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  1. Targanwolf

    -perhaps an in depth video ?
    -detailed write up ?
  2. DeadAlive99

    Not yet, unfortunately.

    Do you have some specific questions, or just need a basic 1,2, 3?
  3. DeadAlive99

  4. DeadAlive99

    Actually, I think I'll start working on a basic 123. I'm a zombie right now, but I'll write something up tomorrow.
  5. Demigan

    The new updates brings two new entities:
    ANT's and Cortium spikes.

    ANT's are basically mining and construction Sunderers. They have a mining tool for the driver to use, and either another mining tool on top or a small secondary canon. They can carry 2 more passengers and 5000 cortium, upgradeable to 10.000 cortium.
    Cortium spikes now spawn all over Auraxis at semi-standard spots. The spikes can be big or small, each with a set amount of resources in them. They are easily recognizeable as black blocky spikes with orange sparks around them, even at a distance. Big one's can fill up your entire ANT in one go, small one's give a small portion. To mine Cortium, just drive up to the Cortium Spike and press the fire button, you should see two beams appear out of the mandibles and extract the cortium. The bar on the left represents the capacity of your ANT, the bar on the right represents the amount of Cortium left in the spike. Once a Spike is drained it will disappear and respawn after a while in a location nearby, or on the exact same location. There isn't a set timer, so you are better off looking for other Cortium spikes.

    Once you have a full ANT you can deploy it. The construction system is meant to be used outside of bases, therefore there's a red ring visible on the radar around any base which shows where you can't deploy or build constructions.
    Stand still on some relatively flat terrain and press B to deploy. Exit your vehicle and walk up to the back where a terminal has become visible. Access the terminal and you'll go into a build menu. Select the structure you want (read the tooltips! They are great!) and buy it. There are some that need to be unlocked first, and some come unlocked. Look for the sign before the number which indicates if you'll be paying Certs to unlock it or Cortium to place it.
    Unlock something, buy it. The cortium cost is instantly removed from your ANT and you have an extra "weapon" that you can deploy which is the building you have selected. If you die with this building in your inventory, the building stays in your inventory after respawning, so you won't waste Cortium this way.
    You'll see a blueprint in front of you. The blueprint gives you a lot of hints to it's deployment, read the tooltips on your HUD. Looking up and down raises and lowers the blueprint, pressing left or right mouse button turns the blueprint to the left and right, pressing E deploys the structure. There's several spheres visible, this is considered the "ground" area. Try to get the middle of the spheres lined up with the ground you are trying to place your building on and it should turn green and be buildable. There are several extra rings that determine where you can build, but they are straightforwards and easy to understand if you read the tooltips. Basically you have red exclusion range circles which prevent building similar structures next to each other (turrets, Silo's, HIVE's and repair modules have this to prevent those being placed too close to each other).

    Every building has a limit on how many you can build. This limit is displayed in the top right of every icon when you are in the build menu. If you place more than your limit, previous buildings of the same type will disappear.

    If you looked through your buildings you notice one very important thing: The Silo.
    The Silo can store up to 50.000 Cortium and has it's own building terminal. The building terminal is the same as the one on your ANT. Keep in mind that everyone can use this terminal to build things! However, the owner of the Silo has some privileges, he and everyone in his squad can deconstruct any building within the Silo's range, allowing you to have more control over the building's placement. Just select the deconstruct tool in the build menu and buy it to gain access to it.
    The Silo has two purposes: Storing Cortium in large amounts, and powering the base. Any Cortium stored into the Silo cannot be retrieved, so you'd better be sure you want to be building next to this Silo.
    Bases have structures such as walls and bunkers, and modules/turrets/HIVE's. Modules and turrets require energy to run, this energy is only supplied through Cortium in a nearby Silo. Every module, turret and HIVE has a constant rate of drain on the Silo. It's not a huge drain, but you'll have to seek new Cortium eventually to keep the Silo full and your base powered.

    There's several things that are pretty straightforwards:
    Repair module. Perhaps just as important as the Silo. To make sure all bases will disappear eventually and stop hogging the server's resources/the world gets cluttered with random fortresses, all buildings will decay after a period of time and disappear. Repair modules keep buildings from decaying and have a strong repair rate. These are vital to keeping everything in your base alive, from your walls and turrets to other modules, the Silo and the HIVE. All buildings that are in the repair range will turn green for your ease of use.
    AI module. Has an effective range in which it controls turrets. This allows you to easily defend your base by placing some turrets connected to an AI module.
    Shield module. Creates 1-way shields on some buildings, such as Walls and Sunderer Garages. This means your infantry can shoot safely from those walls at enemies!
    air-shield module. Creates a large roof over your base that blocks all incoming air attacks, it even burns players dropping in from above to prevent easy Gal drop attacks on the HIVE or Silo.

