Is there a way to make certain vehicle's optics be "click to aim"?

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  1. Aelyn

    In every game I play where you can aim, I use "hold to aim", that is I hold right click down to aim instead of clicking to aim and clicking again to stop aim. What I am wondering is if there's a way in Planetside 2 to make certain optics "click to aim" while maintaining the normal "hold to aim" mechanics for my hand held weapons. Specifically vehicle aim. I've found that it can be quite annoying to hold down the right mouse button in situations where you are engaging enemies in a vehicle. It's the same in tanks, only easier to manage. It's mainly when I use thermal optics and I'm flying that it can get quite annoying. Especially since my right mouse button gets a bit glitchy when you hold it down for a while, which I don't do very often in infantry engagements. So, is there a way to possibly change this through an .ini edit or something? It would be very helpful and I doubt I'm the only one with that opinion.
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  2. Rigsta


    However, I successfully switched from hold-to-aim entirely and found aiming easier once I got used to it, so I can definitely recommend it.
  3. RawLucidity


    Zoom toggle, is what you are looking for if I understand correctly.

    I have no idea what Rigsta is thinking!

    If you what you want is to only click the right mouse button and have it hold the aim until you click again, zoom toggle is what you want.

    It's in the General Settings. First option at the top.

    Edit: You'll have to switch back and forth between Zoom Toggle if you plan on using your infantry weapons.
    Personally, I'd say just get used to it.