Is worth returning back?

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  1. xLluisett

    Hi planetpeople. I want to buy a ps5 Slim in Christmas just for play to planetside 2. Maybe i will find my old nsops br 69 character with the nickname changed,in that case i will start the game from 0 with a main faction. But i want to know if is worth returning to ps server. I spend 60 euros in daybreak cash if in any case i return to PS2. So is worth or i will get bored of low pop?
  2. VV4LL3

    Depends on what was the reason you left in the first place, and how long ago? Things may not have changed since and it would be a waste of your time OR perhaps some of the changes in the recent year(s) addressed the issues that deteriorated your gaming experience and satisfaction.
  3. xLluisett

    Principal reason toxicity in global chat,mine or from others,but i find a solution to not be toxic me or other people,block chat window. I know that the same people will play or is still playing,but hey if you hate me still i put myself in the middle of combat and leave you kill me for free. Is a game after all. You Will like to kill me over and over? Deal!!! If this relax you. Also i do not think i will play much,only at moments of the day,lastly in my Xbox console i play 10 seconds and shutdown the console.

    If i return to the game and my nso nickname changed,i will start a new main faction character,possibly vanu.

  4. xLluisett

    I see again anyway that It will be a waste of time playing again on any game console. Yes,is better not return. I have other problems right now. I not have time to do mental karate with anyone,because you do again the same as 3 years ago. Yes vvall3 you have reason,is a waste of time,sadly.
  5. -Zlodey-

    Main issue - "Unstable" continents in off hours. One of the biggest devs mistakes that actively kills this game in low online hours. Game's maps restricted only to three lattice lines for HOURS. All other areas of the map are grey, and you cant even spawn there.
    As result, players fight at same and same hexes in same and same places (1-3 maximum), which became even worce than playing on endless "Metro 24/7" maps in Battlefield.
    No more old freedom of PlanetSide.
    People just leaving.
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  6. VV4LL3

    Sadly, the one of the main controls to manage toxicity in game does not work -- the in game reporting tool. As a result, players are forced to report via email, with screen captures, all added steps that insulate and slow down the pruning process.

    If that was your main reason for leaving, I would not recommend coming back since your gaming experience would still encounter those individuals in greater numbers.
  7. xLluisett

    Actually i have my parents in hospital,but that is another history.
  8. VV4LL3

    Sorry to hear and hope all turns out as well as they can.