Isn't it pretty alarming that the playerbase doesn't even know what the VS trait is supposed to be?

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  1. Ztiller

    The TR are Dakka. Large mags, high RoF. Everybody knows that.

    The NC are Hard-hitting and heavy armor. Shotguns and Shields. Also well recognized.

    But whenever the VS faction trait is brought up, we have 50 different ideas of what the trait actually is.

    Whenever a new player asks about the faction traits, the NC and TR gets clear answers but the VS always gets these fuzzy confused answers.

    No bullet drop? No, it's not that. Mobility? Not really. Versatility? Doesn't seem like it. Fast reloads? Low recoil? Not really a trait. 0.75 ADS? Nope. Spandex? That's probably the only consistent one...

    Every time faction traits are brought up, the comment fields are filled with people who have their own speculation of what the VS are actually supposed to be. But nobody really know. People are just speculating based on their experiences.

    If that's not an indication that's something is wrong with our Faction trait, then i don't know what is.
  2. Maelthra

    I thought our faction trait was camo coverage...or maybe the color purple?
  3. MostlyClueless

    Low recoil, fast reloads. No bullet drop I GUESS, but that's a bit of a gimmick and not really much to crow over.

    Problem is it's easy to notice a fast rate of fire or high damage bullet. Low recoil and quick reloads tend to go un-noticed. Well until you change from TR to VS and are all "Oh **** that was quick" before the shock wears off and you begin to pine for your 40 round mags again.
  4. DrPapaPenguin

    Does it actually matter? No bullet drop is the official one, but with factiontraits blurring, does anyone actually care any more?
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  5. vsae

    Vanu trait is camo coverage and fabulous looks.
  6. Verviedi

    It's giving up actual power to have things that are fun to use.
  7. Plunutsud pls

    Vanu traits:

    - No bullet drop
    - Charge up mechanic
    - High splash damage
    - Underpop on most servers :-(
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  8. Axehilt

    It would be alarming if they weren't different or weren't balanced. But since their stuff is unique, fun, and generally balanced, it's fine. Worrying that you can't conveniently boil an entire empire's identity to a simple, conveniently-encapsulates-it-all term just isn't worth the effort.
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  9. Tentakewls

    That's because "Low recoil" is not a VS trait at all:
    Horizontal Recoil:

    NC > VS > TR

    Vertical Recoil:

    TR > VS > NC

    Also, VS has the highest FSRM on average, which means we have the worst weapons when it comes to bursts. VS traits are:
    No bullet Drop
    Faster Reload
    Higher accuracy while ADS and moving
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  10. FateJH

    Yes, there are people who (continue to) care.
  11. MostlyClueless

    Pretty sure those are the wrong way round. Also not even true, I haven't compared literally every weapon but most VS weapons have both a lower Horizontal and Vertical recoil than their TR and NC equivalents, with exceptions for some guns like the Carnage (Which unsurprisingly, doesn't feel like an NC weapon when you use it)
  12. Surmise

    Isnt it pretty alarming that the player base forumside is focused on absolutely irrelevant topics like these, when the game itself is pretty damn dull these days, 0 serious content except copy paste same guns that work the same way, and you are suggesting for some "special" faction traits ?

    As for the stuff you posted, no offense but you seem either clueless or you are not looking at stuff from the real perspective.
    Real perspective is, TR is known for high ROF +800rpm, boom the NC have 800rpm AR, 850rpm smg, 850rpm Carbine and VS have vx dash 7 800rpm, 800 RPM AR and 850rpm Serpent carbine.

    Boom NC is known for having special shotguns, the real shotgun faction boooom the other two factions have every shotgun NC has except Jackhammer which is extremely similiar to PA one the other two factions have too.

    Boom VS is true balanced faction trait vise, true story
    • special Two ez pz LMGs with 700, 750 Rof, no bullet drop, lower horizontal recoil than other faction equivalents with 0.75 ADS speed on top of that all( not even mentioning that Orion has same hipfire Cof with 1 laser sight as mswr with double laser sight) check
    • all infantry hitscan weapons have no bullet drop except snipers check
    • Special magrider hovering strafing tank check
    • Special looking/very specific hitbox type ESF , check
    • Special aesthetics on infantry that look horrible without camos/composite armor, check
    • VS faction is unique because of all above, check
    theres probably lot more but cant think of atm
    ztiller do you even play this game dude, focus on relevant stuff please, like how to improve the game in terms of having a long lasting effect on the game world and stuff like that, this stuff you post here is extremely irrelevant and has been covered so many times to this day, think of it a bit, we need more players not more faction traits
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  13. Surmise

  14. Tentakewls

    Actually it's neither...sorta:

    Vertical recoil:

    NC > TR > VS

    Horizontal recoil:

    TR > VS > NC


    VS > TR > NC

    The easiest way is to just check starter weapons since they are supposed to be the most representative, but it's still the same on "equivalent weapons" to a degree like the H-V45/TAR/GR-22
  15. MostlyClueless

    The vertical and FSRM mirror makes sense, since a lower vertical recoil needs a higher FSRM to have the same sort of 'kick' to that first shot.

    Odd that NC are the lowest as I love the SABR-13 for it's unusually low FSRM but I guess one gun doesn't make an average.
  16. Nanomorph

    Nailed it.

    Especially the underpop part :(
  17. Tentakewls

    VS weapons have the lowest projectile speed. If VS weapons are "hitscan" then all weapons are. Or maybe you just don't know what hitscan means.
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  18. Ikissyourface

    the vs trait is that they wear purple which makes it hard to spot at night which is cheesy, their scythe is cheesy, their magrider is super cheesy, they like to play infiltrator which is uber cheesy, so that's why they lose all the time. That's the vs trait being cheesy and losing.
  19. Koldorn

    -No bullet drop, unless it would be useful...
    -Charge up mechanics! See an enemy? Why engage now? Be a sport and give him three seconds to acknowledge and fire back.
    -High splash damage... except that would be OP. So it's like 20 damage splash, on the lowest performing ES Heavy weapon.
    -Purple! ... Except our shielding and dominant visual color is teal...
    -Low recoil! ... except a first shot multiplier that will make the gun literally fly out of your hands.
    -Fast reloads! ... but not to fast. This is dangerously close to a unique trait.

    Want to see them all in action? Behold; the phaseshift!
    With it's unique ammo-less charge core, the phas-- what do you mean ammo-less wasn't a trait? Hang on...

    -Ammo-less weapons: we only have one. But it's a proof of concept.

    *ahem* Ammo-less charge coil that can power up a bolt of energy (not plasma! No drop in action!) and launch it out at a blistering 500m/s. Only slightly slower then the starting carbine! This projectile is so deadly... that it will require a charged blast-headshot, and followup shot to kill a basic light assault at 151m or greater.

    Doesn't that all sound great? I know, too good to be true. So to balance it... here is your complimentary pair of deep purple form hugging spandex. Just try them on. No, not later. Now. Let me help...
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  20. Irathi

    VS factions traits based on PS1 that appears to have survived in PS2;

    • Spandex
    • Hovering magriders (in ps1 VS had more vehicles that could do this like the Thresher)
    • Splash damage (only LMG with splash/area damage)
    I guess speed could be considered a faction trait, fast ADS, magburner, zealot overdrive.