Is there anything wrong with TR this patch?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. sagolsun

    I've noticed something is not right after the last patch. I don't know quite what it is, but we're losing ground like mad, dying left and right. Fighting against the VS has become immensely frustrating. I'd paste a screengrab of the stats, if they were working.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. ChaoticRegiement

    actually, yes... its called having op weapons brought back into balance... I have a br 30 on all factions and by far... TR is the easiest...

    now your weapons seems on par.

    nc still needs a slight buff however

    (my highest BR char is on vanu btw)
  3. Jimmy DeSouza

    We have had unneccary nerfs (both publicised and stealth), so our ability to fight off the Vanu has been near enough eliminated. So because we now need more people fighting the purple horde, we have less people dealing with the NC, which means that we are getting pushed by both sides.

    Dont worry overmuch though. The NC whining will get Vanu nerfed soon enough, then the TR and Vanu whining will get NC nerfed again, then it will just carry on.
  4. jiggu

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  5. Compass

    Prowler got a traction nerf with NC for no apparent reason than to get our tanks stuck in awkward places and be unable to escape from them now.
  6. maxkeiser

    TR weapons have been brought into line with those of other factions. You've just lost the totally absurd advantage you had before and will have to work a little bit harder to dominate.
  7. korpisoturi

    yes NC only needed little adjustment to gauss SAW ´s horrible COF/bullet spread especially when TR/VS land few shots, adding little speed to bullet velocity is not going to sort gauss underperforming compared to t9-carv.
  8. maxkeiser

    Don't be silly. On Woodman the TR have one of the continents and the other two are split between Vanu/NC. The game is more balanced now.
  9. Shockfrosted

    Our tanks were never that great, our infantry got some balancing fixes.
    People take these things for worse than they are. It's the internet, we can all be drama queens here.

    Just give it some time. TR is still perfectly workable, but it needs some time for the "nerfs" to be accepted.
  10. Jimmy DeSouza

    Population effect > Balancing.

    If the TR (or any faction) have more players, they will win. It has always been this way.

    However because our weapons are now even worse than the VS weapons, given an otherwise equal fight, the TR cannot effectively fight back.

    After all, how do you effectively fight back against an enemy who is statistically superior in every way bar a 0.06s slower refire?

    Regardless, its not just that. Look up the list of "stealth nerfs" that have been applied with this recent patch. Quite telling, to be frank.
  11. Gary

    Balance is not making the weapons unusable with the smallest movement such as Crouched and strafing. This completely removes your ability to hit the target. TR now appear to have to stand still to effectively kill there target instead of hoping they get lucky. My NC character does not suffer this fate and can still strafe whilst maintaining some ability to hit the target. Not got a VS as i said in another thread they look to bad to consider making one :p

    Whilst i think the TR needed to be brought to the same level as the other factions i do not think this was the way. I however do not have another suggestion to change it.

    This might explain why on every continent all of a sudden the VS are outside the TR gate constantly. They have the advantage with the MAgriders mobility and the prowlers lack of range and the Scythes mobility/Pancake profile. Now it seems there weapons are superior in every way D:

    Yet on the other side of the warpgate the NC and the TR seem to be holding steady and constantly shifting ground. probably due to the differences in the weapons performance and variety.

    With the VS weapons been so close to the TR weapons performance wise (fire rate/damage and there lack of vertical recoil and bullet drop) seems to have put them leaps and bounds ahead of the TR weapons after the patch. I do however not play VS so this is just how it feels to me.
  12. bPostal

    Our legs were buffed in that they run like mad!
  13. NoctD

    Anyone saw the latest Intel brief from the game? You even have SOE people pushing Vanu and Magriders. SOE really does hate non VS.
  14. Skillet

    Don't be silly.... L2P, fire short bursts in CQC, pull down on that mouse, join an outfit :D
  15. Jimmy DeSouza

    Actually firing in short bursts doesnt help TR because of our massive COFs/Blooms. Past 20m, no matter how accurate you are, some of your rounds will miss due to the COF being larger than the hitbox of the person you are aiming at.

    Its a similar effect to the "on hit spasming" effectively reducing your DPS.
  16. Vreki

    Did anybody check the population numbers?
    I would not be surprised to learn that a lot of the "l2p" posting TR has suddenly become VS or Nc instead of l2p with the new changes.
  17. ChaoticRegiement

    So the TR now need to stand still and burst fire... you mean... wait.... that the NC and VS didnt ALREADY have this issue.

    you had:
    High ROF
    High dmg (vs vanu at long range, similar damage to the NC at short range)
    low recoil
    high accuracy.

    your downsides:
    lower damage vs nc
    bullet drop.

    the NC had
    High dmg.

    with the downsides of:
    High recoil
    low ROF
    low accuracy

    The vanu had:
    no bullet drop
    high ROF
    high accuracy

    damage fall off
    lower damage/shot

    So instead of having 4 upsides for your weapons... you now have 3...

    This is a perspective balance and is in no way based of actual facts or figures, purely off feeling.

    Now, the reason the TR is getting pushed back is simple... you have a larger population, with stronger guns..
    you lost your stronger guns, so by effect people will migrate back to the NC/VS

    Look at miller... they hit the 650 people/cont for approximately 4-6 hours at peak times, the vanu do that for 2-3, nc much less so....
  18. Skillet

    Well, this is the same advice TR repeatedly gave NC from end of Beta to recent game 1 patch. So what goes around comes around. L2P.
  19. medbot544

    Screen shot pls of char select screen and prove it. There is no way you could have br 30 on three factions unless you are a cheater or usin power leveling exploits. What assume, though, is you are lying. You just play Vanu and that's it and making stuff up just to add fuel to the fire.

    W/e. My server's TR pop was already it's lower. At one point last night....Vanu had 51% pop on esmir, followed by NC at 38%, and only TR on the map was at the warp gate. lol.

    Enjoy your FotM rerollers, vanu/nc....I be still here fighting impossible odds, drivin around in my coffin on wheels called the Prowler until I get sick of it which probably won't take that long.
  20. Yetskii

    You need to learn to burst fire to keep your recoil down....

    That is what the tr ***** tell NC...