Is this the emerging meta?

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  1. Vaphell

    NC getting double-schlonged by a mass of prowler cheesecakes on one front and the professional tryhard VS min-maxers, who on top of their honed lattice hopping now have another mechanic to play with?

    Yesterday I log in, NC are getting DPed. Today I log in - NC are getting DPed and vanu build 4! hives on our frontline at the latitude of Mao. 6k/5d after 1h15m of play was not a source of enjoyment either.

    ****'s broken, yo.
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  2. Movoza

    Ah. Day 3. Everyone must be done playing with the construction system and focus on the real meta. Also personal experience mixed with k/d will tell us much more about the new metagame! Tell us more!

    Nothing is broken. If the NC gets zerged by two factions, then I say ok. No problem. Often enough the others get zerged later. It might take a while, but being around as long as I am, I've seen all faction being the "strongest" for a period of time.
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  3. Badname707

    NC getting double-teamed? What is this, 2014?
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  4. _itg

    Double teaming was always a part of the meta, but the ability to steal VP cores made it worse. It's pretty common for two factions to race to claim every single core that one faction owns, and there's nothing like the lattice to restrict them. My fix would be to make the last core impossible to steal. This reduces the incentive to attack the weak faction, since you only hurt them without benefiting your own team.
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  5. ArcKnight

    which server are you from ?
  6. zaspacer

    NC lacks reliable extreme range AV. So the other Factions can engage NC and not worry about being poked from distance. This isn't a new NC limitation (probably been around since AV Mana Turret range was nerfed), and TR also used to have poor extreme range AV. But now TR have Gatekeeper and crouch-single-click-pinpoint-precision Striker, so TR now has extreme range AV. And now the VPs Bases favor pushing into the squishy NC, while the Constucted Bases make NC engaging said Constructed Bases that have far line-of-sight very difficult.
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  7. Azawarau

    Im still calling BS on that statement

    Lockdown prowler shot has been and will be the best long distance AV in the game

    Gatekeeper just made it worse
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    You're talking about something else aren't you? I have enormous fun with the Striker but single click, pinpoint precision it is not. It has better long range viability since it was buffed but it is still not a long range killing machine by any stretch of the imagination.

    As far as faction specific weapons are concerned I thought NC Max Ravens were supposed to be excellent long range AV. Never used them though so I'm just thinking of all the tears and salt about them I've seen on the forum (and the personal experiences of sometimes getting whacked with explosives by some NC that doesn't render).
  9. Pyloz

    Ah I was hoping the opportunity to talk about NC getting "picked on" would arise again.

    As someone who plays NC as well as TR and VS I have to say that by far NC are the LEAST organized faction out of the three.
    • NC can't map read
    • NC can't role responsibility
    • NC is very tactically unaware. No really, you can very easily hijack the gun deck at Mao from them and they don't even give a **** split in two.
    I fear this is the reason why it gives off the impression that TR and VS don't fight each other, there's no reason to. Not when you have an ez win farm source at your disposal.
    Bottomline: It's not really the game's "meta". The NC community itself is the problem.
  10. Cyrax Servius

    NC on ps4 are VERY tactically hampered...
  11. ThreePi

    Anecdotal nonsense. Thousands of players across multiple servers and multiple countries and a third of them all congregated to the same faction? Its ******** and an excuse to ignore the very real balance issues that have been plaguing the game for years.

    The construction system encourages vehicle zergs. Nothing inherently wrong with that, except that the Vanguard's only positive aspect is its close-range, 1v1 ability.
  12. Gundem

    The devs at SOE once stated that if they buffed the NC, their high-level players would vastly outperform any other faction.

    The NC have extremely powerful weapons and tools. But brainless pubbies don't know how to use them.
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  13. ThreePi

    I can't believe we're still hanging on the nonsense they said from like two years ago. Its not even true. Even when you sort weapon stats by Q4 and BR100, NC weapons still tend to underperform. The fact that they've resisted balancing the game because of some mythical elite-tier player is absolutely ridiculous. Apparently all NC weapons are the best, but all the best players went to VS/TR? Do you realize how absolutely idiotic that sounds?
  14. Gundem

    Did you know that the Cyclone is capable of the fastest non-OHK TTK on an Infantry target in the game?

    NC Exclusive.

    Gauss SAW can kill in 3 headshots out to it's max range. NC Exclusive.

    The vast majority of NC weapons have balanced, if not manageable horizontal recoil.

    A group of coordinated players can insta-kill vehicles from behind cover with the Phoenix. NC exclusive.

    The Jackhammer. NC Exclusive.

    Ravens, with immense DPS and ability to hit with near 100% accuracy out to it's max range, NC exclusive.

    Speaking of the Gauss SAW, 200 damage weapons, NC exclusive.

    Vanguard, with it's absurd 1v1 tanking and incredible AA capacity for a tank.

    I could go on, but if you refuse to get my point by now, there's really no point.

    The fact is, the NC has tools to deal with threats, but the choose not to use them. Instead, they whine "Battlegoose OP!!11!" Even thought they can't even get a 20% HSR, let alone the 40% Accuracy/30%+ HSR Required for them to be as strong as they perceive the Betelgeuse users are. They whine that their guns have lower moving accuracy, yet remarkable enough, last I checked the Anchor had fine moving accuracy and it was still indeed an NC exclusive. Newsflash, the Gauss SAW isn't your CQC gun, go buy the Anchor.

    I'm a lot more afraid of a good NC then I am even a great TR or VS. Problem is, good NC are few and far between.
  15. Gopheractual

    I would really like to know why NC struggles to perform in large scale fights/gets double teamed predominantly. If it was just Connery NC that struggled, I could accept that maybe that server is devoid of "leadership",. but to hear NC on all servers across both platforms underperformed equally and is tactically unaware makes me think it is something built into the game and can't be due to the same player base problem. It's very hard to believe the reasoning that NC just attracts dumb players.

    Does NC have a harder time holding capture points? Their weapons may be powerful, but maybe in close quarter high pop areas they struggle to stand their ground (fire rate/recoil/clip size)? Are their vehicles slower and at a disadvantage against other tank columns/bases (I have limited tank experience, but it sounds like vanguard is a great 1v1 tank, maybe not so good at groups?).

    I really enjoy NC weapons, and do fairly well in small scale fights or open field encounters. However I usually get creamed in large pop fights and definitely get destroyed when trying to hold a point. Of course large fights depend more on groups working together, but each individual needs to be able to win the firefight in front of them, otherwise they get wiped. I feel like the excuse that NC is dumb is an easy excuse and ignoring some larger issue. Most of these discussions end in flaming/arguing, but I am genuinely curious why this is a constant issues across all servers
  16. Moridin6

    some of the toughest battles ive been in, were against NC

    and a few of their weapons id Love to have, others not. a few of ours need fixed, NC and TR need stuff fixed too

    been double teamed by NC and TR, Double teamed them both with them both.

    this whole INSERTFACTION is gimped trend has got to stop
  17. TheFlamingLemon

    I bet it's emerald. I've noticed NC has been getting stomped on quite a bit on emerald
  18. Moridin6

    first two days spent most of my time at a HIVE next to TR's warpgate, NC was on the other side.
  19. ArcKnight

    something to look forward to when I can play again.... my toons are all gathering dust and cobwebs right now and my main is an NC on Emerald
  20. Pyloz


    This chat happened in Emerald just before Amerish locked down.

    Apologies for the low quality picture, it's almost 100° F outside and the heat is killing me.