    Speaking of the HIVE.
    The HIVE processes Cortium into victory points (VP). It has an efficiency rating doing this, and the closer you do it to an enemy warpgate the more efficient it becomes. The more efficient it is, the faster it will generate VP and the less cortium it will need to do it.
    However, your team has a limited amount of victory cores (VC). There's 2 cores for every faction, and a 3rd core available for the faction that unlocked the continent (by winning another continent). That makes 7 VC's in total.
    A Hive can only process Cortium into VP if it has a victory core. The VC will instantly teleport to the most efficient HIVE on your faction, which means the closest one to an enemy warpgate. Since your team has a limited amount of cores there's only so many HIVE's that can be active and creating VP. So think of where and how you place that HIVE, if there's already more efficient HIVE's up and your faction doesn't have any VC's left there's no reason to waste cortium on it.
    If an active HIVE is destroyed, the faction that destroyed it will steal away the VC, which means a faction can have up to 7 HIVE's up and running (or store away the HIVE's to keep it away from the enemy factions!) while the other factions have nothing! All the more reason to build strong protections around any fortress with a HIVE.
    An active HIVE is only vulnerable on the shield generator (the glowy thing in the middle). After the shield fails it takes only a few shots to destroy it and capture the VC. After destruction a HIVE will explode and deal enormous amounts of damage in a large AOE. So keep your distance! An active HIVE can only be damaged with weapons that can damage vehicles, so bring explosives!
    Active HIVE's are visible on the radar for everyone, friend or foe. So expect some enemies to come snooping about when you've placed one.
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  6. Targanwolf

    Was looking for the full 1,2,3.

    but also more questions:
    -why should I pull an ant and help build the hive ?
    -are there any weapons that are particularly effective against Hive construction ?
    -I have fired from range(with mana turret) and hit construction but never saw any indication of my hitting anything. Is that normal ?
    -can you build in enemy territory ?
    -how can you access progress in taking down Hive construction ?
  7. Demigan

    You aren't forced to do so. Many players in fact just pop by a base to place one or two fortress pieces and move on.
    You should help build the HIVE for the same reason you try to capture points or push through/defend places (which used to be for the sole reason of reaching or defending a point). It's helpful for your team, and by supplying Cortium you can more easily build a solid fortress as well as get a good fight going around your fortress.
    You can do this by supplying cortium with an ANT and building stuff, or you could just grab a big MBT, place some buildings and defend the rest with big guns (in this case offense is your best defense is a completely valid statement).

    Yes, weapons that fire lots of bullets.
    Any AV weapon can damage the core, but weapons that fire more things generally seem better. It takes several minutes and 20 shells for a Lightnings HEAT to destroy a HIVE, but it takes less than 2 magazines of 59 bullets to destroy a HIVE. Although damage may vary, I think that the general rule of thumb will be "the more hits it'll cause on the HIVE the faster the HIVE dies".

    Buildings sport similar armor to vehicles. Walls, Bunkers, turrets, Sunderer Garages and the HIVE have heavy armor and are immune to small-arms fire. Modules sport light armor and receive reduced damage from small-arms fire.
    Here, again, more bullets seems better than bigger bullets. Destroying a single module with a Lightning HEAT takes half an age, but using fast-firing weapons goes faster.

    You can totally build in enemy territory.
    Something I forgot to mention though, building a HIVE too far inside enemy territory, or in enemy contested territory, will not necessarily activate the HIVE. To prevent team hamperers from simply walking up to a friend, placing a HIVE in front of him to destroy and use faction-hopping to give your own faction all the victory cores this way.
    However, if you have a certain amount of friendlies around you (for now I'm assuming a full platoon or more) your HIVE will activate. This means that yes, even if you are warpgated you could get a few platoons together, sneak passed, get some ANT's and build a working HIVE+fortress right on someone's doorstep even though you don't control anything other than your warpgate.

    What do you mean? How can you see how efficient the HIVE will be before you place it? That's not visible but the rule of thumb is "the less lattice links between your HIVE and you, the better". So a HIVE could be closer to the enemy warpgate but due to the amount of lattice links still be less efficient than one that looks farther away.
    If you mean where you can see how much health the HIVE has... No idea. You just have to keep shooting it and hope it gets damage badly by it.
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  8. thebigbortishbort

    planetside 2 is a very good source of information , go in and dick around with things , bases have large no deploy zones around them , but any gap you can find in map , you can build in , friendly or enemy territory , AV weapons damage everything , build limits are player side , so pull a ant and help build a base instead of wondering why you should ( why should i shoot a man if someone else is) , progress in destroying hive is shoot every enemy building you can and leave nothing which is only way to be sure .

    it really isn't difficult to figure out if you've been on live.

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