Is there are any more place for new sniper rifles without making them better ?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by ZeroErrorz, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. ZeroErrorz

    so im been thinking this for a while and looking at the current sniper rifle,damage model, scope variation,chamber time,maga size,etc
    i couldnt think of any new sniper rifle that isnt going to be better than the current one we have,so there goes the question
    Is there are any more place for new sniper rifles without making them better than the current selection ?
  2. OldMaster80

    I think they wont be able to inttoduce weapons at this rate for a long time. Soon or later they will have to implement exotic stuff like alien technology like they did in ps1.
  3. ZeroErrorz

    such as ?
    and im not saying we need more sniper rifle, but im asking is there is still any variables left to be made without making it better than the one we have
  4. OldMaster80

    PS1 had no "alien" sniper rifle, but the expansion core combat introduced some new kind of alien weapons like the Radiator: it shoot adhesive grenades that generated a radtions bubble causing DoT to all those to tried to pass through.
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  5. khai

    Not much they have most of the basics covered. Only one that comes to mind is anti-materiel. Which means designed to damage vehicles rather then infantry.
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  6. Frosty The Pyro

    There isn't a lot of room in the sense of pure uncomplicated point and click, but there IS room to deviate from such a model. from my infiltrator thread, (which no one looked at :( ) I have the following.

    other similar thoughts would be semi auto ones with very low damage that bypass shields (improved attrition as you cant just duck out to recharge sheidls when hit), secondary effects such as concussion, flash, emp come to mind. A two barreled BA could use those realy neatly, with the first round being a super light round (almost no damage, but super crazy high velocity) that deleivers the effect to set up for the second round (a normal BA shot) for the kill. Heck not even bolt action, but break action, that would be cool. you know, thinking outside the box.
  7. ZeroErrorz

    thats actualy a good idea
    how about this

    -tier 0 semi auto
    334 damage type with 20 round, with a 600m/s velocity,high zoom optic,and sniper rifle COF a mix beetwen a semi auto scout and the tier two BASR,
    why its not better than the SA scout,T2 basr and the default semi auto: it have a damage of scout rifle which is lower than any sniper rifle,a COF of a sniper rifle (no hipfire)
    why should you use it: high magazine size of FA scout rifle,velocity of a T2 BASR,high zoom optic
    function:long range acurate spam, while only having lower damage in return

    what do you think ?
  8. khai

    I like the TR one though probably locking them in place for no sway would be better. The NC one needs to take into account the thickness of what its shooting through, the sheet metal on walkways is one thing the concrete walls of a building or metal crate is another xray scope would be good here. And the VS I have no idea if this is a good idea or not I really want to like it then I think I don't play VS that much do I really want this in the game.

    There is also alot of room in the attachments area, the 2 that come to mind are variable zoom scopes and long range night vision.
  9. AnuErebus

    Bolt-actions have relatively little room to grow at this point unless they're given special mechanics. There's not much you can do with the basic bolt-action line besides tweak existing values. Where SOE has a whole host of options though is in the Semi-auto sniper department. They've got two semi-broken semi-auto snipers at the moment which aren't widely used because of their inherent issues (Primarily downright ridiculous bloom and relatively poor projectile velocity), but they've got plenty of room to work with if they wanted to give players a variety of different semi-autos. Outside semi-autos they've got the option to find new mechanics like they did with the phaseshift to give snipers some additional options.
  10. iller

    There's tons of other Mechanics they're (Sony) apparently not creative enough to come up with on their own.
    Some of them infact being practically copy-paste of code from existing Game mechanics applied in a more abstract way.

    But first they should start by giving the ESSR's proper unique mechanics first. Phaseshift is just a terrible old Bolt Driver, with an ammunition belt tacked on. Rail is a much crappier rip off of a longshot. And the TRAP doesn't actually "trap" anything, it's just that "weird little brother" to the Vandal/99SV

    I'll demonstrate how easy it is to come up with unique mechanics instead of just trying to come up with "Niches":

    PhaseShift: They want it to reflect it's name? Then let's have it shoot a payload that's a bunch of Sub-Atomic Particles. Upon striking a wall, they scatter THROUGH the geometry in a short radius just like using the Lasher. -- only it would be most effective for shooting crates and Door-Jams (You guys do know what door Jams are right? That EDGE of the door that everyone strafes back and forth behind to peek-fire from like a bunch of chickens) so it could eventually kill the guys behind that crap who think Gears of War console tactics should trump every sniper in the game. Maybe you can't hit them in the open b/c your bullet is so slow, but atleast you'll be able to flush them out of hiding so that someone else with a faster bullet CAN hit them. That's what combined arms should look like.

    RailJack: This one's easy..... leave the stupid delay in... Fine, I don't care! But when we actually hit a moving target, it should get a 34% damage bonus (Yes that adds up to 1000 damage... no need to calculate it). IOW: NanoWeave, or getting hit in the Legs instead would leave the target barely alive. Any other shot against a moving target though, would be an OHK just like you'd expect from the stupid club swinging Neanderthals known as the NC, using the most oversized rifle we've seen yet. (still not sure why we seem to be wearing Stalkings and a Bra, maybe someone at SOE wanted us to be Futanaris?)

    (which segues disturbingly well onto):

    TRAP: This one's the hardest, I'll give SOE that one... But it's because they backed themselves into a corner with the whole TR design from the get-go. The VS got all these advantages that just make already accurate ADADAD'ers godly. The NC get a bunch of fun random stupid crap which fits THEIR demographic perfectly too b/c yeah it's derpcentral 24/7 in NC land. -- okay so TR: what if the bullets actually kind of TRAPPED the target? They can even keep the option of Burst-fire modes, infact those could enhance this:

    Single-Fire - Exactly the way it is right now - ... maybe a slight damage bonus. Double-Burst: Concusses the target 0.75 seconds when it hits. Stuns for 2 seconds if it hits them in the head. And obviously, has double the probability of hitting a moving target b/c it's burst-fire, right?. Okay, that makes sense so now it doesn't even need to do any real damage. Now it's a team support mode. .... and for good measure there could even be Triple-Burst: which does damage somewhere in between single (300??) & double(100?) , spreads the bullets a little further apart so they have an even better chance of hitting that moving target, AND, cripples them for 1 second when hit. --- there ya go, NOW it's a real "Trap" for your target too instead of just a pointless trap for your hard-earned SC/certs
  11. Admiralty

    I think the only game changing addition they could make to sniper rifles would be to have an NS, single shot anti vehicle sniper rifle with obvious drawbacks such as a looooooong rechambering time, a long reload that's offset by the ability to do damage to vehicles and all host of all other draw backs.