Is this game dead?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fluzing, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Fluzing

    It's Saturday night in Europe and there is only 1 server with a high amount of players playing. The only place to find a good fight is the Crown on Indar and all the other continents are empty except for a few players in vehicles.

    What happened to this game? Where are the players that were in my outfit and where are the others? Why isn't anyone logging in anymore? I'm about to quit this game, because I really hate driving around for hours to find a decent skirmish.
  2. Edgar Allan Bro

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  3. Jaes

    American servers are pretty populated from what I hear. I play on Connery and lately been having fights outside Indar that are pretty damned good.
  4. haldolium

    Shouldn't Miller be rather full? Mallory/Ceres is the same as usual after the server merge. Indar full, other continents useless.

    Though due to constant population imbalance, the fun gets out like air in a broken spaceship.
  5. JojoTheSlayer

    The Devs have pretty much made it clear that they are just pandering to Vets about Strategy, but if you look past the PR its clear now they wont implement anything resembling PS1 strategic level.

    Thats pretty much why I play less and less.
    There just isnt a valid reason to fight anymore, nor will it most likely ever be.
    The game isnt epic its just a zerg quick fix fight without real cons. Aka, its boring because the COD like shooting mechanics can only take you so far before something better comes along...

    PS2 just isnt focusing on the epic mmo potential part of the game...
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  6. Sturmwaffles

    Insane amount of fighting on Woodman and Miller...
    no, it's not dead.
  7. FateJH

    Helios is always busy. There's no end of things to kill and cap and defend.
    Esamir and Amerish are dead, of course, but Indar is party central.
  8. Navoletti



  9. smokemaker

    Far from it.
    Never seen my server so full.
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  10. MaxDamage

    Instant action has funneled most people to a handful of hotspots on Indar. I played Esamir exclusively prior to the patch, but now I have little choice but to end up on Indar. This seems to be the case for many, and the other conts are drying up as a result.

    Depressing isn't it..

    Continent specific instant action would be most welcome.
  11. MaxDamage

    I have heard that after the merges, Miller is no longer among the largest pop servers, but I find no shortage of fights. I haven't seen a dead spot and I played at ridiculous hours on my week off.
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  12. Excelle

    You may have to try an american server then. There are tons of people on right now.
  13. Nariquo

    well without strategie, without a game where people have to think they wont hold that game up for 5 till 10 years like theey said.
    the causal and cod players will leave. and the others are leaving now beecausee that game doesnt chellange tthem as ps1 did.

    on woodman you can see less and less old players. you seee a lot of neew people but they will leeave too.
    so fanboys and now say: mimimimiimim
  14. Czuuk

    We've had a three way going on esamir for five or six hours. Probably ten platoons in action in four zones.
  15. Copasetic

    Some big fights on Miller Esamir as usual. None of this farming the Crown horse****, big roaming battles with platoons of infantry running from base to base among vehicles and aircraft and everything else. It's like this almost every night.
  16. Pikachu

    Fighting on esamir on server kobalt.
  17. Burdman

    Go check out firefall if you have beta access. It just got a huge update. Right now its better than playing this piece of ****. Hopefully that changes.
  18. Neovius

    Fighting against a faction with 60% continent pop advantage every night is surely fun.
  19. IMTasty

    Yeah I am a bit confused, Indar and Esamir were both locked yesterday on Miller, and today at least Esamir is, not sure about indar, not been there, but if Esamir is then most likely Indar is as well.

    Find it weird if only one would be high though, what about Cobalt for example?

    To explain it simple. Miller has some of the fewest >created accounts<, but at the same time it has the >highest activity< out of all servers. So in the amount of >created characters< it's small, but in amount of >people who actually play< (which is what matters) it's still the highest. At least last week it was, not checked this one.
  20. OgreMarkX

    Dev focus is on people buying Station Cash. Core game mechanics are an afterthought and "performance" is the focus only when a massive patch screws things up.

    Did I tell you we're selling vanity plates for your faction specific tank? Oh yes we are, and decals for the mudflaps*! BUY NOW AND GET A FREE DICE-AND-SLICE-MASTER-3000!** It chops onions, tomatoes and baby fingers!

    *Guaranteed to drop your frame rate by 10!
    **item is character specific and 100% certain to experience a usefulness-ending nerf cycle!
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