Is there anything wrong with TR this patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. medbot544

    Yea we have to burst fire, thats cool. Not like I did not have to do that prepatch anyways. Fine with that. But on other hand I can do same on my NC toon and do way more dps with same recoil plus more accuracy. Also, can strafe fire way better on NC.

    NC whined and they got heard. So whine more and get Vanu nerfed to, thanks!
  2. Yetskii

    NC has had this the whole time....welcome to using skill
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  3. ChaoticRegiement

    not at my PC atm, on my lap top. getting to BR 30 isn't exactly hard.... called having no life and money to spend. games been out 3 weeks.... more than enough for some guys to reach REALLY high BR's
  4. Scorponok

    ever considered that the Devs go by the data they have...and they said it was a bug that caused problems with NC having strife issues..and it was fixed...
  5. RAS

    Lmao what a joke , you get a SLIGHT nerf that really doesn't make a noticeble differance and you all start crying , tr weps still need a HUGE nerf to be brought anywhere near vs or nc , seriously what do you want nc / vs to use water pistols ? .

    i was playing tr last night and compared to nc or vs the tr weps are way infront .

    Fighting at the crown shooting nc running over the closest bridge and up the rocks with a carv it was like being at a fair , unbelievable zip zip dead zip zip dead , then the engi gun and la can't recall the name not the trac the other , fighting vs at ti alloys i was farming vs at ranges that the vs ha guns struggle to kill .

    if your struggling using tr weps i really don't know what to say apart from try another game thats not online ........
  6. Skillet

    Welcome to the party pal! :D
  7. gudman591

    Don't know about you guys, but I'm still spraying down NC just fine with medic base rifle (just ironsight) and LC2 Lynx for my LA. Just have to control recoil a bit more, but that's it. Terrorists being put down like a mad dogs they are.

    NC didn't change from my point of view (well, it's their destiny to be underdogs I guess). Vanu became strong opponents, that's for sure.
  8. medbot544

    Doubt it has anything to do with data; it all comes down to how much you cry like a little *****.
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  9. NoctD

    You all know while TR and NC bickers, VS are laughing at us both?
  10. TimeyWimey

    I dunno. I still frag purples/blues with infantry weapons... They were nerfed / changed a bit, but with some practice they're as deadly as they were before imo. Maybe most of the TR zerg just hasn't got used to the "new" infantry weapons?

    Or maybe it's just variance in territory control, give it some time sagol :)
  11. sagolsun

    Like a little what? I didn't catch that.
  12. Canaris

    TR guns are now in line imo with the NC, time to nerf the vanoobs too
  13. MartianDiscoFish

    Most terran weapons are meant for burst fire, they have the best first shot recoil multiplyer, but the worse CoF of the three factions.
    It makes sense really as many modern professional weapons utilize fast burst fire, such as M16A4, and professionalism is supposed to be TR's theme.
  14. Jimmy DeSouza

    NC has never had it the whole time unfortunately. You can negate your disadvantage by using suprise to avoid being shot. Absolutely nothing the TR player can do will reduce the COF.

    Please roll a TR character and actually do some testing.

    Your post shows how little you know.

    TR and VS Rof is effectively identical. VS only refires 0.06-0.08s slower, which means that TTKs are near identical across the board.
    TR have never had a damage bonus against the VS. At point blank your weapons either do as much damage as ours or more, and at the distance TR and NC get to minimum weapon damage (65m TR 75m NC) you are still doing extra weapon damage, you only reach minimum at 115-125m
    The TR had identical accuracy to the VS, but slower projectiles and bullet drop. The TR post patch now have reduced accuracy and larger COF/more bloom.
    The VS are across the board the lightest recoiling faction.
  15. Folly

    As a TR, before the patch, infantry 1 on 1 with both sides starting firing at the same time, I would win as often as not.
    After the patch, same situation, I've not once gotten through the enemy shield. I consider this to be the opposite of balance.

    Anyway, IF balance was needed, they should have buffed the other empires instead of nerfing TR to the point where we can't hit anything and do no damage when we do hit. SoE dev's need to learn that making controls artificially difficult is sucking all the fun out of their game.
  16. SharpeShooter

    The VS have the best of everything! They have always had the best infantry weapons, but yet SOE still feel it proper to buff the VS weapons and nurf the TR. It’s utterly ridicules, they have the most accurate weapons, they have hardly no recoil, their weapons hit harder than the TR weapons but yet they have some weapons that fire faster! So let’s sum up shall we? They have the best infantry weapons, you can’t see them effectively at night without a night scope, they have the best tank, and there air can unload their rocket pods faster than any other faction. The funny thing is they still have the audacity to say they are underpowered... total bull £%@#
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  17. Sifer2

    But what is the VS theme? Having the best of everything? Cause their damage per bullet is the same as TR's. Their rate of fire is very nearly the same. But they get to be more accurate too cause I dunno lazerz I guess. So where is their weakness? Don't mention damage degradation since that only matters to a Sniper, and only if they are not using the semi auto's.

    I suppose before we could have said TR get crappy COF but make up for it with better on the move accuracy an hip fire. Well apparently not anymore lol. Now it's just a **** faction with a broken tank, and true spray an pray an hope it hits weapons.
  18. Jimmy DeSouza

    We have the only bearable music and announcer.

    Thats got to count for something I guess.
  19. Yetskii

    Wait, you are telling me that NC never had to burst fire? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
  20. Jimmy DeSouza

    You never learned to read? Poor guy.

    No I am saying that the NC never had a situation where past 20m no matter how perfectly you aimed, or how slowly you shot, some of your rounds would miss because of a massive cone of fire.

    Which they have never had. You ever played NC? Or TR?

    Roll a char and do some testing, or just look up one of the googledoc spreads of the weapon stats.