp out any inconveniences.
  13. RHINO_Mk.II

    Natural night camouflage.
  14. Revanmug

    Well, I can tell you what isn't alarming and it's having another VS thread from Ztiller. After 3-4 thread a week, you get used to the spam.
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  15. z1967

    They actually have the slowest velocities in the game IIRC. NS has the fastest (except the NS-11C...) and NC comes in a close second IIRC.
  16. DxAdder

    Camo Coverage is prob the only thing the VS have going for them.

    No Bullet Drop (Dosen't apply to all weapons)
    Charge up Weapons (Not what I would call a perk )
    Mobility ( Only have one ES vehicle so I guess it's true) and I really can't comment on the Scythe.

    Overall nothing bad but nothing that really stands out either.
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  17. Aegie

    Most people know what these are but there are still those who write those off and then say "see look, if we say this and that and this are not traits then VS has no traits!". I think the difficulty some people have here is that TR and NC are positioned at the poles of the Damage*ROF equation and that means VS tends to be in the middle here- this is not saying there are no traits just that if you are looking for a trait in the Damage*ROF equation then it is "in the middle".
  18. Ronin Oni

    VS are mobility.

    ZOE, Magburner (hell, Magrider period), faster reloads, and 2 .75 ADS LMG's all showcase this. (admittedly ZOE is terrible at it now... when it worked it was OP lel)

    No Drop is NOT a faction trait... it's a hailback to pre-launch beta days when it was but it now only exists on a couple weapons where it makes any impact at all. (Battle Rifle, Vortex & Lancer)
  19. Nanomorph

    Oh man, I went over all this with you already as Plunutsud inb4 lock :)
  20. Koldorn

    Which I still say is complete bull@#^* that needs to be fixed.
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