IS TKing an easy way to uproot an enemy sniper?

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  1. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    I have been noticing lately a bit of a scary trend that is happening with my infiltrator. I will be in a nice hiding spot sniping till my hearts content, when all of a sudden I am TKd by a battle rank 1 person. This has happened to me more than a couple times and I have reported it every time, but I imagine they are deleting that toon after TKing me. It seems they are logging in after being shot a few times and using the map to find me and kill me. Has this happened to anyone else or am I imagining this and its just a coincidence?
  2. D0n

    Sure, why not.

    This is Conspiracyside 2.
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  3. Llaf

    Never happened to me and I've never done that to anyone else, however I wouldn't be surprised if people were doing that, I've seen far worse. Normally when I'm sniping and another sniper spots me I'll follow his tracer if he didnt headshot me, spot him, and cloak over and stab him in the back, that usually works out pretty well for me.
  4. LiquidGG


    its just noobs who see you popping out of stealth and shooting you. happened to me alot too. i even get killed by BR10+ because my camo fits the terrain perfectly. people are just bad, thats all.
  5. QuantumMechanic

    I would be impressed that the loser went to such great lengths to find and kill me. Then, I'd continue sniping.
  6. MadcowwithSwineFlu

    Ah OK, wasn't sure. Was not trying to create a conspiracy either was just curious if it happens. It not happening a lot or not being a wide spread phenomena is a good sign and I have a little more hope for humanity... :)
  7. square

    how does that work out at all?

    you can't run towards a sniper after he body shots you, unless he is alone and really bad
  8. Llaf

    Sure you can, hide after you take the first shot, he thinks your sitting in cover so he waits for you. You cloak and back out of your cover, using terrain to as much of your advantage as possible to save cloak energy, then when you know you are in a position to flank, pop full cloak and sprint across whatever distance is between you and him. He will most likely be scoping in on something and not focusing on his flanks, in which case you just walk up on him and stab him. If hes not there, keep looking and pray he doesnt see you first. Most of the time I get there before they move. I guess the trick is knowing whether you can make the run or not, use your better judgement I suppose.

    I do this alllllllllllllll the time to prevent myself from getting into a slugging match with an enemy sniper. I absolutely hate scope to scope headshot duels. Most snipers expect you to do that and eagerly await your face to pop out. I say **** that and run over to them and stab them, then I usually think to myself "remember me mother ******?". It works like 90% of the time I'm not kidding.
  9. LiquidGG

    did you ever try to snipe somebody who is sprinting towards your position while bunnyhoping, strafing left and right and shooting at you / keeping you supressed? it works 90% to kill the sniper in cqc unless he is lucky to pull out a few headshots with his pistol or headshot you with his sniper (luck shot)
  10. square

    but cloak doesn't work like that in this game, you'll be seen as soon as you start running whether you're cloaked or not

    I guess maybe you know something I don't

    sure, but someone else will kill you :/
  11. Llaf

    Yea, I do. It's called using the terrain to your advantage to avoid line of sight. Of COURSE he's gonna see you if you just try to run straight at him, even cloaked. You just can't do it that way(Although I used to at first and surprisingly didn't get killed as much as you might think), you have to back out slowly under the safety of your cloak, examine the terrain around you and choose the path of least resistance, I.E. the path with the most rocks/hills, general LoS blocking terrain attributes. As I said, use your better judgement to determine if the situation is right for this kind of maneuver, it doesn't always work.
  12. square

    alright that makes sense, but why bother cloaking at all?
  13. Llaf

    So other people you aren't aware of hopefully miss you from the corner of their eye. If you're gonna do it you gotta go all the way. You don't want to risk getting spotted by Joe Schmoe heavy assault way up in a tower 300 meters away somewhere just because hes spamming the Q button and sees some random black dot crossing a field.
  14. square

    oh right I forgot cloaking disables the spot key thing

    maybe it's not as useless as I thought
  15. p1aydead

    i sometimes get a galaxy on the enemy faction and start ramming all their aircrafts to cripple their air superiority when they stay as a confined single zerg. I do this because i can, and i've seen it plenty of time when my squad has held of an enemy platoon for an hour in one location so they made character on our side to blow up our sunderer with rockets because we where smart enough to park it under cover so the lib couldn't hit it.

    it makes no sense to allow you to make a different faction character on the same server in this game, it only encourages more briefing. An organized outfit could simply have spies on the enemy faction to give them intel on where to go.
  16. Llaf

    I certed into tank mines on my "opposite" character on Helios. Let's just say a few "friendly" sunderers in some key locations magically disappeared that day.

    Oh, not to mention the hilarity of blocking an active vehicle spawn with an engineer turret. The auto-move to force the player off the pad means they have no control of their vehicle and are forced to stay on the pad with the turret blocking them. With a lot of people trying to spawn vehicles and not paying attention to the pad what you get is tons of people unknowingly TK'ing each other by spawning vehicles, and putting vehicles on CD. Hilarious how one man in the right place can literally stop an entire empires zerg with a turret. One man army.
  17. The King

    Happened to me a couple of times.
    I was sniping behind a tree, but moving from tree to tree and then my teammate knifed me. I watched him run to me and I turned around. He just knifed me. lol..
    Level 1.

    For the person who ran me over and said get out of the way(1 person), I will put explosives on his ride and when he gets shot, he will die each and every time. If he hadn't said a word, I wouldn't have cared.
  18. Bill Hicks

    this is a good tactic actually lol I think it was genius of sony to put friendly fire in a free to play game
  19. KRE8R125

    Sniper rule #2: Relocate, relocate, relocate.

    Plus what you're implying sounds like a lot of work.
  20. GhostAvatar

    If this is truly the case, then you are doing your role effectively.