Is there a way to have two actions bound to one key?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TripSin, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. TripSin

    I would like to use one of my mouse thumb buttons for Pitch Down while in an aircraft, but I am already used to having Spot Enemy on that button. I would like to either 1) Have the thumb mouse button be both spot enemy and Pitch Down while I'm in an aircraft or 2) When I'm in aircraft have the thumb button be Pitch Down and I have another button for Spot Enemy while in aircraft, but still leave Spot Enemy on the thumb button when infantry and ground vehicle.

    Does anyone know of how I can do this?
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  2. InexoraVC

    Spot Enemy is a "game wide" bind.
    E.g. you can't use different buttons to spot enemy while in vehicle/aircraft or infantry.
    But if you have A4Tech/Bloody mouse and Oscar Editor you can configure different profiles for infantry and flight (currently supported 2 profiles) and switch them by Scroll Lock. This can be a solution.
    I mean:
    profile 1 (infantry): mouse4 button (thumb button) = Q
    profile 2 (aircraft): mouse4 button (thumb button) = <some key bound to PitchDown>
    Swithing profiles = Scroll Lock by default

    P.S. You can try "Macros Effects" as an alternative. It has some drawbacks but you can try.
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  3. csvfr

    I have Q bound to both spot and roll left when in an aircraft. Also have caps lock bound to spot such as to not roll an aircraft when only intending to spot. The first step is to bind "Q" to roll left. A warning appears that it's already bound to spot which therefore becomes blank / unbound. Then bind Q first and caps lock second, both to spot enemy. The end result is that Q becomes double bound, but think it only works after resetting all keybinds to default.
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