[Suggestion] Is there no anti cheat software ...

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  1. 3punkt14159

    .. or is it just codet so bad?

    Once more today i get a headshoot, so fast i just have to wonder ,. then i checked his
    killboard and his : https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/8268099297581500161/killboard/?view=timeline&filter=kills
    waeponboard https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/8268099297581500161/weapons

    From 732 kills, there are 729 Headshootkills.

    So if there is any anti cheat software, why is a char like this not banned?? On all of his normal weapons his headshoot rate is over 90 %, so it is obvious that he is a cheater. I cant believe that your anti cheat software is so wrong!
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    They ban in waves.

    Also I think a newer anti-cheat software is coming, H1Z1 got it.
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  3. Klypto

    I believe all bans have to be confirmed by an actual person. Of course, the system can still suspend you until then.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    That level of headshot kills with a sniper rifle soesn't seem unbelievable to me (most of my long range kills are HSKs as body shots don't tend to kill you). Granted the rHSK ate is quite high on a couple of the primaries but again, like the pistol kills.....if they are close range it is easy to go for the head if you are a good shot.

    I'm not super analytical at reading stats but really, this guy could just be very good. The kill rate is high, granted...........but we've all been in a farming battle where the other guys are just lining up to be shot.
  5. Goretzu

    Really hoping it does.

    His Carv stats:

    Total Kills = 512
    Headshot Kill = 487
    Headshot Kill Ratio = 95%
    Overall accuracy = 16%

    Just makes no sense for legitimate play.

    If he was for some reason only trying to headshot with a Carv then it would be at pretty close range (it would have to be to get that Headshot Kill Ratio), but then at that range how could his accuracy only be 16% (given that a 95% Headshot Kill Ratio means you would be a crack shot at ANY range).

    To me it is a classic aimbotter pattern, i.e. one that spends some time shooting at the floor/wall/ceiling to try and throw the stats off.
  6. Donaldson Jones

    From 4:36 PM to 4:40 PM 13 non-repeating head-shot kills in a row? And that is only the very bottom of his/her kill-board.

    I know there are bad players but no; this guy is walking between the raindrops a bit too much for me to believe he is not aim-botting at least at some points. He seems to slough enough deaths to keep his KDR at 2, or he had a bad time at the beginning and decided he was sick of getting dominated and turned to a cheat to bring up his KDR.

    That said I've seen some real sniping streaks that are legit so this could be one of those. But the non-repeating nature of the kills makes me very skeptical.
  7. Towie

    It's incredibly frustrating and seems to have increased markedly over the past few weeks. I usually give the benefit of the doubt but reported 2 this week (including someone shooting from within a wall) - it's getting pretty blatant.

    There is commercial anti-cheat software but nothing is perfect and the hackers are just as busy as DBG at bypassing the latest detection techniques (even more so, maybe).

    But - something does need to be done, sooner the better.
  8. 3punkt14159


    Goddamm!! 90 Kills as infanterieplayer in a row, thats unpossible, this must be banned imidiatly. Its so easy to write a app with some rules, for example 50+ as an infanterie player in a row is cheating. I am verry sure that not any player reached this without cheat.
    That player was teleporting, and afther that he was under the flor next to a generator. Of course everybody runns to it and try to save it,..
    Not banning players like this is ruining the game for 1000 fair players.
  9. bLind db

    I regularly get 25+ streaks without spawnroom camping or anything. Setting blatant metrics for auto-bans is what started the dolphin competition six months ago where players would create new alts to see who can get auto-banned the fastest.

    The game needs an actual anti-cheat, not a n auto-kick function that obviously doesn't work.
  10. TheRunDown

  11. 3punkt14159

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand, the are still not banned, should i upload a Video about that second cheater? I cant understand why it takes two week to bann so obvious cheaters.
  12. 3punkt14159

    @blind, show me a video where you get a killsteak with 50+ Killstaek as an infanterie player! Whit my tank i gat a series about 107 kills in a row, but never as an heavy or medic or something else.
  13. TheRainmanGDR

    I think that never happens. My best was I think 20 kills in a row but more or less camping kills ;)
    I saw a couple of videos were the guys killed 30+ players as an infiltrator was smg. But they knew what they did!...

    I'm really not the best player and in a close area fight I'm happy to get 5 kills without to die.
    I recognized that a couple of players are really good, really respect! But also there are many situations in which I do not agree that high skills led to the kills.
    The mentioned examples show a player who makes a couple of head shots with a lightning...that's strange...together with all other head shots I'm sure that he uses lets say some "aiming aid"...
  14. Krayus_Korianis

    Wait, you think BattleEye is new?
  15. user101

    They turn off all ban software on an update....!!!!
  16. WeRelic

    They went with BattleEye?

    We'd be better off with a mouse in a box clicking "Cheat" or "No Cheat" for food pellets.
  17. Nepau

    ya the amount of Headshots on weapons other then the sniper rifles will draw my attention.

    That being said, they do ban in waves as was stated, one of the reason is to try to prevent the Hack makers from knowing what exactly they use to detect them, as it could be easy for them to keep tweaking their stuff each ban to see what was the trigger. The other thing is in reality that there really is always going to be a Lag in what the hackers exploit and what they can detect and stop. Best you can really do is stop the easiest things and fix the holes as they get uncovered.
  18. Krayus_Korianis

    You didn't know that? I knew it when the launcher wanted me to install BattleEye. But then again, they ARE catching cheaters in H1Z1.
  19. Goretzu

    Well if what is supposedly happening with BattleEye is correct, basically nothing (in PS2) at the moment, which frankly explains the state of things.

    I came across a player yesterday that genuinely seemed to be invisible (and I don't mean as a Inf), looking at his infantry (only) K/D ration of 19 to 1 it would seem he actually is somehow.
  20. Pfundi

    BattleEye? Like really? Thats just as annoying as ****** PunkBuster...