Is vehicles in Biolabs the new trend?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DarkStarAnubis, May 28, 2020.

  1. DarkStarAnubis

    I see more and more vehicles in Biolabs in the last weeks, there must be some new trick to bring them in. I am aware it is farming ground for infantry but to see:


    isn't a little bit too much?
  2. Campagne

    ANVILs on the landing pads?

    One would imagine a vehicle couldn't survive in the tight and densely-packed confines of the interior dome with infantry everywhere, but I guess not?
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  3. Demigan

    They use something I've advocated for since an eternity: allied infantry. A Harasser in the middle of a sea of allied infantry is a lot harder to C4 than a lone vehicle out in the open as infantry has a lot more situational awareness to avoid getting killed too fast.
    Mount a Kobalt or something on top and go to town!
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  4. Johannes Kaiser

    We've done it with a friend's Lawnmower ANT (radar and Kobalt), it got stuck quite regularly and was relatively easily taken out by enterprising LAs with C4.
    1) Bring LAs with you to guard the roofs when doing that.
    2) Maybe bring something smaller than an ANT, however useful its small arms immunity may sound.
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  5. TRspy007

    Don't even bother with that light vehicle stuff.

    Just pull a heavy ANVIL, grab an armor kobalt bus, get your gunners to put down their spitfires (that's 6+ turrets that will do much more than the morons that serve as teammates) and then go to town!

    I wouldn't really advise the ESF because that's just food for my Kraken. Ofc, if you are a confident pilot, and think you can dodge rockets in a bio, then go ahead.
  6. TRspy007

    Go big or go home. If it's not an armor bus or an MBT, are you really a MLG pro?

    And get everyone to put down spitfires, it's quite lifesaving.

    Saw a dude get a hesh kobalt vanguard in a Allatum. He was invincible because his whole squad had put a dozen + spitfires to cover my flanks.
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  7. Liewec123

    yeah anvil has made it a lot easier,
    though we've always had Rashnu Biolab and its big rock jump that lets vehicles with boosts get up there :)
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