Is the valkyrie too good?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Jiggler, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. The Jiggler

    Well this is obviously just a thinly veiled attempt to post a video here in a gameplay discussion format. But in all honestly this vehicle is very under-rated in my opinion - yet ideal as a support platform / light air control gunship.

    The video is a 'remake' of an old planetside trailer.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Holy crap.........

    Forumside did you just summon from the Chaos warp a thread that is implying the Valkyrie might be OP.
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  3. Pikachu

    Keeebab! :eek:
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  4. Liewec123

    gotta be the first time i've heard charlie chaplin's great dictator speech (about not fighting eachother and pacifism) used in a frag video XD

    amazing job using the valk though, you seem to have nice teamwork/synergy
  5. Devilllike

    No its not too good if you find a good pilot you will feel pain
    As i my self am not a good pilot i dont really have a word to it but as i tend to be able to cause a lot of damage to valkyries with small arms i think its on the player and that exactly is what i love about this game if you are good with something it will reward you

    btw i enjoyed the background speech more than the vid xd sorry
  6. OldMaster80

    Yes it's underrated: it never managed to get rid of its bad reputation. I do not understand why organized outfits do not use it more. On Miller I neither see my fellows tr nor my enemies use it seriously and effectively. I've never been killed by a Valkyrie nor by a rumble seat hero in over one year.

    The biggest issue is probably that some loadouts result to be very specific for a certain niche. Most of weapons is pretty underperforming, effectiveness is strongly connected to your crew, and well... try to do that with Hover Frame.
    It all makes the Valkyrie hard to pilot: for just 200 certs more the Galaxy achieves the same more easily.
  7. WeRelic

    They need to lighten up the FOV restrictions on all of the Valkyrie's weapons systems, and allow them to decouple from the movement of the vehicle itself ( meaning, turning doesn't effect your aim until you hit the edge of your FOV. )

    I'm a mediocre pilot ( some have told me otherwise, but I know just how much I've crashed... ), but the absolute most common complaint about the Valk is how difficult it is to hit anything while moving, especially with maxed out evasiveness. The weapons themselves are a little on the weak side, but that weakness, combined with the relative difficulty of aiming while moving is what makes the Valk so underrated. Do away with one or the other, and you'll have a much more reliable platform.

    The rumble seats are in a fine position, although I do feel that there should be a cert line to add door guns, or carry a max who can't fire, just to give it a more clearly defined role as either a gunship, or a transport, respectively.
  8. ciider

    One does not have democracy without a demograph, nations are to provide a demograph and therefore a safety net. The speech in the background is quite disturbing.
  9. AlterEgo

    Like I said, side guns. ONLY THEN will I waste certs on the Valk.
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  10. The Jiggler

    cheers man, lol the speech is pretty tough to match for intesity as it builds!

    the valk is all about khall really. i used to fly ESF a lot so i know how aircraft move and khall has auraiumed everything on the valk - it is a shockingly effective tool in the right hands.
  11. The Jiggler

    we've got more than one valkyrie pioneer in jest. khall, and the other eugenios.

    i think they are an easy target unless properly supported either with a good crew, or lots of allies. khall might disagree since he flies it solo and farms ESF / infantry like that!
  12. bubbacon

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  13. cbplayer

    The chaplin speech just sound so out of place for me. The narration is about how bad human greed is...
    and you use it in a pvp video

    Anyway off-topic, the best way I seen someone use the chaplin speech is this video.
  14. Klabauter8

    The Valk is OP, yes, but you need a whole dedicated crew for it to be OP. 6 dedicated people, that's really hard to find. But then it's also really good. It's perfect for killing Sunderers or tanks by just doing hotdrops with a Valk full of utility pouche maxed engineers.

    If you have a full Valk with engineers, you are almost invincible in this thing, and can easily drop tank mines above moving ground targets or do hotdrops on still standing targets and blow them up in seconds. That's really effective and people really underestimate it.

    Going for aircraft hunt is defintely also possible, especially with 4 engineers in the back, but going for ground targets is where the Valk really starts to shine. If you don't have a whole crew, but just a gunner, it still can be really good, especially for killing infantry with the CAS or VLG, but overall you really need a whole crew for it to be really effective, which is really hard to organize with this playerbase.
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  15. Demigan

    First I saw you and a small team fly around in a Valkyrie (you lucky devil survived 6 C4 attacks from me by virtue of ESF accidentally seeing me or using space to fly through me in just 1 hour at a biolab), but now there's almost more Valkyries than ESF at any one battle. I see them chase tanks, crush them by virtue of just staying above them, I see them provide support at bases, hanging still at strategic points and shooting anyone that moves in their view, and I see them engage ESF and Liberators at some degree. People have finally seen that with all the buffs the Valk has, that it has become a powerful aircraft... if you can get the crew for it.
  16. The Jiggler

    Perhaps it is not the most evident. The video is framed around an alert where NC are practically warp-gated. It is a hopeless fight. I appreciate the point you're making but at the same time this pacifist speech does repeatedly use the lines "let us fight for liberty", "let us fight for democracy".

    Particularly as a NC player i find it fitting for the circumstance. This is not a typical frag movie. The kills are not highlighted to show skill but rather to convey a sense of tragedy / hopelessness / the waste of it all.

    The speech is an impassioned plea, calling out for the unification of humanity - for brotherhood and goodwill. Possibly the most important line in the entire speech; "We don't want to hate each other" - you can read the whole thing here;

    To fully quote the part you were talking about;

    "Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost...."

    We think too much and feel too little. In some sense this is very relevant for a frag movie - if only to display the act of thinking too much and feeling to little. It's only going to feel out of place if you consider that a traditional frag movie is celebrating the defeat of enemies. This movie is intended to reflect tragedy upon defeating enemies.
  17. McMan

    I can make a video where I kill MAXes with a knife. Is knife OP???
  18. The Jiggler

    Is knife under-rated?
  19. UberNoob1337101

    I solo-valked once, when I got a kill on somebody I screamed out of happiness...

    Yup, totally OP, like I can't do it in a Liberator and in a better way with a Liberator 3/3 crew. Must nerf.

    Like I totally don't have to worry about health and other ESFs shooting me out of the sky, and I'm so overpowered with my 6/6 Valkyrie with infinite repair that's completely super fast, functional and totally don't have to worry about my engineers dying from other things instead of getting 3 2/3 Liberators that totally don't have more firepower and survivability.

    IMO all it needs is a built-in Squad Logistics system, THEN I might actually use it for anything else except for Bailassault C4 or for lolzies.
  20. FieldMarshall

    There was a "Flash is OP" thread a while ago.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.
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