Is the valkyrie too good?

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  1. Bindlestiff

    So that is what it looks like from the other point of view :)

    Love the video, and maximum respect for the way you guys play in the Valk (and in general). There is a massive difference between seeing a normal Valkyrie and seeing a Valkyrie with the JEST decal. Keep up the awesomeness guys!
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  2. The Jiggler

    To be fair the flash is a fantastic platform for farming infantry out in the open. Check out Snashy (also from Cobalt) since this player has many videos of flash-farming (it's their thing).
  3. The Jiggler

    Thanks dude! :D

    Hehe, most of the time now if i see a NC valk performing CAS around a base then i dont need to check who it is - everyone knows its khall! Especially if it's still in the vicinity 5 mins after you initially saw it!

    A very under-rated platform. Just before making this video Khall told me that the under-side of the valk now has 75% damage reduction!!! You can see in the video how khall uses this to our advantage and keeps the under-side pointed toward the threat.
  4. Klabauter8

    Liberators are far more easily noticable and you also need 3 good pilots for them. For a Valkyrie you only need 1 good pilot, one decent gunner and the rest actually don't have to have to do much. Finding good pilots is rare.
  5. OldMaster80

    Evasiveness Frame is good for aircraft fighting and dodging, but yes it makes hard for the gunner to hit the target.
    Hover Frame on the other hand is perfect when you want to be a dropship: you can quickly slow down with powerful air brakes, fire, then move again. But in order to do this you have to give up a lot of agility so you're even easier to hit.

    The Valkyrie main trait is that it's extremely vulnerable when soloed or when it's just pilot + gunner. As you add Heavy Assaults + Engineers it suddenly becomes a good dropship / mini-gunship.

    Still the question remains: why is the Valkyrie so underrated?
    The reason why it's not popular is probably it requires some coordination (no random crew) and the skill level to fly it effectively is pretty high. So most of players prefer to get the job done in other easier ways: using ground transport or Galaxies.
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  6. Bindlestiff

    Is that 75% flat against everything? I had no idea!

    One thing abundantly clear, and most impressive, from that video is that Khall manages to keep the Valkyrie super stable when evading and in pursuit, which gives you the maximum amount of chance to return fire. I've been a gunner in rides that more resemble a roller coaster; he is just really smooth. When you pair that with someone such as yourself who is so accomplished in the air... well, I've been on the end of the result more times than I care to remember :D

    More videos like this please :)
  7. OldMaster80

    I think it was 75% on pts but it has been tuned down to 50% when it went live.
    It's a belly armor: it only protects you against what hits the bottom of the Valkyrie. It stacks great with Composite Armor. it's ok for shots coming from ground forces but it doesn't help much against aircraft unless you manage to maneuver and show your belly to the enemy.
  8. Taemien

    Competition is not greed. But a way to measure one's ability against another's. And the purpose is to better one's own ability by doing so. It can be done to acquire wealth, but in this case, it is just for fun.
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  9. cbplayer

    Eh whatever
    still sounds out of place for, pvp all about fighting and stuff
  10. Cyrek

    You can't even begin to think how good this thing is with striker heavies.
  11. sebastian oscar post

  12. The Jiggler

    You need to look at the big picture rather than this narrow perspective. You're trying to say that it is unfitting because of the depiction of violence... The fact is that video games are not real - therefore they are not killing - is the only thing required to show you that you have missed the point. It's really important to not confuse the message here. And in terms of ethics, human kindness, and unity among men ... well, it's not even remotely inappropriate to use this speech. If i wanted to make a traditional frag movie then i wouldn't have used this speech, or this music, or a valkyrie.

    Appropriate especially because (as i already mentioned) this killstreak is set against the backdrop of an alert where NC are all but warpgated. From the perspective of an NC soldier it is VERY FITTING to hold these opinions.

    Also, you have failed to recognize that this was intentionally divergent from the traditional fragmovie format. Any typical pvp video would celebrate the kills - however if you notice the accents in the music which highlight footage actually focus more on the motion of the target. This is intended purely to show that their efforts are futile and in doing so it is intended to impact a feeling of loss / tragedy upon scoring a kill. To give an example; i intentionally accented the music to highlight some debris INSTEAD of the explosion.

    It's very easy to line up an enemy player death with music. I chose not to do that with this movie because i thought THAT would be unfitting for the context of the speech.

    This speech comes from 1940, and a time between two world wars. It is also NOT a pacifist speech despite the obvious ideology that you lifted from the words; you should also notice that the speech insights soldiers to fight for liberty, democracy, and for a better world. Toward the end CC's speech builds to an intensity that should be familiar to anyone who has watched historical speeches from the era. I think that this highlights the difficulty of balancing ethics, moral duality and the nature of the human condition.

    Has it occurred to you that framing this speech against a backdrop of (real) modern war scenes would - without doubt - make the message and purpose clearer and stronger?..
  13. The Jiggler

    I agree with all of this!

