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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Renegade, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Renegade

    Brief History and Overview

    Faction: Vanu Sovereignty
    Region: EU
    Play Style & Combat Role: Teamwork, Orgainsed platoons

    Immortal Serial Killers was formed on the 20th May 2003 when Planetside 1 Launched where a group of online gamers whose talents and ambition encouraged them to collaborate in creating a successful outfit which grew to be one of the most respected outfits for the Vanu sovereignty on Werner with leaders such as the famous Enrico (1st CR5) and ISKNemesis, where with other outfits we regularly won the daily map and the VS was 1st empire to paint the whole world purple!

    Of course it isn't all serious! The point of any game is to have fun, and that is our end goal. We like to joke and mess around, but when it comes time to get down and dirty we take care of business..

    We are an organized, active and mature Multi-Game Clan and mainly consist of adults between the ages of 18-50, a certain level of maturity is required.

    • Respect your fellow players. This includes all players, whether they are in ISK or not.
    • We always try to have fun, play as a squad and use teamwork .

    General information

    Our outfit is looking for active players who like organized teamwork and follow waypoints while listening or communicating via Teamspeak. Language : English. Once or twice per week we organize event squads. More info once accepted into outfit. Before becoming full member you will be in a status "recruit" for 1 week.


    Now, If you like what you see and hear please register on our website. Once your registration is confirmed, please log on to the forums and introduce yourself.
    You can also in game add as friend RenegadeCZ or ISKNemesis to contact them.

    Website : http://www.immortalserialkillers.com/index.php
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  2. Shinrah

    Old School outfits gotta bump each other, so there you go!
    Btw, Enrico still making an appearance from time to time? Saw him at the launch a couple of times but has been a while. Anyway great outfit if they´re anything like in PS1 you should consider them.
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  3. Renegade

    Hey thanks for the support ;-)
    Enrico isn't active anymore. At least what I know. But I'm part of ISK since beta.
  4. Shinrah

    Ah, too bad. Was always fun back in PS1 when he was leading the Zerg :>
  5. Shinrah

    You guys need to take better care of your Recruitment Thread! Here, let me perform some
  6. Gorion

    Nice action again yesterday...

    ah and of course:

  7. Renegade

    Thx guys it was fun. Can't wait for the next update. At the moment it's just we take a continent and over night we loose it.

    BUMP :)
  8. MrKoronas

    Hey I am the Leader of Emerald Immersion and I would Like to propose an alliance. If you could send me your TS3 details I can join and discuss things.
  9. HuntTheWind

    It's been a great start of april.
  10. Pella

    GGs all round yesterday on Amerish guys. Had some interesting fights.
  11. Elia Chobanov

    Bump. Proud member of ISK, just wanted to say this is a great outfit. And all the members are great lads. I'm having tons of fun with you. :eek:
  12. SebDollar

    Bump for Bureas being one of the coolest VS pilots i ever met
    ISK always puts up a good fight!!
    (please stop shooting down my galaxy :()
  13. DerUnf4ssbare

    Hey hey ISK!
    Friendly *bump* from DRUCKWELLE. :)
  14. dangermouse

    bump because I care
  15. Notiz

    greetings from the DIGT :D
  16. Agemman

    I tried registering on your website a few days ago, but I have yet not received any activation email. It is not caught in any spam filter either. I registered under the same nick as here.
  17. ValorousBob

    Bumping another great TVA outfit. UBAD regularly rolls with ISK because they're chill bros and know their stuff. If you want a medium sized outfit who plays as a team, ISK is a great choice.

    EDIT: posted this in the DIGT thread but forgot to post it here:

    From a Miller TR in a thread in the General Discussion forum.
  18. Notiz

    ISK (especialy stigma) very often rolls out with our late-night-spandax-service.

    bump for being good chaps on the battlefield
  19. SirIBON

    Greetings, i had only the last hour together with you in the Clash and I enjoy it :)
    My mates spoke well about the teamwork with the you, the ISK over the whole Time.
    Let us try this again at the next Clash. I hope, to stay the whole time.
  20. ValorousBob

    Bumping again. VC ISK and UBAD had a combined platoon today, lead by ISKNemesis and [VC]Stanis. We dominated an Amp Station Alert (6/9) with the help of our TVA allies.

    VC are awesome too but I can't find their recruitment thread... Both great medium sized outfits with ISK being mainly infantry, and VC starting to do infantry with air support fairly often.