Is there anything wrong with TR this patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. maxkeiser

    Thread basically amounts to -

    whine, whine, whine.

    Moan, moan,

    Cry, cry.

    Bawl, bawl, bawl.

    etc etc.
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  2. Jimmy DeSouza

    Thats how to get the game "balanced" apparently.
  3. Yetskii

    You have got to be kidding me. You are saying that NC has no COF?


    You trying to get me to believe this?


    Not gonna happen.

    Try again with some truth.
  4. DevErik

    Pretty much 92.8% of all threads in this forum.
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  5. Jimmy DeSouza

    Those are the weapon stats. Please click on the link.

    Look up the columns with headers relating to COF. COF is cone of fire.

    In ARs for instance, look up how you in general have 1/3rd the cone of fire for the other factions.
  6. multifactionserver

    Why bother? Most of the whiners are just basing their complaints on personal assumptions anyway. They are not going to accept facts. This is why the guns need to be mirrored.
  7. Yetskii

  8. Zar

    I'm still killing people like crazy but i just went from 100 kills 10 deaths to 100 kills 20 deaths ... works for me but i will say the mag needs a nerf to agile needs its strafe nerfed by about 10% and will be ok all around i think. dps on vs guns a bit maybe but i can't really tell yet just got done with finals and all. not alot of time to play since patch.
    side note if your gonna nerf something tell us lol we will figure it out pretty quick. stealth nerfs are what bad devs do cause they are cowards please don't be bad PS2 i love you dearly.
  9. phreec

    And more recoil, more spread per shot, worse ADS spread when moving, less RoF, etc.
    They're like TR's SABR-13, medium range rifles. The difference is you get excellent CQC weapons the first time you step in, we have to buy them (they're relatively cheap though) so our BR1's are handicapped from the get-go.
  10. Jimmy DeSouza

    And I could say that the NC have super pinpoint accurate 1 hit kill infinate ammo jetpacks that deafen and blind all enemies and then crash the server.

    It doesnt matter what you or I say, all that matters is the mechanics of the game, and in game the NC have the best COFs.
  11. Jimmy DeSouza

    Nope. The same ADS spread when moving while standing, less when moving while crouched or still. Your lower ROF and higher damage ultimately means that you have less recoil and spread per dmg.

    Of course this highlights some of the limitations of datamining. We dont know what limits are applied to XYZ, which is somewhat of a handicap.

    Anyway, this doesnt really matter. We all know that the NC have somewhat poor weapons, for anything other than long range "plinking". I was just pointing out to whoever I was replying to that his claim of "TR best cof, NC worst" was false.

    The real issue is the superiority of VS weapons over TR or NC in every situation except sub 18m fighting, where they are still superior to NC weapons but TR have a very slight edge.
  12. Garrix

    I think all traction of all types was nerfed, along with infantry hill climbing. Seems I get stuck in places alot more often now, and sometimes have trouble climbing even a 30 degree grade.
  13. Tenzin

    TR infantry was nerfed more than the patch notes indicate.

    Along with a terrible MBT it pretty much means TR will lose ground much faster than the other factions. (since tanks are supposed to hold the line and allow sunderers to move up)

    VS/NC will never stop whining until the TR is nerfed into the ground and warpgated 24/7. Simply because people think getting killed by the TR default(read: most f2p players will use it, which means you will inevitably be killed by it) weapon multiple times means it's OP.
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  14. irewolf

    Well, if thats the case why do you get the best ESF and a STUPIDLY OP MBT. I mean a tank that can strafe is already winning with having the same armour and firepower as every other tank.
  15. irewolf

    IF thats the case I look forward to the massive nerf on the ridiculously OP magrider.
  16. Kryptic57

    ITT TR gets a dose of what other factions deal with. The nerf is both miniscule and desperately needed. Stop whining, you look like babies.
  17. MexelVanMexelen

    Funny, sounds like what went on in my bedroom last night :eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O
  18. ent|ty

    No. I just notice that we lose a lot of ground due to air and tank superiority on the opposing side blasting our spawns and bases to oblivion. There is no defense to that. Can't fire back, can't repair, can't heal, can't deploy... bahh.
  19. irewolf

    You mean like the one you will make when the Magrider gets it's much needed nerf?

    To be honest I don't feel TR have been that nerfed didn't notice. Our MBT needs a MASSIVE buff, but, I would agree with the rest of the balancing.

    However, the Scythe and Magrider also need to be brought into balance now as well.
  20. ZephEx

    As a TR Weapons Expert, I believe I can shed some light on your situation.

    First, you should learn to control your recoil and bloom. Firing in shorter bursts helps your aim significantly, and you will hit more accurately than if you just held down your trigger and fired at full auto. This is a pretty common mistake, so don't worry about it. Keep practicing and utilizing shorter bursts of fire to increase your accuracy, and in no time you should be doing much better.

    This video showcases some techniques to help counter recoil too, it's very helpful.

    Attachments such as the Compensator or Foregrip can help control your recoil as well, try them out to see if it matches your personal playstyle. You really will have to learn to aim better and control your weapon to play effectively.

    Next, you should employ strafing, to circle your opponent and force him to aim at a moving target, increases how difficult it is to hit you. Using good amounts of cover is also viable, ducking in and slightly out of cover to take shots at your opponent. This isn't CoD, so it's not all about run and gun and killstreaks.

    Lastly, you may want to consider that a high number of children, mentally handicapped, and youtube fanboys have joined your faction, and that they are going to hold you down by not being as reliable of teammates as you could expect from other factions. You might see a lot of whine on the forums, or complain in game, but you shouldn't let this affect you to where you also start to believe your weapons are inferior, since they aren't.

    Everything is perfectly balanced and it all comes down to player skill in the end. Sadly this may result in you having to accept that you are not the 1337 pro shooter you think you are, but instead a poor piece of **** talentless **** that couldn't hit a parked galaxy. My condolences if you are.

    Also, l2p, TR is fine.