    Just in case you're interested; you're bang on about the airframes - in this video we're using the evasiveness frame for A2A superiority loadout. Khall is very good at keeping the bird stable whilst gunner aims, and i don't bother to fire if he's gone evasive since i could be repping.

    Jesters have had some pretty good use of the valk as a dropship also - but mainly because khall wanted the deploy kills to auraxium everything. As a dropship the hover is best and you can still fight (but it really noticeably NEEDS more reps with hover). The default wyvern is the strongest / most versatile weapon and i prefer it because we can defend ourselves against most threats. We had been running an anti-infantry farming weapon prior to the footage in the video - that run was ended by 4 scythes chasing us at the same time, and khall managed to kill two of them via collisions with scenery (no xp gained)... This is why the first thing you can see in the video is my yell in chat "******* scurbs!". I asked khall to pull the wyvern at this point so we could chase those scrubs down and have vengeance.

    It went better than expected :)
  14. bubbacon

    Hey Jigg, just wanted your thoughts on the Hellion G20(reminds me of the Mini Chain Gun) and the VLG Missle Launcher(reminds me of the Mana AV Turret).
  15. The Jiggler

    I think it's best if i direct you to the thread khall made to provide feedback on the valkyrie after being the first person to auraxum everything on it! I agree with the things he says here - and i wouldn't be able to write it any better.

    Here's the thread;

    Hellion - Good against vehicles, galaxies and most libs. Usable but ineffective against infantry and ESFs. Can one clip vehicles from the rear, and two clip most vehicles from other directions (shield sundys and galaxies are exceptions). Aganist a prowler top armour, it has a TTK of 14.8s with magazine [upgrade] and 13.8s with reload [upgrade]. Stats-wise its a pretty nerfed vulcan. I think it could use a slight ROF increase (like an extra 50, nothing major), COF buff from 1 to 0.9 (same as MBT vulcan) and a little bit more min damage range, so to make it have longer effective range than a harrasser vulcan but less DPS. And give it those long vulcan tracers, just so it looks cool.

    VLG Launcher - Good against all ground targets, but gives up all anti-air capability. One shots infantry on direct hit and 3 shots with splash, kills maxes in just over 2 direct hits. Has the best TTK vs armour (10.5s vs prowler top armour at point blank), 4 shots on rear armour kills. Ineffective vs sunderers, takes around 20 rockets to kill. Requires a different playing style, keeping at range from unexpected directions, limiting exposure, letting your gunner nail targets. Its pretty much perfect as it is. Only thing that needs a look at it the projectile speed, it says it has the same velocity as hornets (125m/s) but travels a lot slower.

    My personal reflection on these weapons is that i don't trust anything aside from the wyvern - because the A2A capability of the wyvern is superior and it's versatile enough to still attack light armored / infantry targets. I have very very little experience with the hellion. I found the VG launcher to be underwhelming and it is utterly USELESS against a sundy.
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  16. LodeTria

    It's good vs Bad ESF's which charge at you, but the ones that just stay at range will nearly always win. It's much the same as a liberator. Luckily cobalt has plenty of the former but few of the later.
  17. Zombo

    i wish i could find someone to fly a valkyrie + gunner while i sit in the back as a VS HA with Lasher, spamming away at infantry from above...

    yet the best possible combo still seems Strikersquad + Valkyrie, it's terrifying to run into those as a lone ESF
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  18. OldMaster80

    The paradox is this does not happen besides in a very few organized outfits. I have no idea why. I can grant on Miller I've never seen a full Valkyrie harassing ground troops. Even with a few Lancers it would hurt a lot but... players do not seem to be happy to jump in this vehicle.
    If you play in random teams or solo you never manage to achieve anything with the Valkyrie unless you're a master at seats switching. You could land your empty Valkyrie in the middle of a crowd of friendly footsoldiers and you would probably find 1 gunner and 0 passengers. No one seems to consider the idea the Valkyrie is effective at taking soldiers to the battle or to hunt aircraft. Sometimes I wish I could spawn at my Sunderer and find a Valkyrie ready to take off to carry me to the capture point, so I wouldn't need to get my way with bullets (often dying and dying many times).
    At this point maybe devs should seriously consider to mount 2 extra turrets on the sides of the fuselage.

    I believe the Valkyrie just cannot get rid of its bad reputation, and as long as there are easier alternatives to get to the battlefield, most of them won't give it a second chance.

    Personally I hope one day bases benefits and resources system wil be such that not every vehicle is available everywhere, and saving nanites might start to make some sense in the big scheme of things. Maybe that day players will start to use the Valkyrie in a smarter way than hjust as a one-way-taxi to the frontline.
  19. Epoch/Eep

    Check the original ps one that inspired the rest.
    It seems more in place

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  20. The Jiggler

    Oh ****!! Thanks for linking this mate - i hadn't even seen it... yet i've been a fan of the ps2 remake video since that came out. I'm surprised because after the remake got taken down i plugged search terms into youtube and still didn't find it. Dayum!