[ISK] Immortal Serial Killers - Miller

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Renegade, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. MrKoronas

    Bumpty bump
  2. Tywar

    Hi guys... Nice fight tonight on Amerish at Wokuk Watchtower... Remember: FDS never surrender :)

    [FDS] Co-Leader Tywar
  3. Yloh

    Up for more pie.
  4. Rocksuperstar

    Aw, this is nostalgic, and kinda relevant i suppose - i was a regular meat shield under the ISK badge for... i dunno far too long in PS1, and for a short while in Beta too. Sadly, it seems i can't use my old name, either someone has swiped it or the name i used in Beta is locked away in some dusty vault (tho same account, so a bit confusing), so Littlesthobo is no longer and YoureMyWifeNowDave takes the field.

    Either way, i appear to still be magnetic to anything bullet or shell shaped, so not much changes...

    TAKE ME BACK, You schmexy sombatches, i'll park a Sundy anywhere you need it.
  5. ISKNemesis

    Shameless bump

    We are still Recruiting new players of all levels, The're is no skill in PS2 after all :p , If you like PIE and banter on TS then come join the fun
  6. MrEclectic

    Bump for greater justice. These guys are amazing and a joy to play with.
  7. DerUnf4ssbare

    Whats up Nem? :cool:

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  10. Sworaven

    Hyperion OP! Nerf Hyperion!
  11. DerUnf4ssbare

    *tva bump*
    off to the front page with you! shoo!
  12. S0LAR15

    I'm SOLAR15 from 1TNC on Cobalt. I'm here to try and contact you regarding one of your players in the 31/5/14 server smash. Do you have a TS I can come to and further discuss it with you. Alternatively you can come to our mumble or TS if you prefer.


  13. BesQpin

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  15. r4zor

    Bumping this thread ;)

    Recruitment is still open and we are still looking for organised but also for casual players that enjoy cooperative teamplay.
    If you have any questions regarding ISK or just want to team up, feel free to send us a /tell :)

    (We are also taking newer players and will gladly help them to get along ingame as good as we can.)
  16. Rocksuperstar


    Oi, any of you bumlords still active? Not fired a shot in anger (or by accident, which is nice) since November 2016 but

    <<< Hobo

    I have no idea what I'm doing.